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Welcome to Battle College

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How PP's new policy affects Battle College is discussed below. Updated 23:18, 5 January 2017 (EST)

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What is Battle College?

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Battle College Mission Statement
Battle College was created, and is maintained, for the purpose of helping Warmachine & Hordes players of all skill levels improve their game through knowledge of the game itself.

How do we do this?

  • Model Entries - Battle College is perhaps best known for having a short article on every single model in the game where we explain what it is capable of, and give a brief breakdown of its merits and downsides.
    • Explore the Faction pages, and you'll soon navigate to specific model entries.
  • Newbie Guides - We have guides on everything from "what Warmachine is" to "Cygnar for beginners" or "probability calculations when rolling dice" or "the complete spell list". Its all work in progress, but maybe you want to help us?
  • And more - Poke around and you'll find lots of useful information.

Battle College & PP's Digital Revolution

Privateer Press provides digital copies of their core rulebooks that you can download for free (you can find links on our Useful External Links page). They recently announced that they will soon be providing digital copies of all models' rules for free, too. They have even said that they will allow players to post exact rules and stats on their forums.

They have recently stated that this permission does extend to third party websites such as Battle College, as long as we don't try and make money or anything like that. (Here's the staff statement explicitly allowing Battle College to post rules).

We are in the process of changing the templates from the previous "pseudo rules" to the "verbatim rules". Further discussion is occurring on the Facebook group (link below).

Who writes Battle College?

You do. Nobody takes responsibility for the content of BC. It's our own responsibility - all of us. Everything here is written by volunteers - if there's something you want to add or correct, simply sign up for an account and soon you'll be editing away.

  • Check out the guides in the Contribute section before diving in to editing willy-nilly.
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Tip !
Talk to other Battle College editors on the Facebook group page

Many players tend to not be able to get away from the idea that BC is "someone". That you can talk to BC and give it advice. "Hey BC, I think you should fix [...]" "Hey BC, [...] needs a new image". But you can't; if you try to talk to BC, you talk to yourself and the only answer is silence. Because there is no point in pointing it out - if you think it should be changed, change it. Most likely nobody else is going to do it for you. Other editors probably want to work on the things that interest them, not the things you spot and point out.

Rules and Rules Clarifications

At the top of every model page you will find a Rules summary. These rules are not the exact rules used in game (because that would be a copyright violation). Instead these summaries serve the purpose of informing new players what a model is capable of, and reminding veteran players which ability does which effect when they're researching a new faction. If you wish to get the exact model rules then you should download the official Warroom app.

At the bottom of every model page you find a list of Rules Clarifications. These clarifications are unofficial, except those with an Infernal Ruling. However each and every clarification attempts to "use the rules to explain how this works" rather than just "it works this way because I say so." The clarifications are based upon discussions between players on the official Rules Questions forum and can be considered the "communally accepted proper way to play the rule". In saying that though, we editors are human and do make mistakes; if you find a poorly explained Rules Clarification on Battle College then please bring it to our attention, either via the Talk:Main Page or on the Facebook group page

Battle College - A brief history

The original website was run by Ringsnake. Unfortunately, he did not feel he could maintain or update the site after the change from Mk I to Mk II. Most of the starting materials here are based off his work. By making this a wiki, our hope is to let everyone have a say, rather than just showcasing the opinions of one individual. As the games grow and evolve, so will the wiki. By letting a more general consensus appear, not to mention the voices of dozens of you mad tactical geniuses, we can get a more accurate, more inventive, and more dastardly tactica set up for the beginner. Who will turn around and invent something even more nasty?... Sharing is caring!

In 2014 juckto began pushing for a more organised approach to the model articles, to try and curtail player's negative opinions towards Battle College. He fleshed out the 'Basic Info' vs 'Thoughts On' distinction, introduced "ability templates", and standarised subheadings in the 'Thoughts' section.

In 2016, we had outgrown the capabilities of the wikispaces software (plus it was no longer free). With the release of Mk3 the decision was made to move to a proper wikipedia engine on a private server, which is generously paid for by Monocle Society