Warmachine: Legends

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Released in the summer of 2008 at GenCon Indy.

Borders will fall. Legends will rise!

A war is being fought on two fronts. As death looms, battle-scarred heroes struggle for glory, for victory, and for redemption. Caspia is invaded as Korsk’s cathedral is desecrated. Alliances made in the shadows bear bitter fruit. The clash of old rivals shapes the fate of nations...
…and the Iron Kingdoms enters a new era!

WARMACHINE: Legends brings the saga of WARMACHINE to an earth-shattering climax and introduces new warcasters, additional epic warcasters, character warjacks, powerful solos, and battle-ready units and attachments. This book delivers 176 full-color pages that continue the WARMACHINE story, introduces many characters, and unveils exciting new options for your army!

  • Warcaster Attachments are new models that accompany warcasters to protect them and augment their powers.
  • Warjack Imprints allow new character ’jacks to spend focus to activate powerful new abilities.
  • Tactics, Cohorts, and Affinities add new special abilities when these legendary models team up with your existing forces.

WARMACHINE: Legends ensures that, whether you are expanding your army or building a new one, no battle will ever be the same.

Models released in this book:




Protectorate of Menoth[edit]