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Warbeast - All warbeasts share a huge stack of special rules. The short version is they're big, furious, and beat stuff up pretty good. Edit description

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See also the Warbeast page for a recap of the core warbeast rules.


  • If an ability doesn't specify how much it costs to force, it costs 1. (Infernal Ruling)


  • A single Animus can be on several models at the same time. (Infernal Ruling)
  • If a model has an animus on it from any source and then another animus is cast on that model, it will lose the first instance of an animus and will be replaced by the second. It does not matter if either the first animus or the second animus is from a warlock or warbeast. (Infernal Ruling)
  • An animi cast by a warlock is an animi and spell. (Infernal Ruling)

Transferring Damage

  • If both the warlock and the warbeast are damaged by the same attack (such as an AOE), then you need to apply the 'normal' damage to the warbeast before the transferred damage. This distinction can be important when you're working out who/what actually destroyed the beast. (Infernal Ruling)


  • Step 4 of Frenzy was errata'd in 2016. Make sure you're using the latest version of the rules.
  • You cannot trigger optional abilities during a Frenzy (such as Cleave). (Infernal Ruling)
  • You must trigger compulsory abilities during a Frenzy ... unless that ability generates an extra attack (like Berserk). In that case, you don't get the Berserk attack. (Infernal Ruling)
  • A warbeast may not make an Assault shot as part of a Frenzy activation. (Refer latest errata)
  • If the closest target to a warbeast resolving a Frenzy cannot be charged, then the warbeast will forfeit movement and action (as per the rules of having to charge and not being able to). (Infernal Confirmation)

All warbeasts share the following special rules:

  • Controlled - This model must start the game either in a warlock's or lesser warlock's battlegroup . (This rule isn't listed under the Warbeast section of the rulebook, but instead under the "Building Your Army" section). If its warlock dies, it suffers severe penalties.
  • Forcing - Warbeast don't gain focus, like warjacks. Instead, if they are within the control range (but not necessarily Line of Sight) of their battlegroup commander with the Fury Manipulation rule, they can be forced. By forcing a warbeast, it gains fury points, up to its maximum number of FURY stat. If forcing would cause the warbeast to exceed that number, it cannot be forced. In the Control phase warlocks can leech the fury from warbeasts under their control in their command range. Any warbeast, that has fury remaining on it after that, must take a Threshold check. Roll 2D6 and add the number of Fury on the warbeast. Compare it with the beast's Threshold value. If equal to, or above the value you rolled, all is well. If lower, then the warbeast frenzies. It immediately activates, automatically shakes down shakeable effects, and those, which would cause to give up its movement or action. Then, it immediately charges the nearest model in LOS, friend or foe, then attacks it with its strongest melee attack in range of the target, with boosted attack rolls (and if the range is enough, boosted damage as well). It can then throw down any number of Fury points, then its activation ends. It cannot do anything else, like casting animus, or buying extra attacks.
  • Reaving - if a warbeast is being destroyed, or RFP in its warlock's control range, the warlock can reave the fury points currently on the dead warbeast, and add it to his/her fury points, up to his/her FURY stat. It cannot be done, if the beast was destroyed /RFPd due to transfer, or friendly attack.
  • Spirit Bond - after each destroyed, or RFP warbeast on medium or larger base, its controller gets one Fury in the control phase after leeching.
  • Transferring Damage - when a battlegroup commander would suffer damage, it can spend 1 point of damage to transfer this damage to a warbeast in his/her battlegroup. Any extra damage points beyond the beast's remaining damage boxes remains on the warlock, and can't be transferred again. The warbeast upon which the damage has been transferred, gains a fury. It can't be selected as transfer target, if it would cause it to exceed its FURY stat.
  • Life Spiral - This model has a life spiral with 6 branches, and damage is randomly assigned to a branch, using a d6. The life spiral includes 3 aspects, each aspecit consisting of 2 branches. When an aspect becomes crippled, the wearbeast suffers negative effect(s) related to that aspect. If 1 or more damage points in a given aspect is removed, the aspect is functional again.
    • Crippled Body - Warbeast rolls one fewer die on damage rolls.
    • Crippled Mind - Warbeast rolls one fewer die on attack rolls, and cannot make chain attacks, power attacks or special attacks.
    • Crippled Spirit - Warbeast cannot be forced.
  • Forced: Additional Attack - This model can be forced to make an extra basic melee attack.
  • Forced: Boost - This model can be forced to gain a die on an attack roll or a damage roll.
  • Forced: Shake - This model can be forced to shake Knockdown and/or Stationary during the maintenance phase.
  • Forced: Run / Charge - This model must be forced to run or charge during its normal movement. This doesn't apply to non-normal movement (such as Countercharge) though.
  • Forced: Power Attack - This model canbe forced to make a Power Attack on turns it didn't charge.
    • Slam - Kind of like a charge, but if the attack hits then the target gets slammed away, takes damage, and is knocked down. It can also strike other models and cause collateral damage to them and knock them down.
    • Head-butt - If the attack hits, it knocks the target down and does a bit of damage.
    • Trample (Heavy warjacks & colossals only) - Warjack can move over small based models, and gets to make an attack against each model it moves over.
    • Throw (Requires an Open Fist) - If the attack hits, and you beat their strength check, then throw them directly away + scatter.
    • Power Strike (Colossals only) - Like a slam, but there is need for a run up first.
    • Sweep (Colossals only) - Makes a melee attack vs every model in one of its firing arcs. Useful vs swarms of infantry, useless otherwise.
    • Forced: Animus - warbeasts have their native, primal power, called animus. They can be forced to cast that animus, counting as casting a spell in every regard. As long as they're alive, and within their controller's control range, the animus is added to the controlelr's spell list as his/her own.
    • Forced: Rile - A warbeast can be riled in its activation with the sole purpose of gaining Fury up to its FURY stat. This can be made even if the beast ran


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