Vayl, Disciple of Everblight

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Legion Blighted Nyss Warlock

Fluff text (copy from PP gallery)

Basic Info[edit]

Vayl, Disciple of Everblight
DEF 15
ARM 14
HP 14
WBP 27

Weapons and Attacks[edit]

  • Oraculus - Range 8, POW8, ROF1 ranged weapon.

Special Abilities[edit]

  • Warlock - All warlocks come with a stack of standard special rules - most notably being awesome.
  • Immunity: Cold - This model does not suffer cold damage.
  • Snow-Wreathed - This model has concealment.
  • Dark Sentinel - If an enemy model ends its movement near this model, a model in this model's battlegroup can move and attack the enemy model. Both rolls are boosted.
  • Talion - Once per turn this model can spend a point of fury to transfer a moderate amount of damage from an enemy attack to an enemy warbeast, but must suffer the remainder.


Target model/unit gains Chiller. (Chiller - While within 2" of this model, enemy models suffer -2 DEF unless they have Cold Immunity.)
On a critical hit all models in the AOE become stationary (unless they have cold immunity).
Friendly Faction models gain +2 to attack and damage rolls against enemy models while those enemy are within the caster's CMD range. Incite lasts for one turn.
  • Leash - Low cost, short range upkeep. Target battlegroup model can advance a short distance toward the spellcaster, after the spellcaster completes their movement each activation.
  • Malice - Low cost, long range offensive spell with below average POW. The damage roll increases for each point of fury on the target when the attack hits.

Feat - Cat & Mouse[edit]

At the end of your turn, each other friendly faction model in Vayl's control range can make a full advance. Models cannot be targeted by free strikes during this movement.

Tip lightbulb.png

Tip !
Vayl herself does not benefit from her feat.

Thoughts on Vayl, Disciple of Everblight[edit]

Vayl, Disciple of Everblight in a nutshell[edit]

Vayl1 is an incredible force multiplier, and typifies the high risk, high reward play style of Legion and Hordes as a whole. On her spell list alone, before you even think about bringing support models, she can give her army two accuracy buffs and a damage buff via Frost Field and Incite. Incite is especially powerful as her entire army benefits from its effects and can seriously crush even the most armored and evasive of foes.

Vayl1 also lives and dies by the Legion high mobility and signature Alpha Strike, and brings a bit of hit and run to the table (through her feat and Leash) as well to keep her force alive long enough to do it again.

Her strong offensive game comes at a price, however, as she also is a great example of Legion's "Glass Cannon" trait. She has dangerously vulnerable defensive stats, and in order to get the absolute most out of her damage potential she must play very aggressively forward (despite her best in class FURY stat), making an enemy assassination a very constant threat.

Despite a loss to her toolbox (Rampager) and feat (she does not benefit from her feat) in the edition change, the buff to Incite and general preservation of her play style looks to keep her as one of Legion's strongest casters.

Strategy, Combos, and Synergies[edit]


Vayl1's feat is a generally a feat best used early, and on a turn you know you will be able to get a powerful Incite-backed alpha strike. The key is maximizing as much damage as possible, and using the free-strike immunity to back off and get a second huge punch the following turn. That said, Vayl sadly does not benefit from her own feat, which means she will need to be kept very safe on the following turn since she will be so close to the enemy (remember, Incite is CMD Range, not Control Range). It can be tempting to pull your entire army away and strike twice, but this can potentially end in a sudden assassination run on Vayl. Instead, back away with most of your army (especially harder hitting warbeasts), but have a small portion of your force use the feat movement to jam the enemy hard. Models with flight and high SPD stats can fly right over the enemy's second wave and allow you to force free strikes, back strikes, block charge, and tie up boostable guns, lessening the threat against Vayl. Keep a good beast nearby her to use for Dark Sentinel in case the opponent has a way to slip through the cracks.


  • Frost Field - Frost Field is good to cast early on a unit that will get up the field fast and tie up high DEF chaff or screens.
    • Grotesque Banshees - Brings their RAT up to respectable levels if they can get close enough to their spray targets.
    • Raeks - Incredibly mobile, and Bounding Leap can spread the DEF penalty into normally hard to reach locations.
    • Hellmouth - Not necessarily the first choice for this spell, but their forward position can spread Chiller sooner than some options. Additionally, there's the potential to spawn a fresh tentacle behind enemy lines for some more unexpected debuff application.
    • If offered the opportunity, a small, maneuverable model like a Harrier can be a good vector to enable an assassination on a high DEF caster
  • Hoarfrost - Not a popular spell in Vayl's arsenal, as it's not cheap and Incite already takes up a lot of resources. It's not bad if you find a need for small AOE spot removal, but Legion has access to plenty of solid AOE guns. Relying on the critical effect is not recommended, but can come in handy in a pinch if something must absolutely be made stationary.
  • Incite - The Bread and Butter of Vayl1. It's expensive, dangerous to use, but if used correctly can crank the entire army up to 11.
  • Leash - Great for extending threat ranges in the early game, okay for disengaging in the late game. Pick your favorite warbeast and get it up the field a little faster. Make sure you cast it at the start of Vayl's first turn so it can benefit immediately.
  • Malice - Another corner case spell, partially because it's one of those wonder "vs. Hordes only" spells. Against Warmachine, it's an overcosted Arcane Bolt. Against Hordes, it's a corner case "you camped a lot of FURY and don't have a transfer target so here's a hilariously strong and unnecessary nuke." Can be useful on a heavy that maxed out and needs a little extra to get blown up, but usually the job is better served by liberal application of Incite.


  • Oraculus - Make good use of the Oraculus' Spellbound trait for the few times you may want to toss out a Hoarfrost or Malice. It can turn any model into a channeler, so feel free to shoot your own stuff in the back, or an enemy model that can see into his own back lines.
    • Snipe from a Nephilim Bolt Thrower can help apply the effect from safer distances or on harder to reach back line models.
    • Despite its low POW, it can be a good way to kill off a dangerous high DEF, low ARM solo like Eiryss1/2 in a pinch.
  • Snow-Wreathed - Helps make Vayl a little harder to kill at range, though bear in mind there are a non-insignificant number of ways to get around or trivialize concealment. Plus, it doesn't work in melee. Anything that can boost will not have much trouble even though her base DEF is respectable. Either way, it allows her to rely less on terrain to stay safe against most guns and spells.
  • Dark Sentinel - The best defense is a good offense. Keep a strong pet nearby to neuter would-be assassin.
    • Typhon can get some fun shenanigans with a fully boosted spray, and can even clip a few other enemies if the angle is right. He also can fish for a Critical Pitch (roughly 40% on a boost against average DEF), which can shut down the enemy's attack altogether.
    • Proteus and his drag got a lot more useful in the new edition, and not only is a Dark Sentinel attack from him decent enough with the double boost, he can also drag the enemy model out of melee with Vayl completely.
    • An Angelius is not recommended as a Dark Sentinel pet. His armor piercing attack only works during his activation, and therefore not in this situation.
    • Zuriel is a bit lackluster, but there is some merit to using Precision Strike to attempt to break a system before the enemy attacks. That said, at his low P+S this may be easier said than done.

Army Synergies[edit]

Thanks to the changes to Incite to include all friendly faction models, Vayl has a lot more army construction options available to her. Some solid combos have been discussed above, but there are a few more standout selections worth considering for her army.

  • Succubus - Incite is a very costly spell, and leaves Vayl vulnerable. With two upkeeps out, she does not have much camp for transfers after casting it. The succubus can help mitigate that, and also brings a cloud to hide behind to block LOS.
  • Nephilim Bolt Thrower - If Vayl had kept Rampager, the NBT would be an autoinclude to guarantee safe application. As it stands, he's still worth considering as he has a good gun and Far Strike can definitely help Vayl make a channeler where and when she needs it.
  • Nephilim Protector - The new Protector is a great companion for any squishy warlock. He can help keep her safe from lucky shots and make her harder to hit in melee if your Dark Sentinel buddy didn't shut down the attack themselves.
  • Typhon - Everybody loves Typhon in the new edition. He's got best in class FURY, strong offensive and defensive stats, great special rules, and is a dragon hydra. For Vayl, he's a great Dark Sentinel buddy, and his sprays can be devastating under Incite.
  • Scouts/Blightblades - Decently cheap choices for Frost Field. Advance Deploy and/or Ambush can deliver the effect from unexpected angles. Scouts have decent spot removal potential, while Blightblades can dent lights and apply Grievous Wounds. Both are excellent jammers for their cost as well.
  • Grotesque Banshees/Assassin - These guys are great with Vayl1. Between Incite and Chiller, you get ten quite accurate sprays with solid threat ranges for a relatively lean point cost. The assassin is optional, but makes the Banshees incredibly reliable to deliver and can deal with enemy solos quite well himself.
  • Hellmouth - The new poster child of Legion armies out the gate of Mark III, Hellmouths make Incite much safer. Rather than take the pain to the enemy's doorstep, why not bring the enemy to you? A pair of these can drag in a collection of models to safely apply Incite.
  • Seraph - The Flare effect from a Seraph is less useful for Vayl with her already impressive MAT buff skew, but Slipstream is always worth considering. It can help guarantee an alpha strike for a key beast as usual, but also can pull Vayl back after Incite to keep her safer.

Drawbacks & Downsides[edit]

  • Vayl is incredibly squishy, and requires an aggressive game plan
  • Vayl's game plan is straightforward, and it's easy for an opponent to stay out of Incite range, if you don't play forward.
  • She has no melee weapon and doesn't have Gunfighter - making her effectively Unarmed.


Mark II > Mark III Edition Changes[edit]

  • Gained 1 ARM.
  • Lost Rampager.
  • Feat no longer affects Vayl, but is not contingent on the number of enemies currently in her control range.
  • Talion damage capped.
  • Leash specifies "directly."
  • Chiller renamed Frost Field. Functionally identical.



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