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Trollkin Sorcerer
Trollblood Trollkin Solo

The sorcerers of the trollkin are not timid lore masters but determined and lethal combatants. Typically born with the white skin and red eyes of albinos, making them easily recognized as trollkin sorcerers at birth, they often command powers associated with elements prevalent in the region of their birth. Thus, many originating from the north command the cold winds of winter as a powerful weapon that can be used to attack or defend.

Basic Info[edit]

Trollkin Sorcerer
M.A. 6
DEF 12
ARM 14
HP 5
Cost 3
See also How to Read the statblock



  • Attachment: [Medium-based Trollkin] - This model can be attached to a Medium-based Trollkin unit.
  • Attachment Deployment - If the unit this model is attached to has Advance Deployment or Ambush, this model gains that ability.
  • Tough - When this model is disabled, roll a d6. On a 5 or 6, remove 1 damage point from this model; it is no longer disabled and becomes knocked down. While knocked down this model loses Tough.
  • Combat Caster - This model can use one of its Magic Ability options before running or charging.
  • Magic Ability [ 6 ] - This model can use its Combat Action to cast spells. Offensive spells are a (★ Attack) and friendly spells are a (★ Action).

Thoughts on Trollkin Sorcerer[edit]

Trollkin Sorcerer in a nutshell[edit]

The Trollkin Sorcerer is an attachment you can give to a unit to keep it safe from upkeep spells, and if you are worried about incorporeal models like Blackbane's Ghost Raiders. The list of spells this is effective against is fairly narrow though. Most stat debuffs like parasite result in the unit getting blown away on the enemy's turn. The timing of the sorcerer's debuff removal prevents it from working on some effects (notably rebuke).

Combos & Synergies[edit]

  • Trollkin Champions are able to transfer damage to sorcerers via sanguine bond. There's some benefit to taking more than one, as attaching up to 3 sorcerers effectively grants 5/10/15 extra hp to the pool. Champions will also benefit from sanguine bond when b2b with a sorcerer. The sorcerers also gain relentless charge, overtake, and [northkin] when in a champion unit led by skaldi.
  • The Sorcerer normally gets played after doing specific opposition prep. War Witch Deneghra for example is a good excuse for using one - but it really isn't worth the points against casters that aren't offensive spell slingers or armies who don't use incorporeal significantly.
  • Unit attachments with [granted] effects or other abilities that affect the whole unit will benefit the sorcerer.
  • When attached to The Sons of Bragg, the Sorcerer will benefit from their Fell calls. Generic +2 damage on its razor wind attack is cute but maybe not worth it. This also applies to Boomhowlers in Kriel Company.
  • If you are worried about lots of incorporeal enemies a shooty unit with magic weapons is always fun.
  • The sorcerer can cast razor wind before running to engage. This can be a useful way to set up gang for Trollkin Scouts or position for defensive line on champions.
  • Attaching a sorcerer to a krielstone lets it store an extra fury. Paying 9 pts to get 3" extra on the aura isn't exactly worthwhile, but if you need to shave 1 point off a list that contains a max stone+elder, dropping down to min stone+elder+sorcerer only loses 1" of aura.

Drawbacks & Downsides[edit]

  • Disbinding isn't that great in practice - either your opponent puts an upkeep on a different Trollblood unit entirely, or it puts it on the one the Sorcerer is in and then wrecks it in the same turn, before you get a chance to use Disbinding.

Tricks & Tips[edit]

  • Remember you can attach 3 sorcerers to a unit (if you care to shell out the points and cash). There are some cheeky things that that enables, like extra durability on Champions or extra aura range on the Krielstone.



Released in Hordes: Gargantuans (2013)

Theme Forces[edit]

Since it can be attached to any unit, it can be in every theme (so far):

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Rules Clarifications[edit]

Rules Clarification : Trollkin Attachment

  • If a unit has a mix of base sizes (such as Dannon Blythe and Bull), then it is not a medium-sized base unit and the Sorcerer can't be attached to it. (Infernal Rulings)
  • It could hypothetically be attached to a warlock unit, but so far each warlock unit contain Pyg models so don't count as a Trollkin unit.

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification:  : Magical Damage      (Edit)
(Click Expand to read)

* The "Damage Type: Magical" is not inherited by "secondary" damage from a weapon. That is, stuff like arcs (Electro Leap) or hazards (Scather). (Infernal Ruling)
  • All spells have "Damage Type: Magical" (refer errata).
    • This is inherited by "immediate" secondary damage (such as Eruption of Spines). (Infernal Ruling)
    • and might be inherited by "lingering" secondary damage (see below).
  • If a spell leaves a template in play that does damage to models that walk around in it, then:
    • if it is not described as a hazard it will do magical damage to models that walk around in it. (Example: Razor Wall)
    • if it is a hazard then it will not do magical damage to models that walk around in it. Instead, it does whatever damage type is specified by the spell description. (Example: Breath of Corruption).
    • (Infernal Ruling)
  • If a weapon/spell includes Magic Damage and another kind of elemental damage it will still damage Incorporeal models. Incorporeal models are not affected by the rule "if an attack does multiple types of damage and a model is immune to at least one it is immune to the entire attack."
    The phrase "immune to non-magical damage" should be interpreted as "immune to damage that doesn't include Damage Type: Magical" (not interpreted as "has immunity to Corrosion and Electricity and Cold and etc.")
RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Attachment      (Edit)

  • You cannot field this model "just by itself".
  • Adding an Attachment doesn't change the unit type for targeting purposes. For instance, if you add a Soulless Escort to a Houseguard unit, it is still a Houseguard unit and can still be targeted by stuff that only works on "Target Houseguard unit" (like the Houseguard Thane's abilities). (Infernal Ruling)

Rules Clarification : Attachment Deployment - None yet. (Edit)
Rules Clarification : Tough - None yet. (Edit)

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Combat Caster      (Edit)

  • Placeholder
RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Magic Ability      (Edit)

  • Almost every magic ability cannot be used on the same turn you charge. Because a charge must (almost always) be followed by a melee attack.
  • Using a Magic Ability counts as a spell, for effects such as Spell Ward, Witch Hunter, etc.
  • Unlike with warcasters/warlocks, using a Magic Ability is not an "any time" ability. This means:
    • You must complete your movement before you use a MA.
    • You cannot make ranged or melee attacks on the same turn you use a MA.
    • You cannot use a MA on the same turn you charge.
    • (Unless, of course, the rules for the specific MA you're using say you can.)
  • A model in a unit cannot use its Combat Action to cast a spell until all members of the unit have completed their movement. (Infernal Ruling)

Rules Clarification : Disbinding - None yet. (Edit)

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Razor Wind      (Edit)

  • The text description has no in-game effect. It's just for flavour.
RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Rituals of Power      (Edit)

  • Placeholder