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Cygnar Character Heavy Warjack

Triumph is the culmination of centuries of Cygnaran technological development. Made to the specifications of Major Markus “Siege” Brisbane, Triumph is armed with a massive cannon that can strike enemy warcasters with a sniper’s precision or rain explosive-tipped death down on the heads of opposing infantry and warjacks. Triumph is an artillerist’s dream and a nightmare to Cygnar’s foes.

Basic Info[edit]

STR 11
DEF 12
ARM 18 / 20
HP 30
Cost 18
(★) 20 when you include the shield
See also How to Read the statblock


  • Heavy Barrel - 16" range, POW 15 gun
  • Assault Shield - 1" reach, P+S 14 melee weapon.
    • Shield - This 'weapon' is a shield that provides a cumulative +2 ARM bonus. The bonus doesn't apply if the weapon is crippled or if the damage originates in your back arc.


  • Warjack - All warjacks share the same set of special rules. Most notably being big and stompy.
  • Construct - This model is a construct and is not a living model.
  • Bond: (Siege) - If this model begins the game in Siege's battlegroup, it is bonded to them. This model is not considered to be bonded while under your opponent's control. While this model is bonded to Siege and in their CTRL range, it gains boosted damage rolls
  • Dual Attack - This model can make both melee and ranged attacks in the same activation. When this model makes its initial melee attacks or a power attack, it can also make its initial ranged attacks. This model can make ranged attacks even while in melee.
  • Rapid Fire - This model can make one basic ranged attack during your Maintenance Phase.
  • Shield Guard - When a friendly model within 3" is directly hit by a non-spray ranged attack, this model can be directly hit instead.
  • True Sight - This model ignores clouds for LOS, and ignores Stealth always.

Recent Changes[edit]

2017.08 Cygnar update

  • PC reduced to 18
  • Swaps Arcane Precision for True Sight.
  • Gains Dual Attack.
  • Gains Magical Weapon on his heavy barrel.
  • The bond with Siege is completely changed to being boosted ranged attack damage rolls.

Thoughts on Triumph[edit]

Triumph in a nutshell[edit]

Triumph is an actually ranged specialist version of the Defender - it carries a shield rather than a hammer and in return gets an extra shot and Shield Guard, and can shoot Stealth bodels. If you are looking for an armoured turret that can shield guard (as opposed to the rather less armoured Hunter) it's what you are looking for.

Combos & Synergies[edit]

Triumph is pretty self contained and does what it does well. Little need for support, but shines as part of a team thanks to shield guard.

  • Major Markus 'Siege' Brisbane - it's his jack. And boosting the damage rolls of the Rapid Fire is great.
  • Can protect more fragile models while/until they can they do some damage. Basically, take it when you want to protect something that will likely be out in the open and don't mind investing in some extra ranged power. Pairing a Charger or Firefly with the Triumph would be the basic and quite versatile version of this tactic. Triumph can potentially force enemies to close in, so consider taking with melee oriented guards. You can also get a little more exotic and bring a Hunter for a tough dedicated sniper group, a Grenadier for a siege bombardment group, or a Minuteman for a strong one-two punch group. Adding an Avenger or Reliant makes a group that can be tough to approach.

Drawbacks & Downsides[edit]

  • The rapid fire shot can't be boosted, making it a lot less effective than a simple ROF 2 would be or than Triumph appears. Of course it now costs little more than a Defender.
  • Triumph is more expensive than a Defender despite having almost no melee game - and remember that the hammer hits harder than a gun so Triumph doesn't get the work done of a Defender.
  • Two Hunters cost little more but have much more damage output (without Siege). Of course they don't have the toughness and don't have shield guard.
  • He has one of the worst primary melee weapons on any heavy. Mostly because it's not a "real" primary weapon - Triumph doesn't have one of those.

Tricks & Tips[edit]

  • Make use of that Shield Guard
  • If you want a warjack that's basically a good turret then Triumph works.

Comparison to Mk2[edit]

Extra shot. Mk2 Triumph didn't rapid fire (and didn't Power Up) - and was terrible.



Theme Forces[edit]

  • Storm Division - (Article) (Category), but only if taken in Siege's battlegroup.
  • Heavy Metal (Article) (Category), but only if taken in Siege's battlegroup.
  • Sons of the Tempest - (Article) (Category), but only if taken in Siege's battlegroup.
  • Gravediggers - (Article) (Category) - can be in anyone's battlegroup.

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Rules Clarifications[edit]

Rules Clarification : Shield and/or Buckler     (Edit)

  • The only time you lose the Shield bonus is when the weapon is crippled, or if the attack originates in your back arc. (Infernal Ruling)
    • In other words, you still get the Shield bonus while knocked down or stationary.

Rules Clarification : Warjack      (Edit)

  • Please refer to the Warjack page for a recap of the warjack rules, and the very few associated Infernal Rulings.

Rules Clarification : Construct - None yet. (Edit)

Rules Clarification : Arcane Precision      (Edit)

  • A model that ignores Stealth must ignore both aspects: both (1) the auto-missing, and (2) the 'not counting as an intervening model' parts.

Rules Clarification : Bond      (Edit)

  • Bonds are ineffective while the model is under your opponent's control. Refer the core rulebook.
  • Bonds & Themes
    • If a warjack/warbeast with a bond is in that caster's battlegroup, they can be taken in any theme force. Refer the core rulebook.
    • Exception: Battlegroup Controllers and Lesser Warlocks cannot take their bonded warjacks/warbeasts in theme forces (eg Kharybdis with Aiakos1) because BC & LW are specifically not warcasters/warlocks. (Infernal Ruling)

Rules Clarification : Rapid Fire      (Edit)

  • You can't boost Rapid Fire shots, since you can only boost during your activation. (Infernal Ruling)

Rules Clarification : Shield Guard      (Edit)

  • Shield Guard doesn't work vs spells.
  • Since Shield Guard specifies "opponent's turn", it can't be used against stuff that shoots in your own turn (such as Watcher or Counterblast).
  • The Shield Guard does not necessarily need to be in the attacker's LOS or range.
  • You shift all effects onto the shield guard, including stuff that triggers on "when this attack hits".
  • When you use Shield Guard vs an AOE attack, the template moves too. Because, with reference to Apdx A, the hit 'moves' at Step 6 and the template placement is determined at Step 7.
  • Shield Guard doesn't work vs Point Blank attacks. Because Point Blank attacks are melee attacks that are made using a ranged weapon.
    • On the other hand, it will work vs Gunfighter attacks.