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Cygnar Theme Force

Cygnar’s Storm Division is an autonomous military force that delivers the flash of lightning and the roll of thunder to the battlefields of Immoren. The division couples the latest voltaic weaponry and hardware produced by the Cygnaran Armory with the service of skilled soldiers. More Storm Knights fight with the Storm Division than with any other force in Cygnar, and with the aid of accomplished stormsmiths these elite warriors make up a highly mobile army capable of bringing the fury of the storm to Cygnar’s enemies.

Theme Rules[edit]

Theme Force Restrictions[edit]

A Storm Division army can only include models from the following list:

Allowed models Which includes
Last updated 2017.03
Cygnar warcasters Too many to bother listing
Non-character warjacks
Note: Character warjacks can be taken, but only if bonded with their favourite warcaster (Thorn with Haley, etc)
Too many to bother listing
Mechanik models/units
Storm Knight models/units
Stormsmith models/units
Journeyman Warcaster(s)
Lieutenant Allison Jakes
The Mercenary solo Savio Montero Acosta

Theme Force Bonuses[edit]

  • This army can include Savio Montero Acosta.
    • Note that he remains a Mercenary, despite being in a Cygnar theme list.
  • For every full 20 points of Storm Knight and Stormsmith models/units in this army, you can add three Stormsmith Stormcaller solos, one Storm Knight command attachment, Stormsmith weapon crew unit, or small-based solo to the army free of cost.
    • These free models don't count towards that total when calculating when the benefit is applied.
  • Models/units in this army gain Immunity: Electricity .
  • Stormblade units in this army gain Advance Move. (Advance Move - Before the start of the game but after both players have deployed, a model with Advance Move can make a full advance.)

Thoughts on this Theme Force[edit]

Theme - Storm Division in a nutshell[edit]

Do you like Storm Knights or Stormsmiths? Well, good news! This is the theme for you. If you intend to maximise the benefits from the theme, you are likely to have quite a strong melee force if you're picking Cygnar's best units (by which I mean Storm Lances).

Combos & Synergies[edit]

  • Each maximum unit of Storm Lances grants you a free model straight away.
  • Speaking of the Stormblade Captain - if you favour Storm Knights, his Tactician rule makes like a lot easier for getting your different units into place.
  • All those low DEF models that might ordinarily get fried by your electrical attacks suddenly become great targets for attacks with Electro Leap or Lightning Generator to hurt enemy models.
  • It's all about the lightning, so bringing models such as the Firefly to increase your damage output is a good idea.

Drawbacks & Downsides[edit]

Tricks & Tips[edit]

  • Every friendly model is now a potential target for arcing electricity from.
  • Cygnar's low ARM casters are protected from Electro-Leap lightning shenanigans.

List Building[edit]

  • The highest number of free models you can get in an average 75pt list is 3.
    • It's quite achievable if you are taking two units of Storm Lances and taking a Stormblade unit with Unit Attachment and Weapon Attachments, for example.
    • As a result, the highest number of free points you can get is 16 - two 5pt solos and Acosta.
      • Just be aware that you may get better synergy out of 3 Friendly Faction models, who will typically be worth 14-15pts.



  • This is Lord Commander Stryker's own division.
    • In Mk2, his Elite Cadre benefit for Stormblade Infantry was Advance Move. It seems like he's taught that trick to all of the Stormblades at this point in time!

Rules Clarifications[edit]

  • Storm Division

Rules Clarification : Theme Forces    (Edit)

  • Bonus - One [X] gains [Y]
    • If you need to choose which models get your theme bonus, then you do this choice after deployment. (Infernal Ruling)
    • An example is how Winter Guard Kommand gives Advance Move to one-warjack-of-your-choice-per-WG-unit.
      • In comparison, Destruction Initiative gives all Servitors the Shield Guard ability so you don't need to "make" a choice.
    • You should still write on your army list how many of these bonuses you get to hand out, though, so your opponent can clearly see. (Infernal Ruling)
      • ie at the bottom of your list, you'd write "3 warjacks gain Advance Move" but you don't need to state which three are going to get the bonus.
  • Theme Forces, free models, and Specialists in Steamroller
    • When you make substitutions to your list, you need to double-check that you haven't removed something that allows you to take free models.
    • If you have, then you either need to remove those free models, or pay full points cost for them.
  • Unit Attachments & free points
  • Specific Themes
    • Refer to each theme to see if there is anything totally specific to that theme.

Rules Clarification : Advance Move - None yet. (Edit)
Rules Clarification : Electricity - None yet. (Edit)

Models in this Theme Force[edit]

Refer to Category: Storm Division

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