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Retribution Theme Force

The Retribution of Scyrah's mage hunters traditionally undertake clandestine missions executed by solo operatives and small teams of elite and dedicated warriors. On rare occasions, however, a show of force is required.

Theme Rules[edit]

Theme Force Restrictions[edit]

A Shadows of the Retribution army can only include Retribution models from the following list:

Allowed models Which includes
Last updated 2017.04
Retribution warcasters Too many to bother listing
Non-character warjacks
Note: Character warjacks can be taken, but only if bonded with their favourite warcaster (Cankerworm with Asphyxious, etc)
Too many to bother listing
Mage Hunter models/units
Arcanist Mechanik solos

Theme Force Bonuses[edit]

  • For every full 20 points of units in your army, including CA & WA, you can add one solo to the army free of cost.
  • Warrior models/units in the army gain a special version of Take Down, which is exactly the same as normal Take Down except it says "you can choose to RFP the target" instead of "the target is RFP". (Take Down - Models killed in melee by this model cannot use Tough and are RFP'd.)
  • You gain +1 to your starting roll.

Thoughts on this Theme Force[edit]

Theme - Shadows of the Retribution in a nutshell[edit]




Drawbacks & Downsides[edit]



Popular casters include:

  • Placeholder.

Unpopular casters include:

  • Placeholder.

List building tips[edit]



Rules Clarifications[edit]

Rules Clarification : Theme Forces    (Edit)

  • Bonus - Upkeeps already in play
    • Theme Forces that let warcasters/warlocks start the game with upkeeps already in play don't grant this benefit to Battlegroup Controllers (Journeymen and Lesser Warlock solos); because they are not warcasters/warlocks respectively.
  • Bonus - One [X] gains [Y]
    • If you need to choose which models get your theme bonus, then you do this choice after deployment. (Infernal Ruling)
    • An example is how Winter Guard Kommand gives Advance Move to one-warjack-of-your-choice-per-WG-unit.
      • In comparison, Destruction Initiative gives all Servitors the Shield Guard ability so you don't need to "make" a choice.
    • You should still write on your army list how many of these bonuses you get to hand out, though, so your opponent can clearly see. (Infernal Ruling)
      • ie at the bottom of your list, you'd write "3 warjacks gain Advance Move" but you don't need to state which three are going to get the bonus.
  • Theme Forces, free models, and Specialists in Steamroller
    • Placeholder.
  • Specific Themes
    • Refer to each theme to see if there is anything totally specific to that theme.

Models in this Theme Force[edit]

Refer to Category: Shadows of the Retribution

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