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Scrap Thrall
Cryx Thrall Solo

Scrap thralls are made by Necrotechs from heaps of bone and metal taken from corpses and destroyed 'jacks. Once animated, these thralls shamble forth as delivery vehicles for necrotite-enchanced bombs.

Basic Info[edit]

Scrap Thrall
34003 ScrapThralls WEB.jpg
DEF 11
ARM 12
Cost 2 for 3 solos
0.7 each
See also How to Read the statblock


  • Mechano-Claw - 0.5" reach, POW 4, P+S 8 melee weapon
    • Death Burst (★ Attack) - This model makes a melee attack. If that attack hits, instead of dealing damage normally, center a 4" AOE on the model hit and remove this model from play. The model hit suffers a POW 16 damage roll. If the attack misses, center the AOE on this model and remove this model from play. Other than the model directly hit, models in the AOE are hit and suffer a POW 8 blast damage roll. Death Burst damage is unboostable.


  • Undead - This model is an undead model and not a living model.
  • Thrall Bomb - When disabled, explodes in a 4" AOE causing below average POW damage rolls to models under the AOE and then this model is removed from play.

Thoughts on Scrap Thrall[edit]

Tip lightbulb.png

Tip !
Scrap Thralls can be added to your army list in groups of 3 models. They are 3 separate solos (not a unit with 3 members).

Scrap Thrall in a Nutshell[edit]

Scrap Thralls are a very cheap option. They are the cheapest models in the game and this shows in their stats & abilities (or lack thereof). But if you need some cheap troops to cast spells on, or just like the idea of exploding troops, or a cheap option to block charge lanes, Scrap Thralls are your men.

Combos & Synergies[edit]

Being the extremely cheap units that they are actually makes them useful to a number of casters who sacrifice their own troops.

  • You can use them as Sacrificial Pawns for Terminus.
  • They can be used as targeting beacons for AoE spells and attacks against units who are otherwise cannot be hit.
  • Fuel for Goreshade2's feat.
  • Fuel for Mortenebra's Sacrificial Lamb spell.
  • Fuel for Skarre1's Ritual Sacrifice spell.

Drawbacks & Downsides[edit]

  • You can't leave them too close to your own lines, because they'll get exploded by enemy ranged attacks. And Cryx infantry don't have enough ARM to survive random explosions.
  • You can't leave them too close to each other, because they'll daisy chain with the explosion of one causing others to explode. Unless that was your plan.
  • They're great against enemy low-ARM infantry, but typically such enemy infantry has enough SPD to simply avoid Scrappies.
  • You can't use Death Burst on a free strike.

Tricks & Tips[edit]

  • Run Scrap Thralls into the enemy, then shoot them in the back.
    • Set up a daisy chain, so that one exploding will set the next off.
    • Shoot them with Bloat Thralls, for even more AOE fun.
    • Shoot them with AOE spells while they stand next to Spell Warded targets.



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Rules Clarifications[edit]

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Death Burst      (Edit)

  • Death Burst is never boosted, even if the Scrap Thrall charged before making the melee attack.

Rules Clarification : Undead - None yet. (Edit)
Rules Clarification : Thrall Bomb - None yet. (Edit)