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Legion Blighted Nyss Warlock Unit

The twins Saeryn and Rhyas are two of Everblight’s most deadly warlocks, and their bond has grown such that they are far more dangerous together than apart. The very being of the twins and their athancs are now entwined and they can switch places with a thought. Each one gives the other abilites and can use their magic through the other. Their living vitality is shared, so that destroying one is impossible without eliminating the other. As long as one twin still draws breath, the other can endure even the most severe wounds.

Basic Info[edit]


Saeryn, Talon of Everblight
DEF 16
ARM 14
HP 8
WBP 24

Weapons and Attacks[edit]

  • Staff of the Shyvess - 2" range, P+S10 melee weapon.

Special Abilities[edit]

  • Unit of Warlocks - All warlocks come with a stack of standard special rules - most notably being awesome. Furthermore, this unit includes more than one warlock model, so it is even more awesome.
  • Officer - This model is the unit commander even if the unit has a Leader model.
  • Channeler: Rhyas - While in Rhyas's control range, Rhyas can channel spells through Saeryn.
  • Twin Sister - A long, wordy rule that says while both models are fully fledged warlocks, on Saeryn has the officer advantage, and count as a single warlock for building a list and assigning a battlegroup. They cannot have an attachment, and the enemy only wins if they defeat both Saeryn and Rhyas.


Target model/unit cannot be the target of enemy spells/upkeeps. Also, any upkeep spells and animi on the target immediately expire.
The spell deals corrosion damage. Models hit suffer continuous corrosion.
Target model/unit suffers -2 DEF, loses Incorporeal and Stealth, and is unable to regain either while affected.
If an enemy model casts a spell while in this caster's CTRL range, the enemy caster immediately takes one damage and this caster heals one damage. If the enemy caster is destroyed from the damage, their spell does not take effect.
This spell has no special effects.


Rhyas, Talon of Everblight
DEF 16
ARM 14
HP 8

Weapons and Attacks[edit]

Special Abilities[edit]

  • Unit of Warlocks - As above.
  • Parry - This model cannot be targeted by free strikes.
  • Acrobatics - This model can advance through other models if it has enough movement to move completely past their bases. This model ignores intervening models when declaring its charge target.
  • Granted: Riposte - While this model is still alive and in formation all of the unit gains Riposte. (Riposte - When it is missed by an enemy melee attack, immediately after the attack is resolved this model can make one basic melee attack against the attacking model.)
  • Channeler: Saeryn - While in Saeryn's control range, Saeryn can channel spells through Rhyas.
  • Twin Sister - As above.


The caster immediately makes one basic attack with one of its melee weapons against each enemy model in its LOS that is in the weapon's melee range. These attacks are simultaneous.
Target Friendly faction model/unit gains Stealth. Models are not affected while out of formation.
The caster and friendly Faction models that start their activation in the caster's CTRL range gain Relentless Charge for one turn. (Relentless Charge - While advancing as part of a charge, this model gains Pathfinder.)

Feat - Conjoined Spirits[edit]

Either Saeryn or Rhyas can use their feat. Once one has used it, the other cannot. This feat has two choices: either return Saeryn or Rhyas to play if one has been destroyed - completely within 3" of the still living sister. The returned sister gets their full FURY and can activate/attack, but not advance. The other option is to have the two sisters immediately swap locations. If either of them damages the other, they lose their feat.

Tip lightbulb.png

Tip !
If a sister is destroyed with effects such as Snacking or other types of remove from play they are not eligible for Conjoined Spirits.

Thoughts on Saeryn & Rhyas, Talons of Everblight[edit]

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"Mark III" is still very new! Many of the strategies and suggestions here are a good start, but there is still a lot of playtesting to do in order to determine the most effective combinations of models. This section will be constantly growing and changing as players test new ideas.

Saeryn & Rhyas, Talons of Everblight in a nutshell[edit]

The twins are a curiosity amongst most warlocks and warcasters - two technically full warlocks tied together as a single unit. This sounds incredibly powerful, and it decidedly is in some ways, but it's also incredibly restricting, in one part due to the nature of units, and in one part due to the nature of having to balance two full warlocks being present but still being one warlock in terms of the game size. That is to say their individual powers are tuned back immensely to prevent them from being overpowered. On top of that, despite many of their struggles finding a place in Legion, they lost a few of their useful tricks in the edition change.

Using these two to their maximum potential can be a little awkward. One wants to be up killing things, the other would like to stay back and support her Warbeasts. Yet due to the nature of unit coherency and saddled with only an average CMD of 8, it's necessary to find a compromise between the two. Rhyas can't do much if she gets outside of Saeryn's CMD, but thanks to her high SPD is more than capable of running right out of it. It's advisable to keep Saeryn hidden, as she can get more done with her higher fury and bigger spell list, revealing her only when you want to commit Rhyas to threaten a point. If Rhyas dies, you can always feat and bring her back later.

A lot of janky maneuvers have been shut down for the Twins since it's not longer possible to charge friendly models. Before, you could have Saeryn charge Rhyas, and then have Rhyas charge what you want dead (before attacking, due to the order of activation rules for units), allowing Saeryn to still succeed her charge and keep Rhyas in CMD, but not actually hit her. Now, you'll have to have something nearby to charge with Saeryn, or force her to run, neither of which are ideal options.

As they are both fully fledged warlocks, you can set up some interesting scenario pressure if the opportunity arises. While you still may only dominate a single point for scoring, you can have both warlocks threatening to dominate, and simply choose which point to score on. This gives you some flexibility of which point to focus your efforts on each turn, and also forces your opponent to commit more resources to each individual scenario location. In current Steamroller rules (2017 and later), both warlocks can control different zones/flags, as long as Rhyas is in formation.

Strategy, Combos, and Synergies[edit]


Their Feat, even though wordy, is simple. You either bring a dead Twin back to life within 3" of the other one, or make them swap places. It specifically says that neither twin can cause damage to the other one unless you want to lose the Feat, so the days of killing Rhyas, charging, and bringing her back are gone. Legions beasts did lose Blood Creation in the edition change however, which means it's not out of the question to have a beast kill Rhyas early in the turn and still have her brought back to life.

99% of the time, you're bringing Rhyas back from the dead after she went on a murder spree (hopefully getting some scenario points in the process), preferably as part of an assassination run from downtown. The other 1% is because something went horribly wrong on one of your opponents' turns. With a Seraph, the threat of the Twins' assassination can be roughly 17", semi-nonlinear.

  • First, the Seraph Slipstreams Saeryn forward.
  • Saeryn charges an enemy within 5" of the enemy caster, or the caster themselves if able.
  • At some point before the end of her activation, Saeryn feats and brings Rhyas back completely within the feat's range, and 2" of the enemy caster. If you want to soften them with spells, do it before the feat so you do not suffer target in melee penalties.
  • Rhyas activates and chops their head off, hopefully.

Sometimes you can be lucky enough to put Rhyas in the enemy's back arc, so make sure to do that when able.

Be very very very careful with Blood Rain, if you accidentally kill Rhyas with this, say goodbye to your feat.

Saeryn's Spells[edit]

  • Banishing Ward - A good upkeep spell that can either keep a favored beast safe ahead of time, or be used to remove pesky enemy upkeeps. It's no Purification, but it can be a lifesaver if used correctly.
  • Blood Rain - Not a particularly useful spell, but nice to have in case your opponent forgets you have it and clumps some models together.
  • Marked for Death - This spell is far more about the DEF penalty than the removal of incorporeal or stealth, as there aren't a lot of incorporeal models in the game and most of Legion doesn't care about stealth.
  • Psychic Vampire - This is a very powerful spell against some armies, but has become a lot harder to utilize in the new edition since even though Psychic Vampire and Onslaught are range SELF, the new upkeep rules state that even if only a single model in a unit is affected by an upkeep any old ones expire.
    • Onslaught is likely to be a better spell to keep up turn to turn unless your opponent has lots of spellcasters (it's worth noting that this spell ow works on warbeasts using animi), but if you need Psychic Vampire up, make sure Rhyas and any other models that need it activate first.
  • Razor Wind - A solid nuke, and with a chaneller this can be used to bring an unaware caster down. Not exceptionally useful beyond that, except perhaps sniping a wayward solo or incorporeal model.

Rhyas' Spells[edit]

  • Flashing Blade - Flashing Blade is great for Rhyas. With weaponmaster and (critical) Decapitate, she can explode a lot of dudes. It can be cast multiple times, and before and after advancing/charging. Use this if your enemy has a lot of jamming infantry on a zone or flag to clear it out and threaten a Dominate.
  • Occultation - Keep a fragile unit safe from shooting for the most part. Raptors are also always and excellent Occultation target. In a pinch, you can put it on the Twins, but bear in mind this will remove Onslaught or Psychic Vampire if they are active.
  • Onslaught - Rhyas apparently forgot how to find safe passage through tough terrain without using magic, but this is technically better since it can affect everything in her (albeit small) control range. Put your Eyeless Sight to good use Typhon! Swordsmen love this too.

Saeryn's Abilities[edit]

  • Staff of Shyvess - Sadly this is a strict downgrade from Saeryn1. Not totally useless though. If you need a second source of enemy upkeep removal, feel free to wallop the suffering model on the head as this isn't likely to do much damage.

Rhyas's Abilities[edit]

  • Acrobatics & Parry - Just like Rhyas1, these combine together to get her into really obnoxious locations, and with less fear of death thanks to the Twins' feat, she feels much more comfortable charging headlong into danger to do what she does best: murder all the things. Unfortunately, she doesn't have Sprint in this incarnation, so once she is there, she is there.
  • Granted: Riposte - Works the same as normal Riposte, but it's nice that she offers this to Saeryn. Too bad Saeryn doesn't do something cool like Granted: Force Barrier in return.

Shared Abilities[edit]

  • Unit of Warlocks - This is a blessing and a curse, though probably more the latter. Thanks to it, if you want to risk Rhyas, you really have to risk Saeryn too. Use terrain and screening models to your advantage, and don't forget that Rhyas can charge over your own stuff (and ignore them for LOS purposes) in order to get Saeryn into safer spots when she goes on a killing spree.
  • Twin Sister - This is even more of a ball and chain on the Twins, as it really reigns in Rhyas's ability to go wild. It also lost a very important aspect: the ability for the two to transfer damage to each other, which means RFP damage is no longer avoidable. Be very wary of where you land Rhyas and what the enemy will use to kill her.
  • Channeler - It's far more important that Saeryn can use Rhyas to channel than vice versa. After you've thrown Rhyas somewhere and she's done her thing, take advantage of her forward position to lob some key spells where you want them.

Army Synergies[edit]

These two like the combined arms approach. They have low Warbeast points, but a lot of fury to spare between the two of them. With this in mind, try not to overload their battlegroup even though it can be tempting. A smaller battlegroup can be an okay thing, allowing them to hold more fury for transfers which they desperately need to stay safe. Remember that each beast you bring belongs to both sisters, so they both have access to each animus and benefit from Spirit Bond. A larger army (read: enough infantry) helps to get a lot of mileage out of Marked for Death, and helps keep a buffer between the enemy and your incredibly fragile warlocks.

  • A Nephilim Protector is probably required for the Twins for Shield Guard alone. Occultation is likely to be elsewhere, which means accurate shooting can be a real threat despite their high DEF values. He can also play bodyguard to Rhyas when she charges into danger, making her very hard to remove in melee and allowing her to get a lot of use out of Riposte.
    • An alternative to this is Wrongeye & Snapjaw with their spell, Starcrossed. It's an expensive package, but potentially much safer for the Twins.
  • Zuriel may be very tempting as he can benefit from both of his bonds when taken with the Twins, and the utility of a Stealth Channeler is very promising. That said, his personal damage output is poor, and he loses out on Grievous Wounds from Saeryn as she lost her Deathspurs. Don't write him off, but make sure you can really justify his cost when including him in your list.
    • Dodge can stack with Riposte and resolve in the order of your choosing, meaning you can get attacked, stab back, and then move safely away. With a Protector nearby, this can occur quite easily. The effect can be achieved much cheaper with a Harrier however.
  • The Blackfrost Shard is something worth seriously considering in a Twins list as they don't have any damage buffs and will otherwise struggle with higher ARM targets.
    • If you're tight for points and need another beast, a Naga Nightlurker can do the job well instead if the enemy is simply stacking buffs.
  • Blighted Nyss Swordsmen shine with access to Occultation and Onslaught. Generally this unit has trouble making it up the field in one piece and dealing with terrain getting into position, and Rhyas offers them a solution to both problems. Command Attachment optional but recommended.
  • Grotesque Banshees are cheap and fast, and with Marked for Death they can take out a lot of medium ARM infantry with reasonable accuracy. With an Assassin, you can build a stealth-heavy army around the twins.
  • Blighted Nyss Raptors are self sufficient cavalry that are almost always worth a thought in many Legion lists, but especially when Occultation is on the table. Stealth raptors can get an impressive amount of work done.
  • Despite wanting to bring a lot of infantry, a Blightbringer might not be the best addition to a Twins list due to his high point cost and their low warbeast points. That said, he does offer a STR/ARM buff to the Twins which can help them feel a lot safer, and any other infantry you bring with will appreciate his presence. He can be a good way to keep Saeryn safe.
    • If you go this route, you will need to bring some cheap beasts to keep the Twins fury fueled from turn to turn.
  • A Raek can improve Rhyas's threat on the enemy's turn by placing its animus on herself. The Raek itself is a great assassination enabler or flanker on its own as well.
  • If you want to increase the scenario pressure, a single Angelius gives you three casts of Repulsion a turn.
    • The same applies to the Neraph's (and to a lesser extent, Afflictor's) Attractor, though it has a bit less utility for the Twins as they both already have long melee ranges.
  • A Seraph can help the Twins get a little more distance out of their charges, and like the Angelius they get three casts for the price of one.
    • If both Twins cast Slipstream, you can have Saeryn get close enough to Rhyas to trigger it, and then have Rhyas charge off and affect Saeryn with it as well. It's harder to do now that they cannot charge each other, but can still be useful if set up properly.

Drawbacks & Downsides[edit]

  • Incredibly fragile. With roughly half the number of wounds of an average warlock with similar DEF/ARM ratings, these two will tremble against boosted blast damage especially since Saeryn lost Force Barrier when she joined forces with her sister.
  • Easily countered feat. All it takes is a Dire Troll with Snacking, a well placed Hellfire, or any number of other RFP effects to shut down their feat which is unfortunately their biggest strength despite it doing nothing for their army.
  • Can't have a Succubus, and they have a lot of upkeeps they would love to have. Also means no easy access to a cloud for concealment.
  • Average CMD that barely keeps them in coherence with each other even with a normal advance.

Tips and Tricks[edit]

  • Flashing Blade is not an attack per se - you can still cast it, if you sacrificed your combat action to get up from Knockdown. It is situational, but if you do not need your combat action (for a charge, for example), it costs only 1 fury; just as many as to shake off the above mentioned effects.


Mark II > Mark III Edition Changes[edit]

  • Feat can now be lost if the Twins hurt one another
  • Marked for Death lost LOS component
  • Twins can no longer transfer damage to each other
  • Twins can no longer have separate SELF upkeeps at the same time. Onslaught will cancel Psychic Vampire, for example.



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