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The Retribution is a group of extremist elves in the secluded elvish nation of Ios. For reasons not understood, the Iosan gods are all dead or dying which is causing Iosan children to be born without souls putting their race on the brink of extinction. The Retribution believes this is due to the use of magic by humans, which arose around the same time their gods disappeared, and so their purpose is to kill every human arcanist. As the rest of the Iron Kingdoms are populated with thousands of humans with arcane ability, this is a hopeless task and they know it. So far, the other nations are either unaware of or unconcerned with the Retribution's activities, so they have been hugely unsuccessful in their stated purpose and are lately rather occupied trying to fend off a Skorne invasion.

On the table, the Retribution is characterized by very high quality units, and combined-arms warjacks. Their warcasters are slightly weaker than those of other factions due to the quality of Retribution as a whole. They are also more geared toward assassination than other factions due to their background. If lightning is Cygnar's thing and fire is the Protectorate's thing, Retribution's thing is force fields, force weaponry and tractor beams.

Their warjacks (or Myrmidons from the earlier edition) can be divided into 2 categories:

  • House Shyeel jacks all sport Force Fields of various strength. Most of the time, enemy attacks have to take down this field first, and only thereafter can they start damaging the jack's grid. These jacks have a separate Generator system, which grants them their Field Dependent abilities. If the generator is crippled, most of these abilities are gone. A jack can spend 1 focus/turn to recharge its fields, and remove D3+1 damage points from it, unless the Generator is crippled.
  • House Vyre jacks lack Force Fields, but are more heavily armoured, and have built-in special abilities on their guns and themselves.

As for units, they have the Houseguard units with lighter armour, and the Dawnguard units, with better protection, stronger offensive capabilities, but higher price. Mage Hunter units are your elusive troops, characterized by blinding speed, high DEF, low ARM, and usually the Stealth special rule. Units with abilities to move the enemy around the battlefield can also be found in abundance in the Retribution's arsenal; mostly among the House Shyeel units.

Retribution Insider Preview 05-09-2016

Retribution of Scyrah for Beginners[edit]

The MK3 Battle Box for the Retribution consists of Magister Helynna, and a Griffon, Chimera, and Manticore as the battlegroup. See individual model entries for further information.

The MK2 Battle Box contained Kaelyssa, Night's Whisper, Griffon, Chimera, and Manticore. Due to rebalancing on edition change this is no longer a valid caster choice for Journeyman leagues, so ensure that if purchasing for one you buy the new version.

The Retribution is also full of solos, who have excellent abilities and cost little (both in points and money). The most notable are:

  • Arcanist Mechanik - an auto-include on your buying list. Currently, he can enter into all of the theme forces, and offers near-unparalleled warjack support for a mere 2 points apiece.
  • Eiryss1 - one of your most expensive solo, but you can get her for free in every theme force. Her Disruptor Bolt attack can be game winning, crippling enemy warcasters and warlocks. Her epic version, Eiryss2 is a bit cheaper, and she focuses on stripping off enemy support spells from vital units.
  • Dawnguard Sentinel Scyir - great fighter, unit supporter (Dawnguard models), and an excellent jack marshal. Currently allowed in the Legions of Dawn theme, which is unimaginable without him.
  • Ghost Sniper - a no-frills sniper solo, who can deal a fixed 3 points of damage into the most thickly armored Khador jacks, too. Currently allowed in the Defenders of Ios theme only.
  • Mage Hunter Assassin - a deadly hunter with stellar damage output and excellent mobility. If you build the Shadows of the Retribution theme, look no further.
  • Sylys - one of the most popular warcaster attachments, he is a great supporting solo for offensive spellslingers, and for those who like free upkeep spells.

Retribution of Scyrah Theme Forces[edit]

Defenders of Ios

This is an infantry theme force, mostly the cheaper Retribution units.

Forges of War

This is Retribution's warjack-centric theme. If you want stompy elf robots, look here.

Legions of Dawn

This is another infantry theme force, this time focusing on the more elite Dawnguard troops.

Shadows of the Retribution

The ninja theme - lots of stealthy skirmish infantry with good DEF and maneuverability, but poor ARM and hitpoints.

Retribution of Scyrah Models and Units[edit]


This is Elara 2, Elara1 is a solo (see below)
This is Goreshade4. Goreshade1 to 3 are Cryx models.



Character Light


Character Heavy


Battle Engines[edit]


Special WA

Special CA

This is Eiryss3. Eiryss1 & 2 are solos (see below).

Character Units


Character Solos

This is Elara1, a Battlegroup Controller. Elara2 is a fully-fledged warcaster (see above).

Mercenary/Minion Solos[edit]

Mercenary/Minion Units[edit]

Retribution of Scyrah Deep Lore[edit]

Ask a human from the Iron Kingdom about the nation of Ios, and the first thing that they will tell you is "elves live there". That is also about all they can tell you. Ios is closed, its borders sealed for generations, and those few outsiders who test this threshold never return. Even the Orgoth did not test this enigmatic nation. The little trade Ios conducts with surrounding nations is done at arm's length, often arranging for merchants to leave goods at the border for the elves to retrieve. The isolation of Iosans was something Immoren took for granted, like wind or the tides. No more. While knowledge of elven aggression remains far from common, every nation has suffered the tramp of their myrmidons and felt the heat of their wrath.

From Forces of WARMACHINE: Retribution of Scyrah: Elves have always been favored by their gods, which in part led to their downfall. We were showered with gifts and important issues were blessed by signs from above. The tragedy struck when in the height of our empire we decided that gods would venture from their dominion to Caen. Disaster was immeasurable and our empire was lost. What little exist today is but a hollow echo of our greatness. But material or even lives lost are nothing compared to true lamentation: our gods are dying or missing. This brings slow extinction and we are helplessly watching our slow doom creeping upon us.

The ancient elven empire of Lyoss once lay far to the east of what is now the Iron Kingdoms. Before the rise of humans and their blunt and brutal nations, elven civilization flourished like none before or since. Their magic knew no equal. Their science opened the world to their understanding, and their achievements became legends in their own time. At the height of their power, their hubris demanded still greater deeds, and they decided to literally bridge the gap between Caen and the Veld, the home of their gods. Incredible as it sounds, they succeeded, but the consequences of success can be as, or more, tragic as failure. As soon as their gods had crossed to Caen, the bridge catastrophically failed. The resulting explosion obliterated the city, cracked the very surface of the world, ended the Lyossian Empire, and devastated the elven race.

Shepherded by their gods to forests on the western fringe of their old civilization, the elves settled in Ios and rebuilt. Their gods lived among them, and for a time, matters seemed well. It became apparent, however, that the gods were weakening. Their connection to the worlds beyond Caen had weakened, and after many centuries, they could no longer do all that they needed to do to protect their people. In desperation, they set out alone to search for a solution and a way back to the Veld. Only one returned: Scyrah, Nis-Issyr of Spring, now called the Last Goddess. For all the centuries since, Scyrah has remained in her fane in the capital, doing all she can to aid her people even as she slowly dies.

The fate of their goddess mirrors the fate of the elven race, and the Iosans have come to understand that they are dying. Their gods have vanished or perished, and all the metaphysical tasks these deities performed languish unattended. Elven souls do not reincarnate as once they did, and every year, more soulless elven children enter this world. Devoid of passions and most emotions, these tragic aberrations embody the fate all Ios. Some Iosans are unwilling to stand by and accept this slide into oblivion. Though desperately seeking answers in all directions, a few scholars noted an apparent coincidence. Around the time their gods perished—they know exactly when this occurred, for priests across their nation went mad on the same night—humans suddenly gained the ability to use magic not granted by their gods. The coincidence was too much to bear, and the elves realized that it must have been the human magicians who slowly siphoned the life from their gods. Knowingly or not, the humans were to blame, and the only way to stop the demise of their last goddess is to end the human practice.

The bands of fanatics who embraced this belief called themselves the Retribution of Scyrah. Though long a small, fringe sect, as every other avenue of inquiry has proved fruitless, many more have turned to the Retribution in order to do something. For decades, the Retribution's trained hunters have stalked human wizards and destroyed their devices, but the sheer size of humanity and its pervasive reach makes these victories little better than flees biting a horse. Despised and dismissed, the Retribution languished, having taken on a hopeless task and lacking every resource but the will to see it done. All that changed when the Mage Hunter Eiryss brought news from Khador. Nyssor, Scyir of Winter, still lived. Sealed in a block of ice, his chosen people—the Nyss—had long kept him safe. With their corruption by the dragon Everblight, a few remaining pure Nyss had been forced to move their god, and he had fallen into the hands of the Khadoran Greylords Covenant.

The news rocked Ios. The Retribution—the one group uniquely positioned to both intervene and benefit from this turn of events—capitalized on the outpouring of rage and grew dramatically. Not only did their size increase, but long-hidden allies stepped forth to support them, lending legitimacy to their zealotry. Two of the great military Houses of Ios publicly announced their support for the Retribution. This has given the Retribution access to the kind of armed power commanded only by nations, including myrmidons. Far more elegant than the clunky, steam-powered warjacks humans rely upon, these magically animated works of art have joined an arsenal of innumerable other weaponry more than equal to anything ever produced by humanity. Though some argue that the Houses support the Retribution purely for political reasons, the pragmatic goal of retrieving Nyssor is simply too important to ignore.

The Retribution is on the move and gaining support among the Iosan people. Even House Vyre has taken up arms and joined the cause. Lord Arcanist Ossyan Vyre, a relatively junior warcaster, recently clashed with Goreshade and managed to secure Nyssor's vault. Very recently, Trollbloods were driven out of the lake region and Skorne have been massing in this staging area. An invasion seems imminent, and with much of the Retribution fighting in Khador, the future may hold very difficult times for the elves of Ios.

While Nyssor is still far from safe, each arcanist, warjack, and arcane trinket destroyed loosens the noose around Scyrah's neck. Each action to save our people is justified. Our future will be cast by fire and steel.