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Ranking Officer - While this model is in play, models in its unit are _ models instead of Mercenary models. Edit description

Rules Clarification : Ranking Officer      (Edit)

  • Models added to the unit after the game starts are also friendly faction (ie Alexia1 adding Risen).
  • You cannot attach more than one CA to a unit.
  • The Ranking Officer benefits from any Granted or Tactics that the 'normal' officer hands out (such as Nyss Hunters giving Hunter).
  • Unlike a normal Officer, a Ranking Officer cannot issue special orders that the unit has but he does not (such as the High Shield's "Shield Wall" order). This means you can't use that order at all until the Ranking Officer dies, but once he's dead it's fine to use.
  • When the Ranking Officer dies, the unit will immediately lose any friendly faction "auras" (such as Stryker's +5 ARM feat).
    • However, they will keep any spells that were cast on them specifically, until that spell naturally expires. This means you can pay to keep an upkeep on them, for example.
  • If a Ranking Officer with its own subtype joins a unit then that unit doesn't become the same subtype. For example, if Murdoch, who is a Trencher model, joins a mercenary unit that does not make the unit a "Trencher unit". Refer the final paragraph of 'Game Terms, Model Names & Rules References'.
  • A Ranking Officer can join a Weapon Crew unit, even though one model is on a large base, due to them having the Man-Sized rule. (Infernal Ruling)
  • 'Jack Marshal & Ranking Officer (Edit)
    • If a Ranking Officer joins a unit with the 'Jack Marshal ability, then they can still only take Mercenary warjacks - they don't gain access to Faction warjacks. (Infernal Ruling)
    • They can control that mercenary warjack as normal, even though they're technically no longer the same faction as the jack. (Infernal Ruling)

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Ranking Officer - While this model is in play, models in its unit are Cephalyx models instead of Mercenary models.

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