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Minions Faction overview[edit]

The eclectic collection of scavengers, monsters, and savage warriors known as the Minions hail from the wilds of Immoren.

Want to eat lots of lots of bacon? Then this faction is for you. Regardless if you play as Gatormen – canny alligators who extort fishpeople to hunt tasty bacon for them – or as Farrow – pig-people with a lust for war, and bacon (everybody loves bacon!) – you are sure to field the bacon-hunting army always in your dreams.

Unlike in the previous edition of Hordes, in the current edition, the armies of the Gatormen and the Farrow are not strictly separated. Although a Gatorman warlock can only control Gatorman and Amphibious warbeasts, and a Farrow warlock can only control Farrow warbeasts. Units and solos from the two different army types can be mixed freely in a MkIII Minion army.

Minion Insider Preview 05-23-2016

Minions for Beginners[edit]

There are two ways to look at the Minions as a faction, you're either

a) a non minion Player who wants to know whats hot, so you can bring it into your own humble little crew of murder monsters. Usual minion units are a bit weaker than their counterparts in your own faction. Also they are a no-go for any warlock who's feat can only effect friendly faction models. That being said, they are usually a little cheaper and the Croak Raiders are one of a kind. They will work really well with anything that has Damage Type: Fire. Almost every player owns a unit of the Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew, these sneaky gobbos can keep a unit safe from shooting, for just two points. In the current meta this is a big deal. Good minion Solos include Targ who can give an additional Ranged Attack to any Ranged Beast at the cost of being a Warlock Attachment. Trag can`t keep spells up however. And the Feralgeist who is just a very cheap Incorporeal model which can be a huge problem for your opponent if he doesn't have a way to hand out magic weapons. He can also possess dying Warbeasts which sounds way cooler than it tends to be. Mostly it's just another hit to take it down anyways. Saxon Orrik will not work for Legion of Everblight, but he will give a nearby warrior model or unit "Pathfinder". Also super useful. Those are the Units and Solos you find often outside of the Minions own forces and are viable options for almost any army.

or b) a new Player who wants to play Minions as a force. Minions are the only Hordes Faction that does not have a Starter box right now. This makes starting with the minions difficult because you have to decide who your first Warlock is going to be and what his first force might look like. The second thing that makes starting with Minions rather annoying is that we are the only faction whose Warbeasts are not compatible with every Warlock. Gatorlocks can Pick Gator Warbeasts and Piglocks can only choose Farrow Warbeasts. But the troops will work together just fine. There is a Golden rule in Wargaming that you should always pick your faction based on aesthetics (and a little bit on money).

If you want to start with the Gatormen take a closer look at Bloody Barnabas. I personally think the is the best choice for new players because of his high ARM value and a very forgiving feat. You will have to pick up at least one Blackhide Wrastler. Their Rage Animus is simply amazing. In bigger lists you will often find yourself playing two of them. A less common Warbeast is the Ironback Spitter. It is a Ranged Heavy that synergizes very well with Barnabas.

On the furry side of things I like to point out Lord Carver, BMMD, Esq. III. Similar to Barnabas, Caver makes everything hit harder with his feat and will provide you with enough ARM to survive an attack or two if things start getting south. His battle group should consist of a Battle Boar and two Razor Boars. Both of these beasts offer excellent Anima and will be included regularly in your army. As a Heavy you either go for a War Hog if you want something crazy hard hitting or a Road Hog which will show you how useful it is to set things (the enemies Warlock) on fire.

Speaking of units: As far as units go, Croak Raiders are pretty damn good. They will work wonders with the Road hog, however they won't benefit from Carver's feat. Let's be honest, pigs like gators much more than gators like pigs, Barnabas might be the exception here. But if you want to run the Gatorman Posse just go straight into the the Blindwater Congregation theme. The Posse gets three hit boxes out of it and together with Croak Raiders you get a free Solo or Bull Snapper. As far as Farrow-Units go you can't go wrong with the Farrow Brigands and the CA. Also Gatorman Bokor & Bog Trog Swamp Shamblers are a nice attack sponge and Combo well with the Swamp Gobber Chefs.

For Solos take a look at Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew for protection from getting shot, Swamp Gobber Chefs for Fury Management, Croak Hunters/Maximus for infantry removal, Targ if you decided to bring a Ranged beast, Gatorman Witch Doctors for making squishy things tough(er). Barnabas likes Farrow Razorback Crew. Also both of the lesser Warlocks are amazing.

Lastly I wanted to point out that none of the two is really competitive and this guide is aimed at players who just picked up the game and wonder how to start. Please feel free to ignore my suggestions. And happy Wargaming.

The Skorne Outpost[edit]

There's a non-minion option that uses primarily minion units and warbeasts and will allow you access to five other casters no matter whether you started with Farrow or Gators; the Skorne Disciples of Agony theme. It is of course a Skorne theme so you can't officially use it in leagues/tournaments with a Minions list but adds a lot of variety for friendly games and the combination of Enrage from Paingiver Beast Handlers (plus free charges) and either Rage or Primal, and possibly a spell from your casters lets you seriously overclock your cheaper warbeasts.

It opens up Master Tormentor Morghoul, Lord Assassin Morghoul, Dominar Morghoul, Beast Master Xekaar and Master Ascetic Naaresh - and all the Skorne models you'll probably want are those three, a unit of Paingiver Beast Handlers, a couple of Paingiver Task Masters (seriously, look those things up and see what they do for your units), and maybe a Bloodrunner Master Tormentor if you plan on 60 points of units on the grounds free is a good price for anything. Possibly also a Basilisk Krea and maybe a Cyclops Shaman on the grounds that if you're playing Skorne why not? Also Paingiver Bloodrunners are excellent with or without ambush.

Not a necessary option and not an option for people playing minions for the theme, but an excellent choice for people mixing things up or who want variety on the cheap.

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