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Minions Faction overview[edit]

The eclectic collection of scavengers, monsters, and savage warriors known as the Minions hail from the wilds of Immoren.

Want to eat lots of lots of bacon? Then this faction is for you. Regardless if you play as Gatormen – canny alligators who extort fishpeople to hunt tasty bacon for them – or as Farrow – pig-people with a lust for war, and bacon (everybody loves bacon!) – you are sure to field the bacon-hunting army always in your dreams.

Unlike in the previous edition of Hordes, in the current edition, the armies of the Gatormen and the Farrow are not strictly separated. Although a Gatorman warlock can only control Gatorman and Amphibious warbeasts, and a Farrow warlock can only control Farrow warbeasts. Units and solos from the two different army types can be mixed freely in a MkIII Minion army.

Minion Insider Preview 05-23-2016

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