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Mercenary Minion Character Unit

Since their mentor’s withdrawal from such pursuits, Lynus Wesselbaum and Edrea Lloryrr have taken the lead in cataloging the wonders of Caen in place of the famous professor Viktor Pendrake. With a strong knack for survival and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, they have already pursued countless dangerous expeditions and shared more than a few close calls, forging a strong friendship in the field. Lynus’ book smarts and sharp memory serve as an excellent complement to Edrea’s arcane gifts, and the pair has made a name for themselves in many academic circles.

Basic Info[edit]

Lynus Wesselbaum & Edrea Lloryrr
Base Size Small
Unit Size 2
DEF 14
ARM 12
Damage Boxes 5
Cost 5

Weapons and Attacks[edit]


  • Military Rifle - 10" range, POW 11 gun
  • Great Sword - 2" range, P+S 10 melee weapon.


  • Military Rifle - 10" range, POW 11 gun.
  • Sword - 0,5" range, P+S 7 melee weapon.

Special Abilities[edit]

Lynus Only[edit]

  • Officer - This model is the unit commander even if the unit has a Leader model.
  • Applied Knowledge (★ Action) - Target warrior model chooses column/branch they hit.
  • Heal [_] (★ Action) - Remove _ damage from a living Faction model in B2B.

Edrea Only[edit]

  • Magic Ability [ _ ] - This model can use its Combat Action to cast spells. Offensive spells are a (★ Attack) and friendly spells are a (★ Action). Edrea is a skilled spellcaster.
    • Arcane Bolt (★ Attack) - 12" RNG magic attack with POW 11 and no additional features or effects.
    • Wind Barrier (★ Action) - Ordinary (non-magical) ranged attacks automatically miss this model and any other model in the unit completely within a short distance.
    • Zephyr (★ Action) - Everyone in the unit may move a short distance.
  • True Sight - This model ignores clouds for LOS, and ignores Stealth always.

Thoughts on Lynus Wesselbaum & Edrea Lloryrr[edit]

Lynus Wesselbaum & Edrea Lloryrr in a nutshell[edit]

Lynus and Edrea are a strange pair of utility models. Edrea provides exactly one True Sight magic attack per turn. Lynus has a weak heal and Applied Knowledge is better than it sounds in the right hands, but not quite good enough to convince you to bring them along on your quest to destroy the other army.

Combos & Synergies[edit]

  • Any model with Grievous Wounds, especially Alten Ashley. If you can use Applied Knowledge on him, you can easily take out a Warbeast's Spirit and deny it the ability to do anything useful for at least a turn.
  • Any non battle engine War-noun would love Applied Knowledge, especially ones like Captain Kara Sloan with access to multiple attacks per activation.

Drawbacks & Downsides[edit]

  • Other than Arcane Bolt they don't really do much.

Tricks & Tips[edit]

Changes from Mk2[edit]

Mk2 they were slightly more expensive, but Lynus could use an ability that allowed him to shoot and Edrea to make a magical attack and then shoot.



Theme Forces this is a member of[edit]

Rules Clarifications[edit]



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