Lylyth, Reckoning of Everblight

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Legion Blighted Nyss Battle Engine Cavalry Warlock

Those who would oppose Everblight’s will must stand ready to pay a heavy cost, and it is Lylyth, the dragon’s Reckoning, who will exact that price. Those few who have survived Lylyth’s raids speak of the susurration of runners on frozen ground and an ominous keening noise in the air. As the first arrows strike, that sound is revealed to be wind whistling along the cruelly barbed blades and across the overlapping metal scales of her war sleigh as it is pulled across the snow by powerful ulks, their horns lowered to smash through anything in their path.

Basic Info[edit]

Lylyth, Reckoning of Everblight
DEF 15
ARM 16
HP 18
WBP 29

Weapons and Attacks[edit]

  • Whisper - Range 12, POW12, ROF 3 ranged attack.
    • Damage Type: Magical - This weapon can damage incorporeal models.
    • Blood Boon - If this weapon kills an enemy, this model can cast an average cost or less spell for free. Blood Boon can only trigger once per activation.
    • Rear Attack - Attacks with this weapon may target models in the attacker's rear arc.
  • Mount - POW12 mount attack.
    • Trampling Hooves - This attack can make charge attacks as well as impact attacks.

Special Abilities[edit]

  • Warlock - All warlocks come with a stack of standard special rules - most notably being awesome.
  • Battle Engine - All Battle Engines share the same special rules. Most notably being huge, having two fields of fire, and being immune to knock down, stationary, etc.
  • Cavalry - All Cavalry come with a stack of standard special rules, most notably Impact Attacks and auto-boosted charge attacks.
  • Eyeless Sight - This model 1) ignores cloud effects when determining LOS, 2) always ignores concealment and Stealth, and 3) never suffers Blind.
  • Pathfinder - This model treats rough terrain as open terrain while advancing. While charging, slam power attacking, or trample power attacking, this model does not stop its movement when it contacts an obstacle.
  • Dual Attack - This model can make both melee and ranged attacks in the same activation. When this model makes its initial melee attacks or a power attack, it can also make its initial ranged attacks. This model can make ranged attacks even while in melee.
  • Repairable - This model can be repaired as if it were a construct.
  • Reposition [5"] - At the end of an activation in which it did not run or fail a charge, this model can advance up to 5", then its activation ends.
  • Trample Power Attack - This model can make trample power attacks.
    • Threshing Blades - This model's trample damage rolls add +4 to the damage roll.


Battlegroup warbeasts activating in the caster's control range gain +2" movement. Also, the caster gains +2 ARM while a battlegroup warbeast is within 3".
Deals cold damage and has Critical Stationary.
For one round, the caster and models within 3" of the caster cannot make ranged attacks and are automatically missed by non-magical ranged attacks.

Feat - The Reaping[edit]

For one turn, when a friendly model that is within Lylyth's control range hits an enemy model with a ranged attack, the enemy model becomes stationary.

Thoughts on Lylyth, Reckoning of Everblight[edit]

Lylyth, Reckoning of Everblight in a nutshell[edit]

Lylyth3 is an incredibly (and deceptively) mobile warlock despite her huge base. At the highest base SPD among warlocks and warcasters in the game and with access to a long Reposition movement, she can dart around the battlefield with unmatched maneuverability, and thanks to Battle Host, so can her battlegroup.

That said, her raw mobility is limited by terrain and model placement thanks to the size of her base. It also hampers her with all the unfortunate downsides of being a huge base - she is always visible, and always targetable, cannot gain concealment, cover, or the elevation DEF bonus. Enemies can use a combined ranged attack on her even if she is engaged. There are a few perks, however. She cannot be knocked down, pushed, placed, or made stationary, and she has a respectable DEF stat.

Lylyth3 herself is about the same in the new edition...yet she is a whole lot better. How is this possible, you ask? For starters, her feat got changed in a simple but drastic way that greatly improves it's ability to win a game, instead of just stall for scenario. It now is stationary on hit. This, combined with access to the new Nephilim Bolt Thrower's Far Strike animus and her insane threat range makes her assassination potential incredibly threatening.

Overall, Lylyth3 is a higher risk caster with a relatively active play style and powerful scenario and assassination game. The trick mostly is learning how to keep her safe and how to get her around the battlefield without tripping over your own army.

Strategy, Combos, and Synergies[edit]


Lylyth3's feat has gone under a few revisions since she came out, but in the new edition has finally settled very simply: stationary on direct hit ranged attacks for her entire army. This means you want to bring a sizeable amount of accurate shooting. In her past revisions her feat didn't do much on her own turn, but now it does that (stationary models aren't hard to hit), while still providing the soft control effects it already had. This feat can be leveraged early to gain a quick advantage on scenario control points, or mid-game to help bring down evasive targets and prevent retaliation. The final way to take advantage of it is a mid or late game assassination attempt with as many guns trained on the opposing warcaster/warlock as possible.


  • Battle Host - A new name for an old spell. This helps Lylyth's battlegroup keep up with her insane speed and/or threaten impressive distances. It also gives her a nice ARM boost which a model of her size sorely needs.
  • Frost Hammer - A solid spray attack which can really help Lylyth do a lot of work on her own. Combined with Spell Martyrs and Blood Boon, she can throw free sprays into unexpected locations.
  • Wind Wall - This also helps keep Lylyth alive, but not against everything. This only prevents non-magical guns from firing into her, and there are a fair few armies with easy access to many magic shots. Convergence, Retribution, Menoth, and Cygnar (Caine2) all can dump a lot of shots into Lylyth if you let them. It doesn't make her unplayable against these factions, but it does require her to play it safer compared to other armies.
    • Don't forget it prevents shooting out including any models within its range, so make sure all your shots have been fired before you put this spell up. It's usually the best spell to cast with Blood Boon.


  • Whisper - Her bow is as useful as ever, though now instead of tagging enemies with spells or machine gunning infantry down, it does a little of both!
    • Blood Boon - Use this to cast Frost Hammer or Wind Wall (usually the latter). It helps her keep fury for transfers which she really needs with her huge base liability factors. The attacks from her bow are no longer simultaneous, so make sure you can kill your last target if you want to trigger Blood Boon, otherwise you risk popping it on the second shot and lose one arrow.
  • Trample - Yes, she can trample, and it's ridiculous. If you can clear a landing zone for her oversized Santa sled (a little easier than it sounds thanks to her ridiculous SPD, but still difficult thanks to her base size), you can squish a lot of dudes. It won't happen often, but when it does, it feels good, especially since she's allowed to then take all her initial shots.
    • She can still use Reposition after the trample to get into a safer location after the trample.
  • Cavalry - Don't forget those moose at the front aren't for show. Trampling Hooves lets her mount charge and impact, and the charge roll is boosted to hit.
  • Repairable - A use for the Gobber Tinker in Legion! The only one too, as the Throne is no longer repairable.

Army Synergies[edit]

As with Lylyth2, Lylyth3 wants to bring enough guns to make her feat turn formidable, but don't forget that she may need a respectable melee presence to help control zones or go toe to toe with other enemy beasts and jacks.

  • Typhon is seriously worth considering with every Legion warlock these days, and Lylyth3 is no exception. With up to three mid range sprays and access to a lot of boosts he can make huge chunks of the enemy army stationary on the feat turn, or he can just spray a frozen warcaster (or other things that were made stationary earlier in the turn) from further away than should be reasonable or expected thanks to Battle Host's movement bonus.
  • Ravagores look enticing at first, but Lylyth's feat only works on a direct hit, so their medium AOE template is mostly wasted. That said, it may be worth including one since arcing fire can place a shot on a key model, and the scather may slow an enemy that can't run (if they have to forfeit action to shake stationary, they can't also run), as they will have to walk single wound infantry slowly around the scather or die trying.
    • Teraphs are in the same boat, but without the scather effect, it becomes even less likely they'll get much work done on the feat over other options.
  • Seraphs can put out several stationary shots. Lylyth can't be affected by Slipstream anymore, but they can always move other models around for threat range adjustments.
  • An Angelius can be a great addition to Lylyth3's repertoire. They have a reasonably accurate gun for the feat, and also bring their Armor Piercing attack to put the hurt on in melee. They're great to set up an assassination too. Stationary everything between an Angel and a caster, and then fly it right over with no fear of free strikes and stab them in their stupid face.
    • While the loss of ride-by attack means Lylyth3 can't abuse the Repulsion animus quite as much, it's still a very potent animus on a huge base.
  • Strider Scouts no longer have combined ranged attack, but with advance deploy, combined with okay RAT and high SPD can allow them to stationary a decent number of models, plus they can spread these shots out far if the Command Attachment is taken. Afterwards, their high DEF will make for a decent frontline jam.
  • Archers can stationary a lot of enemies, and do it with whatever accuracy is needed thanks to CRA and arcing fire. Consider the CA for an extra volley of shots.
  • Nephilim Bolt Thrower, like with the other Lylyth incarnations, is absolutely mandatory. In takes her game to the next level. Do you like 28" threat ranges? Because that's what he offers you. Plus, his gun is good for scenario, and doubly so when it pushes models back and freezes them in place.
  • Having a Nephilim Protector is probably a good idea. He will always be near Lylyth to trigger Battle Host's ARM bonus, and if your opponent brought only a couple guns that can shoot through Wind Wall, he can take a bullet for her. Additionally, having Guard Dog will be much appreciated on a caster with decent DEF that can't be knocked down and would love to disengage from melee to do her shenanigans.
  • Raptors can keep up with Lylyth's stupid SPD, bring a few good guns for the feat, and can threaten in melee on the charge.
  • A popular way to run Lylyth3 is with two Archangels. Battle Host and Deceptively Mobile allow a ton of hit and run shenangians, and they can put out a reasonable number of shots on the feat to freeze a ton of enemies, or just rain hell on an assassination run. Their melee threat is acceptable if it comes to that as well.
    • Since they are incapable of even trying to fit in Wind Wall, it also solves a lot of order of activation issues a more populated Lylyth3 list may run into, instead allowing the three main pieces to move around as they like best.

Drawbacks & Downsides[edit]

  • Huge base makes her incredibly easy to kill if you fail to cast Wind Wall, can't cast it, or the enemy brings a lot of magical guns or spell slinging.
    • It's also difficult to find safe landing zones for her.
    • Since she has a huge surface area, it's not hard to land an entire unit of weaponmaster infantry in melee with her, which never ends well for her
  • Low FURY. While her base actually makes her control range deceptively larger than it normally should be, it doesn't change that her accuracy with her spray will be low, and even with Blood Boon she will not have a lot of transfers or defensive animi each turn.
  • Enemy Shield Guard can spoil your feat turn if you don't have enough redundant guns. Sprays help get around this (another plus for Typhon!).
  • Reliance on Battle Host for survival. It's a great spell, but most enemy upkeep hate can trivially remove it, and in most cases these upkeep removal sources don't care about Wind Wall either. Try to use Lylyth's mobility to keep her safe first and foremost.
  • Trampling requires a clear "landing zone", thus, very difficult to do with a huge based model.

Tips and Tricks[edit]

  • Despite the Repairable and Battle Engine rules, she's still a living model, and thus affected by rules and abilities which interact with such models (Life drinker, Bleed, Butcher 3's feat, Poison, Annoyance, Burning Ash, etc.).


Mark II > Mark III Edition Changes[edit]

  • Gained 1 DEF
  • Lost initial melee attacks
  • Escort renamed to Battle Host
  • Feat changed from Death Chill on hit to Stationary on hit
  • Weapon Platform reworked to Dual Shot
  • Threshing Blades reworked into Trampling Hooves
  • Lost Autofire[3]
    • Gained ROF3



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