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Legion of Everblight Faction overview[edit]

Steeped in the blighted energies of it's namesake, the Legion of Everblight sweeps down out of the northern reaches doing the bidding of a near incorporeal master...

At it's core Legion is a fast-paced, hard hitting, 'Beast faction. Those three pillars though are now supported by a more robust choice in infantry, tweaks to individual Warlock Feats and spell lists, and a general lowering of point costs across the board. Adding to this, a lot of the 'beasts in the faction come with the ability to ignore whole swaths of terrain, either with flight/pathfinder and eyeless sight. All in all, there are tools for running 'Beast heavy, swarms of cheap lights, infantry walls, and combined arms lists to good effect.

Legion Insider Preview 05-02-2016

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