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Battle College offers a selection of articles that will show the new player through some of the concepts of the game. This Basic Training course, LPG, is targeted at very new players who have read the core rulebook but are still getting to grips with how it all works. It focuses on understanding the rules of the game. This is about looking at the various aspects of the rules and explaining them if there are important nuances that might be missed by the new gamer.

For development of the new player's strategic awareness, see the Intermediate Training course about Objectives, Tactics and Strategy; targeted at players who want to get better at the game. It focuses on more abstract concepts like what models to include in an army, how to manouvre around the battlefield, and maximize damage output from a warjack in a given situation, etc.

LPG Contents[edit]

Articles still under construction[edit]

Power Attacks (somewhat complete)

Free strikes (multiple melee ranges, firing arcs, back arcs, retaliatory strike, etc)

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