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"FOR THE MOTHERLAND!" -Khadoran Battlecry

Welcome to the Motherland[edit]

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Khador is one of the original factions of Warmachine. They follow the aesthetics of old pre-Soviet Russia. They rely on their axes, heavy armor, and bombards to crush the enemies of their Empress. A typical Khadorian Warjack is slow moving, hard-hitting, with high armor & hit boxes.

According to lore Khador is a nation with a grudge out to use it's military know-how, loyal citizens and natural resources to regain lands lost years ago. What does this mean for the Khador player? Infantry that ranges the full gambit of light, elite and heavy, some of the heaviest armored jacks in the game and some of the most combat capable warcasters as well. Khador is usually thought of as a slow, simple, no frills faction and as printed on the card you could be excused for thinking so, but there's plenty more under the hood for the player in the know.

Before you pick Khador there's a few things you should know up front. First, Khador loves melee. Khador's shooting game is middling at best (which is why we have such a love for AOEs) but with all the armor we strap on, we can usually make it to the fight and once we're there we're in our element. Second, we're not a 'Jack heavy army. There are one or two ways to effectively run many warjacks, but rarely to the exception of at least a moderate amount of infantry. Third, Aggression. Khador, in many instances, is too slow to play very reactionary. You'll need to have a battle plan and take the charge. Our armor is for getting us to the fight, not for allowing us to wait for them.

So if you want an army of weather bitten, ill tempered expansionists wearing heavy armor firing a blunderbuss as they close to melee range where they'll apply the biggest axe they could get their hands on directly to your opponents've made it to the right place.

Designer's Notes[edit]

Khador Faction Insider 2016 May


Khador has a caster for every style, but we specialize in aggression. Khador is home to some of the most up-in-your-face aggressive warcasters in the game. This concept is exemplified in the various forms of Kommander Orsus Zoktavir who not only is a capable front line fighter, but CRAVES the front lines. Beyond that we have midfielders like Kommander Sorscha or Vladimir Tzepesci, the Dark Prince and support casters like Kommandmant Irusk or Koldun Kommander Aleksandra Zerkova. We also are home to the infamous Karchev the Terrible the only Warjack/caster in the game (so far).


As mentioned before, Khador is home to some of the biggest, stompiest warjacks in the game. Khador lacks for cortexes and so we make the most of what we have by piling on the armor or keeping old, unstable warjacks in service long past their likely expiration date. This comes with a pair of drawbacks. The majority of our 'jacks are expensive and out of the box they're slow, relying on a bit of support from their operators to get them around with one of the many movement shenanigans that are at our disposal. Your warcaster will be crucial here as most of our casters come with some form of movement buff and sometimes you'll get further with an intentionally failed charge than a run action.


Khador loves infantry. We love infantry so much that we traded rights to light warjacks for the heaviest infantry in the game in the form of man-o-wars. Khador has a unit for every occasion and frequently a solo or two to back them up. You'll want to read over your options and plan carefully here. Khadoran infantry is some of the best (stat wise) as printed on card and great at synergizing. We have a number of great solos and attachments that are capable in their own right but make some of your units even better. Be on the lookout for Granted, Tactics and Order keywords.

So proceed Kadet, read on, study hard and battle well. And most of all: BRING GLORY TO THE MOTHERLAND!

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Khador Models and Units[edit]

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Note that Old Witch2 uses the same model as Old Witch3.



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