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Khador art1.jpg

"FOR THE MOTHERLAND!" -Khadoran Battlecry

Welcome to the Motherland[edit]

Khador is one of the preeminent factions of Warmachine. Heavily portrayed as classic pre-Soviet Russia with a fair amount of Soviet-era tossed in. They rely on infantry assisting Heavy Warjacks to crush their enemies. On the table, Khador features heavily armored, plodding warjacks and elite armored warriors backed up by hordes of expendable troops, powerful wizards and stealthy assassins. Ice and wind magic features heavily, and it is generally better in melee than at range.

Khador is an aggressive, expansionist nation, constantly threatening its neighbors and seeking to reclaim ancient lands it sees as rightfully theirs. Most recently, Khador has conquered over half of Llael and attacked Cygnar directly.

Just as Cygnar has spells that improve its low armor scores, Khador warcasters bring speed to their plodding armies making them deceptively quick. Khador can be built for speed, resilience, high damage shooting output or heavy magic.

So if you want an army of weather bitten, ill tempered expansionists wearing heavy armor firing a blunderbuss as they close to melee range where they'll apply the biggest axe they could get their hands on directly to your opponents've made it to the right place.

Designer's Notes[edit]

Khador Faction Insider 2016 May

Warcaster thoughts[edit]

Khador has a caster for every style, but it specializes in aggression. Khador is home to some of the most up-in-your-face aggressive warcasters in the game. This concept is exemplified in the various forms of Kommander Orsus Zoktavir who not only is a capable front line fighter, but CRAVES the front lines. Beyond that we have midfielders like Kommander Sorscha or Vladimir Tzepesci, the Dark Prince and support casters like Kommandmant Irusk or Koldun Kommander Aleksandra Zerkova. We also are home to the infamous Karchev the Terrible the only Warjack/caster in the game (so far).

Warjack thoughts[edit]

As mentioned before, Khador is home to some of the biggest, stompiest warjacks in the game. Khador lacks for cortexes and so it makes the most of what it has by piling on the armor or keeping old, unstable warjacks in service long past their likely expiration date. This comes with a pair of drawbacks. The majority of their 'jacks are expensive and out of the box they're slow, relying on a bit of support from their operators to get them around with one of the many movement shenanigans that are at your disposal. Your warcaster will be crucial as most of their casters come with some form of movement buff and sometimes you'll get further with an intentionally failed charge than a run action.


Khador loves infantry. They love infantry so much that it traded rights to light warjacks for the heaviest infantry in the game in the form of man-o-wars. Khador has a unit for every occasion and frequently a solo or two to back them up. You'll want to read over your options and plan carefully. Khadoran infantry are some of the best (stat wise) as printed on card and great at synergizing. It has a number of great solos and attachments that are capable in their own right but make some of your units even better. Be on the lookout for Granted, Tactics and Order keywords.

So proceed Kadet, read on, study hard and battle well. And most of all: BRING GLORY TO THE MOTHERLAND!

Khador for Beginners[edit]

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New players will likely to meet this faction in the following sets:

  • The Mk3 Battlegroup Set - Featuring Kozlov, a Decimator and a Juggernaut, this one enters you into the main concepts of the game. A bit of mobility trick here, some hitting power boost there, and a very straightforward feat. The gun on the Decimator is more useful in the initial battlebox fights, and somewhat atypical for Khador, where jacks and artillery like to lob high-explosive rounds with a sizeable Area of Effect.
  • The Mk2 Battlegroup Set - Including Kommander Sorscha, a Juggernaut and a Destroyer, this one lets you a glimpse into Khador's Cold-based attacks, as well as the inaccurate AoE shooting, which is a powerful tool against elusive infantries (but less useful for fighting heavier targets). Sorcha also tends to linger a bit farther from the front line than Kozlov, but her long range assassination run can be quite appealing and rewarding to new players. Due to point adjustments this box is 3 pts short to fulfil Sorhca's warjack points.
  • Mk2 Warmachine 2-Player Battle Box - Still available throughout the net here and there, this one adds a unit of Man-o-War Shocktroopers to the Mk2 Starter set. This box introduces the concept of Units to new players, with several new possibilities which were absent in the battlebox fights (like Shield Wall or Assault orders). Sadly, Sorcha offers them debatable support with Boundless Charge (useful only in charges but then you won't get to use the Shield Wall order), and Fog of War (affects your shooting too, and won't make too big difference for the enemy). However, they can play along nicely with Kozlov.
  • Khador Army Box - Time to time, Privateer Press releases complete army boxes, which gives you a decent-sized force, all by itself. This 2017 set contains an infantry-heavy army, featuring Irusk1, a Grolar and a Juggernaut, a full unit of Black Dragons along with their attachment, a full unit of IFP plus attachment, an Iron Fang Kovnik and a War Dog. It is advised more for veterans who pick up a new faction, or for really committed newbies, as this box unleashes the whole rulebook upon you - from units to power attacks and solos. Its 50 points limit is slightly behind the most popular 75 pts tournament formats, but prepares you well for such a challenge.

As stated above, Khador has awesome infantry offering, so it fully depends on your taste, whether you want to go for ranged or melee, quality or quantity, or somewhere in between. Some choices will be ever-useful, no matter which caster or army composition you choose:

  • War Dog - Great Warcaster attachment, who provides protection in close combat, extra melee punch, and can even run back to his master, after biting out chunks from the enemy. Allowed in all of the current theme lists.
  • Manhunter - A self-supporting murder machine, who gets quickly to the enemy. Flanking enemy solos will rarely meet problem to you. Currently available in the Jaws of the Wolf theme list, which is all about warjacks.
  • Widowmaker Scouts - Some of the best snipers out there (and currently the only actual sniper unit in the game). Reliable, self supporting, they can offer accurate infantry removal from afar, or targeting critical parts on jacks/beasts. Beside the jack theme they're also available in the Winter Guard Kommand theme, a list which revolves around the Winter Guard, Khador's most numerous infantry force.
  • Battle Mechaniks - Your only in-faction source for repairing; not only for your jacks, but also for your Man o War suits too. They won't lock you out from any of the theme lists either.
  • A quartet of mercenary solos, namely Kell Bailoch, Sylys Wyshnalyrr, Eiryss1 and Orin Midwinter. Khador's favourite mercenaries; a great sniper, a warcaster attachment who helps with magic, a mage hunter for stripping enemy leaders from their focus/fury supplies and an anti-magic tool.

Theme Forces[edit]

Khador art3.jpg

Winter Guard Kommand

Winter Guard are the mainstay of the Khadoran army, adequately armed but not spectacular.

Jaws of the Wolf

Jaws of the Wolf is Khador's warjack-heavy theme force.

Legion of Steel

Legion of Steel is all about the Iron Fangs, the elite infantry forces.

Wolves of Winter

This force is for the Greylords (the wizardly branch of the Khador army) along with Doom Reavers (the poor schmucks they experiment on).

Armored Korps

This is for Man-o-Wars of all flavours, Khador's ultimate heavy infantry.

Khador Models and Units[edit]


Butcher1 Orsus Zoktavir, The Butcher of Khardov
Butcher2 Kommander Orsus Zoktavir
Butcher3 Kommander Zoktavir, The Butcher Unleashed
Harkevich1 Kommander Harkevich, the Iron Wolf
Irusk1 Kommandmant Irusk
Irusk2 Supreme Kommandant Irusk
Karchev1 Karchev the Terrible
Kozlov1 Lord Kozlov, Viscount of Scarsgrad
Malakov1 Refer to Khador solos, below
Malakov2 Kommander Andrei Malakov
Old Witch1 The Old Witch of Khador & Scrapjack
Old Witch2 Zevanna Agha, The Fate Keeper
Old Witch3 Refer to Grymkin warlocks
Sorscha0 Refer to Khador solos, below
Sorscha1 Kommander Sorscha
Sorscha2 Forward Kommander Sorscha
Sorscha3 Kommandant Sorscha Kratikoff
Strakhov1 Kommander Oleg Strakhov
Strakhov2 Assault Kommander Strakhov and Kommandos
Vladimir1 Vladimir Tzepesci, the Dark Prince
Vladimir2 Vladimir Tzepesci, the Dark Champion
Vladimir3 Vladimir Tzepesci, Great Prince of Umbrey
Zerkova1 Koldun Kommander Aleksandra Zerkova
Zerkova2 Obavnik Kommander Zerkova & Reaver Guard



Character Heavy[edit]


Battle Engines[edit]


Character Units[edit]

Mercenary Units Attachment[edit]


Character Solos[edit]


Khador art4.jpg

Khador Deep Lore[edit]

Following the iron rebellion that overthrew the Orgoth occupation of the Khardic Empire Khador was formed as a nation. Due to the heavy losses and many atrocities that took place in Khardic lands the fledgling nation of Khador was forced to cede the regions of Umbrey and much or what would become Ord during the negotiations of new borders following the war.

The new royal families of Ord and Llael were awarded lands based on their military achievements to expel the Orgoth; laying claim to the lands they had occupied and establishing their dynasties. This diplomatic annexation of traditionally Khardic lands bred resentment which would simmer in the form of intermittent border skirmishes between the neighboring nations, particularly along the borders shared with Cygnar. These skirmishes would erupt into full scale war several times in the following centuries, but none so large as the military occupation of Llael by Khador in 604 AR.

Empress Ayn Vanar the XI declared the reconquest of Llael as a national reunification of the Umbrean state under Vladimir Tzepesci, and a return to Khardic lands.