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What is an Infernal Ruling?[edit]

Privateer Press have an official subforum on their website dedicated entirely to players asking questions about how rules work that you can access here. (Note: The purpose of the forum is to help players understand how rules function and interact with each other in-game, it's not the place to discuss general issues with the game, balance, or tactics). You can recognise an Infernal's post by their purple name

As part of that subforum they have an official team of "Infernals" that officially answer questions. Although these Infernals are volunteers they have a direct communication line to the actual designers of the game and thus any answer an Infernal gives is 100% official. These answers are referred to as "Infernal Rulings".

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You can find a list of Infernals on the Credits page of the main rulebook. Like I said, they're completely official

What is this page then?[edit]

Following is a list of Infernal rulings in the Rules forum, including threads that are closed/locked. Only responses by Infernals (for rules questions), Judges (for organized play questions), or threads that are closed are counted (unless a thread is closed with an Infernal saying that they closed it without reading, which invalidates the thread being closed as counting for official answers). Any other responses may be informative, correct, or both, but are not offiically accepted answers to forum questions.

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The following summaries are interpretations only. We are human and misinterpretations can happen. Follow the links and read the responses for yourself to get the raw source. Do not link to this page in the rules forum to answer a rule question, as that will likely just make the Infernals irate.

Dates are based on the CT (American Central Time) timezone. (Last check: 9:40 am CDT, 2016-08-17)

Threads that point out errors in War Room entries will have their references deleted as War Room is updated.


When an errata is published, some Infernal rulings are deliberately changed, while others are codified into errata. When that happens, the rulings below will have anything clarified or reversed by the errata to a separate page to avoid confusion. These pages are for historical record only, and many of the rulings on them are no longer relevant due to the errata.

Errata released 2016-07-18.

"Checking" status[edit]

The following questions are being checked by Infernals. Do not "bump" these threads or start new threads to ask about these questions. Some "Checking..." threads take weeks, months, or even years to resolve, but presumably the Infernals keep a list of all threads being checked, because they eventually get around to answering. This list is being kept to help avoid new threads with the same questions.

General Rules[edit]

Rules Basics[edit]

General Guidelines[edit]

Game Terms, Model Names & Rules References 
Use of "Any Time" Special Rules 
  • You may not feat/cast spells after charging, before checking to see if the charge failed (and thus, after a charge fails). (Works the same as previous edition.) Ref: FearLord, 2016-06-15.
Measuring Distances 


Base Stats, Current Stats & Modifiers[edit]

Base Size & Facing[edit]

  • A model's facing is its shoulders only if it doesn't have markings on its base to designate where its 180° arc should be. Ref: FearLord, 2016-06-12.

Preparing for War[edit]

Building Your Army[edit]

Field Allowance 
  • All Command Attachments should have the same FA as their units. Some Command Attachment FA values are incorrect and will be fixed. Ref: DarkLegacy, 2016-06-15.
  • In a multi-caster game, Partisans count as the main army's faction and not as Mercenaries (if playing a faction other than Mercaneries). Ref: DarkLegacy, 2016-06-22.
  • Mercenary models with Battlegroup Controller can take Mercenary warjacks. Minion models with Lesser Warlock can take Minion warbeasts. Whatever restrictions on the Lesser Warlock, Battlegroup Controller, Mercenary warjacks, or Minion warbeasts will still apply. Ref: DarkLegacy, 2016-07-07.
  • Models with Selective and Mercenary can be used inside the Factions that Mercenary specifies without issue. Ref: DarkLegacy, 2016-07-26.




Combat Actions[edit]

Additional Attacks 
  • After making a Special Attack with a Ranged Weapon, you can purchase additional ranged attacks up to your Reload value. Ref: DarkLegacy, 2016-06-28.
  • You cannot make melee attacks at a model that is not inside your melee range. You cannot spend focus or be forced to make attacks if you don't have a model in melee range. Ref: DarkLegacy, 2016-08-16.

Line of Sight[edit]


Attack Roll[edit]

Back Strikes 
  • Back strikes give +2 to the attack roll. (Cleared up due to PP staff comment earlier with a different bonus amount.) Ref: Maudlin, 2016-06-12.
  • You must be in a model's back arc only when the attack is made to get the back strike bonus - no requirement to be in a model's back arc for your entire activation. Ref: Closed thread, 2016-06-17.

Melee Attacks[edit]

Power Attacks 

Ranged Attacks[edit]

Targeting a Model in Melee 
  • You cannot engage a friendly model, so if a missed shot is randomized to an engaged friendly model, it will get the +4 DEF bonus for being engaged even if right next to the model that is making the ranged attack. Ref: DarkLegacy, 2016-08-11.
Area-of-Effect (AOE) Attacks 
  • Models with Stealth or otherwise have "Automatically Miss" rules are still hit when covered by an AoE template, as the template just hits and doesn't specify "Automatically Hits" and thus the rules for Automatically Missing taking priority over Automatically Hitting don't apply. Ref: Maudlin, 2016-06-14.
  • On a normal AOE attack, any model not directly hit suffers blast damage which is half the POW of the attack. When the AOE specifically states a damage roll, it is that damage. Ref: DarkLegacy, 2016-07-29.
  • Mentioning that the damage is "blast damage" does not mean that the ability is automatically halved, if a specific damage roll is mentioned. It just tells you that models immune to blast damage will not be damaged by it. Ref: DarkLegacy, 2016-07-29.
Spray Attacks 
  • Dense Fog terrain type is still a cloud and thus will not stop spray attacks, as they are not considered having Line-of-Sight blocked by terrain. Ref: DarkLegacy, 2016-06-24.


Corpse & Soul Tokens 
  • Models removed from play before destroyed prevent token creation, but not models removed from play when destroyed. Ref: Closed thread, 2016-06-12.
  • Models provide corpse & soul tokens when destroyed, including when Removed from Play after being destroyed. (Note, this is "destroyed" in the disabled-boxed-destroyed sequence.) Ref: Maudlin, 2016-06-13.
  • Models that have an ability to collect souls from friendly models can collect souls of models slain by their own units, unless their rules say otherwise. Ref: DarkLegacy, 2016-06-23.
  • There are some models with Soul Taker: Reclaim that cannot get souls from models killed by friendly models, or non-attack-damage effects such as electroleap. Ref: DarkLegacy, 2016-06-24.

Special Combat Situations[edit]

Continuous Effects 

Anatomy of a Unit[edit]

Unit Components[edit]

Field Promotion 
  • If a unit leader is removed from the game when it cannot be Field Promoted, another model is selected as Unit Commander. Formation and orders (including Press Forward) will come from that new Unit Commander. Ref: Closed thread, 2016-06-12

Spells & Effects[edit]

  • Applying an effect from a weapon hit does not apply Page 64's restriction on targeting with a spell or special rule. Ref: DarkLegacy, 2016-08-09.

Spells & Spellcasting[edit]

Casting a Spell with FOCUS[edit]

Spell Statistics 


  • Hills
    • Hills, by default, do not provide cover for models behind them. (Infernal Ruling)
  • Difficult Terrain

Appendix A: Timing[edit]

Attack Sequence[edit]

  • You cannot use "anytime" abilities between an attack and a second attack that triggers directly from the first attack, such as ones from Berserk. (Mk2 difference.) Ref: DarkLegacy, 2016-06-23.
  • Overtake resolves before Berserk when both trigger, as Overtake resolves at step 12 of the Attack Sequence, and Berserk resolves at 14. Ref: Closed thread, 2016-06-12.

Non-Model Specific Ability or Spell Rulings[edit]

Wall Templates[edit]


  • Generally, effects that cause you to lose [Ability 1] don't prevent you from regaining [Ability 1] by using [Ability 2] or [Spell 2] or [Whatever].
    It has to explicitly state that you lose [Ability 1] and cannot regain it. (Infernal Ruling)
    • Example: Spyglass makes a model lose Stealth for one round. But the affected model could have Occultation cast on them and regain Stealth.
    • Example: Marked for Death makes models lose Incorporeal and Stealth for one round and prevents affected models from regaining them.

Organized Play Rulings[edit]

Note: These are made by a Judge, not an Infernal.

Steamroller 2016[edit]

  • If two players simultaneously reach 5 CP, the game continues until one has more than the other. (Note that both are capped at recording 5 on their sheet for tiebreaker purposes.) Ref: Mr. Golden Deal, 2016-06-16.
  • You do not need to spend all of your Warjack points, but cannot play an army more than 4 points lower than the point level at which you are playing. Ref: niceas, 2016-06-17.
  • Terrain may be placed in such a manner as to block line of sight to a zone or flag from a deployment zone. Ref: niceas, 2016-06-20.
  • Ghetorix: The new model is tournament legal. The fact that one hand is open and it doesn't have a separate claw attack does not matter. Ref: DarkLegacy, 2016-06-29. Ref: PPS_Hungerford, 2016-08-11.
  • Objectives are a friendly faction model to the player who owns them, and models with the repair skill can repair objectives. Ref: bulldog, 2016-06-30.
  • Any player may score at the end of any player's turn, starting with the second player's second turn. Ref: DarkLegacy, 2016-07-07.
  • If you are going so fast your opponent cannot verify your dice rolls, you need to slow down. You cannot speed up in such a way that it is unreasonable for them to check. If you roll the dice and then immediately switch the clock to your opponent, you will get a warning for sportsmanship. Ref: DarkLegacy, 2016-07-07.
  • It is possible to get a tie in a game. Ref: rydiafan, 2016-07-08.
  • If you forget to prey, and you and your opponent cannot agree on the resolution of such, it is lost for the game. Ref: LEJ, 2016-07-11.
  • Flags are valid targets for chain lighting and e-leaps. Ref: bulldog, 2016-07-18.
  • Steamroller objectives do not have an activation. Ref: DarkLegacy, 2016-07-18.
  • Models not yet released cannot be used in organized play, including conversions. Ref: LEJ, 2016-08-11.
  • Theme forces in NQ are legal in pp organised play on the street date of the NQ issue. Ref: LEJ, 2016-08-13.
  • Arc Nodes are not weapons so you could remove them without falling foul of the official guidelines. Ref: LEJ, 2016-08-26.

Champions 2016[edit]

Faction-Specific Rulings[edit]

Legion of Everblight[edit]


Bethayne, Voice of Everblight & Belphagor 
Lylyth, Reckoning of Everblight (Lylyth 3) 
Rhyas, Sigil of Everblight (Rhyas 1) 
  • Rapport (Spell) - Does not stack with Extended Control Range, as both simply state to double the Control Range. Ref: Maudlin, 2016-06-14.
  • Tide of Blood (Feat) - Movement from the feat is resolved before a model is removed from the table when they are damaged. Ref: DarkLegacy, 2016-07-07.
Vayl, Consul of Everblight (Vayl 2) 
  • Dark Miracles (Feat) - Vayl can cast each animi for free, once no matter the number of warbeasts carrying the animus. Ref: Macallan, 2016-07-08.


Blight Wasps 
  • Hunting Pack will be in the errata to be something similar to this: Hunting Pack - This model gains a +1 cumulative bonus to melee attack and damage rolls for each other model in this unit that has the model it is attacking their melee range. Ref: DarkLegacy, 2016-08-16.


  • If there is no place to put the model, (due to for example a flying model taking a free strike while over another model and then dying, triggering Host) you cannot place the Incubus. Ref: Maudlin, 2016-06-12.


  • When a tentacle uses Grip, the model hit is pushed directly towards the unit's officer Hellmouth. When it gets there, the Hellmouth (notice the lack of capital t) gets to make a basic melee attack against it. The weapon is with the Maw. Ref: DarkLegacy, 2016-08-16.



Dr. Arkadius 
  • Monster Mayhem (Feat) - You may target a model knowing the charge will not be successful (such as behind a wall), so long as the model can be targeted. Ref: DarkLegacy, 2016-06-16.
Helga the Conqueror 
Sturm & Drang 
  • Psychic Apocalypse (Feat) - Only prevents allocating, not Empowering or Power Up. Avatar of Menoth would also receive foucs as normal. Ref: DarkLegacy, 2016-06-24.


Croak Hunter 
  • You do not add the base STR to the thrown spear, just modifiers. The base STR is already included in the P+S of the weapon. Ref: Closed Thread, 2016-08-06.
  • If two Feralgeists controlled by two different players are near a beast when it is destroyed, the Active player will trigger first for Spirit Bind. Ref: DarkLegacy, 2016-06-16.
  • Any continuous effects on the beast remain when a Feralgeist uses Spirit Bond. Ref: DarkLegacy, 2016-06-16.
Gremlin Swarm 
  • Mischief is the name of the ability that is applied, independent of which ability is rolled. Mischief cannot stack. Ref: DarkLegacy, 2016-07-29.


Gatorman Posse 

Unsorted Rulings[edit]

  • You can choose to not make initial or additional attacks, unless you charge. Then you must make at least one. (Infernal Ruling)
  • When you Frenzy, it is with the highest POW-melee weapon with range to the target. This will be in the errata. [1]
  • A cloud effect that has the text for hazard within it (Eruption, Eruption of Ash, Breath of Corruption, and Murder of Crows) are both clouds and terrain. A spray will be blocked by a cloud effect that is also a hazard per the normal terrain rules for terrain blocking LOS. Dense Fog is a terrain effect so it will block LOS for sprays. [2]
  • Something about "Replace" abilities vs "Place" abilities, in the checking status [3]
  • You can't 'get rid of' focus to make melee attacks if no one is in melee range. [4]
  • You can't get a critical on an AOE that misses, even if it still hits someone after deviating. [5]
  • They're checking the intention of Bounding Leap [6]

Rulings from between 9th August & 17th August[edit]


  • If you don't suffer damage, you don't take damage from Blight Storm DL 2016.08.17
  • Powerful Attack must be declared before making any attack rolls, or not get it at all for that attack. DL 2016.08.17
    • If there is no attack roll but there are damage rolls (for instance you targeted an AOE at someone out of range) then you must declare Powerful Attack before making any damage rolls, or not get it at all for that attack. DL 2016.08.17
  • If you forget to move your model, but don't declare you "forfeit movement", then: Not moving and not changing facing = not advancing. Changing facing = advancing. [7]
  • A model with Dual Attack can make the attacks in any order. If they charge, they can do either melee or ranged first. If you charge and do ranged first, it doesn't change the fact that your first melee attack is the charge attack.[8]
  • If an ability says you can ignore LOS through [X], you always ignore LOS though [X]. The "can" is not optional and it doesn't let you "opt out" to try and force a free strike or some other weird advantage [9]
  • With Spell Slave, the model that casts the spell is the spellcaster [10]
  • "Stuff" about units including mixed model types (such as Mechanithralls + Skarlock Commander) [11]
  • You cannot repair forcefields, but you can spend focus to remove damage [12]
  • Darius's Crane doesn't work on himself [13]
  • Temporal Distortion does not stack with itself. [14]
  • Overlapping Forests & Clouds do not merge. This means a model completely within two different clouds, but not completely within either, will not benefit. [15]
  • Wild Growth's movement restrictions expire the moment the spell expires. [16]
  • Despoiler doesn't affect the cost of "non focus/fury" payments (such as spending souls to upkeep spells) [17]
  • Geomancy and Spell Slave do not interact with Lamentation [18]
  • (Mulg and Doomshaper3) If multiple abilities affect the cost of upkeeps and spells, then you first double then add. Or double twice. [19]
  • How Coven's Power Field works: [20]

Rulings from between 16th September & 23rd September[edit]


  • Rampager is not an activation [21]
  • If Berserk triggers at the same time as another "attack generating" ability, Berserk means you must make an attack. But it can be either a Berserk attack or the other one. [22]
  • Direct Spirits does not allow a Soul Taker to gain souls that it couldn't normally gain. [23]
    • A model at its soul limit cannot gain extra souls via Direct Spirits [24]
  • The Large-base volume image in the rulebook is incorrect [25]
  • Stuff about Ground Pounder [26]
  • Swamp Gobber River Raiders can benefit from Hawk's buff to their Hand Weapons [27]
  • Double damage from Decapitation before reducing it by spending focus. [28]
  • When you cast Ritual Sacrifice, you roll the d6 immediately (not when Skarre1 activates) [29]
    • Casting Ritual Sacrifice multiple times has no benefit. You keep the d6 result from the first casting. [30]
  • When a mannikin spends fury from the Sentry Stone, it is the model spending fury for stuff like Asphyxious3's feat. [31]
  • A Titan can benefit from multiple Bronzeback Titan's leadership effects (reversal of earlier ruling) [32]
  • "Normal Movement" and "Movement" are not the same thing. "Normal Movement" is a subset of "Movement". [33]
  • 'Retroactively applied' triggers (such as a model gaining Sprint after it has already killed a model) are being "Checked". [34] [35]


  • When Self-Sacrifice is used it is SS which destroys a model, not the original attack. Thus it prevents stuff like Black Spot and Berserk from triggering [36]
  • If a model with Sentry has different Attack Types, it can choose which to use [37]
    • For the Blightbreather, the shot will have no extra effects applied because "reasons" [38]
  • Gallant can only be taken in Mercenary or Cygnar forces. [39]
  • Alten Ashley vs melded Bethyane is being checked [40]
  • Whether Wurmwood's feat stays centred on him after he has teleported is being checked [41]
  • Dodge will trigger if an AOE misses, even if the original model is still hit by the deviated AOE. [42]
  • Consume works vs Incorporeal models [43]
  • Radiance of Morrow's range is being checked [44]

Rulings from 3 Nov 2016[edit]

  • Deathbound on the Revenant Crew has been clarified to specify the "Leader" instead of the "unit leader" which means if the Leader is RFP'd no field promotion occurs and Deathbound is lost for the rest of the game. Link.
  • The Corruptor's Psycho Venom does not let you activate your meat node. Link.
  • The Corruptor's Distillation will heal one of the three Witches in the Coven. It doesn't divide up. Link.
  • Egregore will not lose a point of focus when hit by Energy Siphon. However, the model using Energy Siphon will gain a focus. (Yay for breaking focus conservation laws!) Link.
  • Aiakos can cast spells and use abilities before resolving his Assault ranged attack if his charge is successful. If it is not, no abilities or spells can be used. Link.
  • Aiakos can use abilities and spells before using Jump (the same is true for Bounding Leap). Link.
  • Lightning Strike is retroactive but spells like Synergy are not. You cannot benefit from actions that would trigger the benefit before the spell is cast when the spells effects are not limited to a single activation. Link.
  • Frenzy is always resolved with the highest POW melee weapon that has range to the target. Never a ranged weapon. Ranged weapons are pretty much always higher POW than melee weapons so warbeasts with ranged weapons that could be used on a charge would have to have been used during a frenzy. Link.
  • Eruption of Faith (Protectorate battle engine) is unboostable. Link.