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High Allegiant Amon Ad-Raza
Protectorate Warcaster

Emerging from behind temple walls to answer Menoth's call to war, High Allegiant Amon Ad-Raza takes his place at the forefront of the crusade. His amazing guidance of troops and warjacks is only equaled by his feats of martial prowess and instruction he performs as a member of Menoth's Order of the Fist.

Basic Info[edit]

Amon ad Raza.jpeg
DEF 16
ARM 14
HP 17
WJP +29
See also How to Read the statblock



  • Warcaster - All warcasters come with a stack of standard special rules - most notably being awesome.
  • Parry - This model cannot be targeted by free strikes.
  • Pathfinder - This model treats rough terrain as open terrain while advancing. While charging, slam power attacking, or trample power attacking, this model does not stop its movement when it contacts an obstacle.
  • Tough - When this model is disabled, roll a d6. On a 5 or 6, remove 1 damage point from this model; it is no longer disabled and becomes knocked down. While knocked down this model loses Tough.
  • Field Marshal [Parry] - Warbeasts/warjacks in this model's battlegroup gain Parry.
  • Preternatural Reflexes - This model can't be targeted by CRAs or CMAs, and enemy models can't gain the back strike bonus against this model.
  • Steady - This model can't be knocked down.

Feat : Union[edit]

Every time Amon spends focus, he gets to allocate 1 focus to 1 warjack.


When Convection destroys a living enemy model, you can give 1 focus point to a warjack in the spellcaster's balttlegroup that is in its control range.
The caster immediately makes one basic attack with one of its melee weapons against each enemy model in its LOS that is in the weapon's melee range. These attacks are simultaneous.
  • Fortify - Cost 2, 6" range, Upkeep
Target warjack in the caster's battlegroup gains +2 ARM and cannot be knocked down, pushed or moved by a slam. This immunity is also passed to friendly models B2B with the jack.
Battlegroup models gain +2 SPD and Pathfinder for one turn.
  • Synergy - Cost 2, Range SELF, Upkeep
While in the caster's CTRL range, their battlegroup gain a +1 cumulative bonus on melee attack & damage rolls, up to a limit of 3, for each other battlegroup model that hit an enemy in melee this turn while in the caster's CTRL range.

Thoughts on High Allegiant Amon Ad-Raza[edit]

High Allegiant Amon Ad-Raza in a nutshell[edit]

Amon is the best jack caster in the Protectorate, bar none. He has fix for everything in his battlegroup:

  • Synergy for accuracy and damage
  • Mobility for speeding them up and negotiate rough terrain patches
  • Fortify for ARM boost and countering pushing/slamming tricks, and Field Marshal: Parry to exploit your increased mobility.

All that result in a very mobile, and hard-hitting and resilient battlegroup. He himself is an elusive, yet fragile caster. He has above-average defensive measures against the most common ways of getting around his high DEF, namely immunity against CRA/CMA and knockdown, but stationary effects, continuous fire and boosted blast damages are still valid dangers.

Feat thoughts[edit]

Bearing some resemblance with Nemo2's feat, this one gives one turn with incredible FOCUS efficiency. It allows you excellent piece trades and usually gets you ahead of the attrition game. To master this feat is to find the balance between the necessary resources to kill your target and overkill. It is a typical rookie mistake to get carried away, deplete Amon's FOCUS pool, and leave no focus for self-defence, while his jacks linger around with unpent FOCUS. Also, in some cases you are not allowed to, or not encouraged to spend FOCUS by casting spells (like Goreshade2's Arcane Consumption, Psychic Vampire, etc). In such cases just allocate, or buy/boost attacks. Special mention to Reznik1's feat, which counters FOCUS allocation, and sets you on fire, if you cast spells.

Spell thoughts[edit]

  • Convection - normally a dead spell on the caster's list, as spending 2 FOCUS (sometimes 3 or 4 with boosting) for getting 1 back is rarely a good trade. Not with Amon's feat though; if you have Focus to spare, 2 focus points will get you 2 to allocate, and one extra, if you killed a living model with it.
  • Fortify - More than the ARM bonus, it stops your battle-line from getting slammed back. Amon can still be damaged by the slam attack, even though he cannot be knocked down, so it is one less danger you must be aware of. Keep in mind, that jacks can still be thrown, or placed.
  • Synergy - Your bread&butter spell. Cast it first turn and upkeep always. If dispelled, re-cast it at the first opportunity, unless you've run out of jacks. You don't know the pure destructive potential in this spell 'til you've seen it in action. One hit equals a Veteran Leader bonus for your battlegroup. 2 is as if you put Prey on their targets. 3 is the combination of both. Add in the other jack supports of the Protectorate, and you're all set.
  • Mobility - Protectorate jacks bear notoriously low stats in terms of SPD and DEF; making them susceptible for SPD de-buff spells and rough terrains. With this spell you usually just laugh at those attempts.
  • Flashing Blade - Often combined with your Trip attack; knocking down a screening model which blocks your LOS, then hitting the ones behind. With chain weapon and a good P+S it is great at killing infantry in Shield Wall/Wall of Steel. You'll rarely have focus for it, though, but is perhaps your best tool against jamming infantry.


Amon's gameplay revolves around Synergy, boiling down to attrition - and in some cases, assassination. With it, your light jacks can efficiently threaten heavies, and a single heavy of yours can often finish off, or badly damage 2 enemy heavies. Building up a maximum Synergy bonus should be Amon's priority every turn. Identify the most important targets and attack them with your heavy jacks only once other warjacks have amassed the maximum bonus available. A synergy chain often begins with Amon hitting a target with Trip attack, setting them up for the rest of his army. Amon is a capable warrior himself, but be careful not to overextend him as he is fairly fragile. Every turn try to end your moves so he has some focus to spare, and so that he's

  • behind a wall of warjacks (preferably a Fortified warjack) or terrain, or
  • behind a Vigilant and B2B with it, or
  • in Shield Guard range, of a Devout


Amon is in a very lucky situation, as all the current theme forces offer a varying degree of support for warjacks; the main element of Amon's lists. He's so good at running warjacks that players often run him without any combat infantry or solos - but that makes scoring in SR2017 scenarios all the more difficult.

  • The Creator's Might - start the game with upkeeps in play, and have Reposition on your Choir members to keep them in a safe position. Also, this is the only one, where you get free stuff from your warjacks, and the full spectrum of support solos are at your disposal.
    • Hierophant - Though Madelyn can be appealing due to her Parlay to counter melee assassinations, the spare focus from Harmonious Exaltation and the occasional healing leaves few room for measuring.
    • The Covenant of Menoth - Defend your battlegroup from stationary, and spread Amon's knockdown immunity to them.
  • The Faithful Masses - Bring some chaff Idrian Skirmishers, Deliverer Skyhammers, or Holy Zealots to sacrifice their lives for the greater good, and enjoy Hand of Vengeance upon their demise. Combining HoV with Synergy makes an absolute murder machine even from the weakest heavy warjack, making them hitting with the strength of a Colossal. Plus, the wall template gives good hiding spot for Amon in the first turn.
  • Guardians of the Temple - A less appealing theme, where you have to give up on the Hierophant, the Wracks and the Book, but it gives protection for your fragile Daughters from blasts, plus it counters Ambushers, getting into your juicy Choir support.
  • Exemplar Interdiction - Blessed ensures, that not even buffed models will survive your Synergy-enhanced jacks. 2" extra deployment for SPD4/5 heavy jacks are also strong argument on this theme's behalf.

All warjacks become excellent with numerous buffs he provides to his battlegroup, but there are some that deserve special mention.

  • Dervish - a warjack often associated with Amon. Despite being very cheap it has incredible damage potential: with full Synergy bonus, Choir of Menoth Hymn of Battle and Combo Strike his P+S is considerably higher than ARM of a Khador heavy!
  • Purifier - thanks to Parry and with the Mobility bonus it can run 14" deep into enemy formation, not caring about free strikes and spreading fire to everything it touches on the way.
  • Castigator - relatively cheap but very powerful under Amon's spells, this heavy is also useful as it may kill enemy infantry jamming your lines with Combustion. Once again Parry and Mobility let it go much deeper into enemy formation than it would be able to without those bonuses.
  • Vigilant - staying alive is much easier for Amon if he can hide behind this little jack, as the cover bonus it provides is enough to put Amon's DEF in the "absurd" category.
  • Devout - Shield Guard with Defensive Strike - however, its spell barrier is not something you want to exploit with an ARM 14 caster.

In general a good mix of light and heavy warjacks is the way to go, ones with SPD5 or movement tricks (Side Step and Beat Back) being especially interesting as they are able to out-threat many enemy heavies instead of just breaking even their threat ranges.

Amon's army is almost unimaginable without support models:

  • Choir of Menoth - Under full Synergy and Hymn of Battle bonus light warjacks threaten serious damage to even the most heavily armoured enemies. Trampling around with heavies is just as dangerous. And giving the warjacks additional resistance to shooting or spells is even more important when there may be little more in the army than warjacks.
  • Vassal of Menoth - Amon's battlegroup can always use some additional focus. What's more, thanks to the Parry ability, Enliven works excellently as it denies enemy the free strike he would get when the target warjack leaves his Melee Range. Setting up Enlivened and Fortified heavy forward as bait is a good way to make the enemy make some tough decisions.
  • Wrack - Amon really needs all the additional focus he can get. Running a large battlegroup and casting important spells every turn is costly, even with the Hierophant's help.
  • Vassal Mechanik - Keep those jacks running.

Drawbacks & Downsides[edit]

  • Vulnerable to Anti-Magic and Anti-Upkeep techs.
  • Feats, spells and abilities which counter/punish focus spending (Garryth, Doomie1, Goreshade2, Morghul1, Reznik1, etc.) and things that strip your FOCUS (Eiryss1) can shut down your feat.
  • VERY fragile. A buffed, charging heavy can often kill Amon in one hit, even with FOCUS reinforcement.
  • Minimal support outside his battlegroup.

Tricks & Tips[edit]

  • Synergy bonus works every turn, so you can build it up with Defensive Strikes and free strikes during the enemy turn. It resets to zero when your turn starts.



Originally released in Warmachine: Apotheosis (2005)

Theme Forces[edit]

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Warcaster attachments Madelyn Corbeau

Rules Clarifications[edit]

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification:  : Magical Damage      (Edit)
(Click Expand to read)

* The "Damage Type: Magical" is not inherited by "secondary" damage from a weapon. That is, stuff like arcs (Electro Leap) or hazards (Scather). (Infernal Ruling)
  • All spells have "Damage Type: Magical" (refer errata).
    • This is inherited by "immediate" secondary damage (such as Eruption of Spines). (Infernal Ruling)
    • and might be inherited by "lingering" secondary damage (see below).
  • If a spell leaves a template in play that does damage to models that walk around in it, then:
    • if it is not described as a hazard it will do magical damage to models that walk around in it. (Example: Razor Wall)
    • if it is a hazard then it will not do magical damage to models that walk around in it. Instead, it does whatever damage type is specified by the spell description. (Example: Breath of Corruption).
    • (Infernal Ruling)
  • If a weapon/spell includes Magic Damage and another kind of elemental damage it will still damage Incorporeal models. Incorporeal models are not affected by the rule "if an attack does multiple types of damage and a model is immune to at least one it is immune to the entire attack."
    The phrase "immune to non-magical damage" should be interpreted as "immune to damage that doesn't include Damage Type: Magical" (not interpreted as "has immunity to Corrosion and Electricity and Cold and etc.")

Rules Clarification : Chain Weapon - None yet. (Edit)

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Trip      (Edit)

  • Knockdown (Edit) - Remember, knockdown only prevents what it says it does. Refer to the Knockdown page for a recap of what a model can/can't do.

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification:  : Warcaster      (Edit)
(Click Expand to read)

  • General
    • FOCUS (uppercase) is the stat printed on the warcaster's card. Focus (lowercase) refers to focus points a model currently has.
    • Your CTRL area is double your FOCUS stat, not double your focus points. (Infernal Ruling)
    • Casting spells or using feats is an anytime ability with the added restriction that you can't use them on the same turn you run even before you run.
      • See also the clarifications on Any Time abilities (below).
    • Some warcasters are also Battle Engines and thus follow all the Battle Engine special rules.
      • There is no particular interaction between the Battle Engine rules and the Warcaster rules.
    • Work out all damage modifiers (such as Decapitation doubling the damage that exceeds ARM) before reducing it with the Power Field. (Infernal Ruling)

Restrictions on "Any Time" abilities     (Edit)      
  • "Any Time" abilities can be used at any time during a model/unit's activation, except:
    1. The model with the Any Time ability has had their activation end "prematurely". By this I mean you resolve anything which includes "its activation ends". Examples include:
      • Running, failing a charge, or failing a slam.
      • Abilities that include "then its activation ends" (such as Reposition and Teleport).
    2. In between declaring your charge target and making your charge movement. (Infernal Ruling)
    3. In between completing your charge movement and determining whether it was a successful charge. (Infernal Ruling)
    4. You're in the middle of moving. (Note: Impact Attacks count as being in the middle of movement).
    5. You're in the middle of an attack. Note that the attack is not over until you finish step 14 of the attack sequence (Apdx A).
    6. Your opponent interrupted your activation to trigger one of their own abilities, such as Countercharge.
  • In general you can use "Any Time" abilities while you're knocked down or stationary (except Spells and Feats which specify you can't).
  • If you have a gun with a random ROF, you can use an "Any Time" ability inbetween rolling the number of shots and actually making the first attack. (Infernal Ruling)
  • Units with "Any Time" abilities
    • Even if the ability says "any time during the unit's activation", a model in a unit can't use an Any Time ability if they run, fail a charge, or use an ability like Reposition.
    • Because that model's activation has ended (even if the unit's activation is still ongoing) and you can't use abilities on models that are not active.
    • So, for example:
      • You cannot use a minifeat after the Officer runs. (Infernal Ruling)
      • You cannot use a minifeat after anyone in the unit has begun a Reposition move. (Infernal Ruling)
  • Warcaster/Warlock Cavalry ( Edit )
    • Warcasters/Warlocks can't cast spells or use their feat while resolving Impact Attacks. Because Impact Attacks occur during movement - you can use spells or feat before moving, or after moving, but not during movement.
      • Exception: If your Impact target(s) include your charge target, then your movement has ended (refer rulebook, last paragraph of 'Impact Attacks') and thus you're fine to use "any time" abilities before starting the Impact attacks.

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Warcaster Unit or Warlock Unit     (Edit)
This summary is specific to Warcaster/Warlock units. You may also want to check the Warcasters & Warlocks page for the 'regular' rules clarifications.

  • If you're giving an order, it must be done first, before casting any spells or using your feat.
  • All models in the unit count as part of the battlegroup. So, for instance, Butcher3's argus can be moved via his Energizer spell.
  • Only the warcaster/warlock model can dominate a Steam Roller scenario. They can do that regardless of where the grunts are.
  • The grunt models can contest Steam Roller scenarios, but not control them.
  • Warcaster units can have attachments. They can even attach units (such as the WSC). (Infernal Ruling)
  • Units Buying Attacks (Edit)
    • If you make attacks with model [A], then start making attacks with model [B], you cannot 'go back' and buy more attacks with [A]. Because:
    • A model can only buy additional attacks during its Combat Action.
    • A model in a unit must complete its Combat Action before the next model starts theirs (with some exceptions, like CMA).
RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Unit of Warcasters or Warlocks     (Edit)

  • Even though they're warcasters, if they're out of formation they suffer the normal penalties (can't make attacks, actions, spells, etc).
  • They can't upkeep each other's spells.
  • They can only dominate one SteamRoller scenario element at a time.
  • Each warlock/warcaster can have different upkeeps on them if those upkeeps are "target SELF" or "target model". If you cast an upkeep that is "target model/unit", that is the only upkeep any of them can have.
  • Units Buying Attacks (Edit)
    • If you make attacks with model [A], then start making attacks with model [B], you cannot 'go back' and buy more attacks with [A]. Because:
    • A model can only buy additional attacks during its Combat Action.
    • A model in a unit must complete its Combat Action before the next model starts theirs (with some exceptions, like CMA).
  • The Legion Twins
    • Rhyas cannot dominate a zone while out of formation.
    • Rhyas can use the feat while out of formation.
  • Haley3
    • Only Haley Prime is an 'actual' warcaster model, and as such she is the only one that can dominate a scenario element.
    • The echoes can Control/Contest scenarios like a normal unit.
    • Haley Prime can dominate an element even if the echoes are out of formation.

Rules Clarification : Parry - None yet. (Edit)

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Pathfinder      (Edit)

Rules Clarification : Tough - None yet. (Edit)

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Field Marshal      (Edit)

  • Field marshal only grants the ability to warjacks in the battlegroup, so (normally) the warcaster does not have the Field Marshal ability.
  • However if it is listed on the caster's card separately, such as on Magnus2, then they do have it. (Closed thread)

Rules Clarification : Preternatural Reflexes - None yet. (Edit)

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Steady      (Edit)

  • Steady models are still susceptible to other effects of knock-down attacks (if there are any).
    • For example, a steady model hit with a Head butt won't be knocked down but will take damage.
  • A knocked down model that gains Steady will remain knocked down, because the "cannot be knocked down" is not retroactively applied.

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Convection      (Edit)

  • A warjack can benefit from Convection multiple times.
  • A warjack cannot go over its normal focus limit (which is 3 for most jacks) as a result of Convection. Refer to the Cortex rules.
RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification:  : Thresher and/or Flashing Blade and/or Cyclone     (Edit)
(Click Expand to read)

Resolving the attack

Under this heading, the word "Thresher" is used interchangeably for "Flashing Blade" and "Cyclone" too

  • Thresher makes an attack against every model, and as such it targets every model. Thus if a model "may not be targeted by melee attacks", you have to 'skip' it when you resolve the attack. (Infernal Ruling)
  • All attacks made by a Thresher attack are simultaneous.
    • If a model is out of LOS when you start the Thresh, then you may not attack it as part of the Thresh (even if the Thresh kills what is blocking your LOS)
    • This means you need to target everything, then resolve all effects that trigger on "target" before starting any attack rolls. Then complete all attack rolls and do everything that triggers on "hit" before starting any damage rolls, and etc.
    • In practice and to save time though, if neither player has effects that trigger on "being targetted, hit, damaged, etc" then they'll normally do the hit and damage rolls on a model-by-model basis.
    • If a model collects tokens (for instance the Cryx Harrower that collects souls), it cannot collect them until all Thresh attacks are resolved.

Thresher only

  • All attacks made by a Thresher are special melee attacks, and as such won't trigger stuff like Grim Salvation or Rhyas's feat. (Infernal Ruling)
  • No matter how many enemy you kill, Thresher only counts as a single attack for the purposes of triggering Berserk, Quick Work, Black Spot, etc
  • You can do a Thresher on a charge (it's a special melee attack).
    • If you charge & Thresher, only the damage roll against your charge target is automatically boosted - other models caught in the thresh suffer an unboosted damage roll (although you can spend focus/fury to boost it)
  • You can't buy additional Thresher attacks, because they're (★ Attack). You can buy additional normal melee attacks, though.
  • Thresher will hit friendly models.

Flashing Blade only

  • You can cast it after your charge movement but before your charge attack.
    • This will essentially interrupt your charge attack, so no damage roll is boosted while resolving the spell's attacks (unless you pay to boost it).
    • If your charge target survives the spell , then you'll get your boosted charge attack against it.
  • Flashing Blade doesn't hit friendly models

Cyclone only

  • You can cast it after your charge movement but before your charge attack.
    • This will essentially interrupt your charge attack, so no damage roll is boosted while resolving the spell's attacks (unless you pay to boost it).
    • If your charge target survives the spell and is still in range, then you'll get your boosted charge attack against it.
    • If you used the advance to move out of range of your charge target, it was still as successful charge so it won't cause your activation to end. However, you are still limited to making melee attacks only.
  • Cyclone will hit friendly models.
  • The attack(s) from Cyclone occur simultaneously with "Ends its movement" triggers (such as Admonition). As such, the active player can use the Cyclone attacks before the inactive player uses his Admonition move. (Infernal Ruling)
RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Fortify      (Edit)

  • If an attack causes a push/throw/etc, it may still target a Fortified model. All damage and effects will still trigger as normal except the movement.
  • Place effects (such as Telekinesis) can still move Fortified models.
RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Mobility      (Edit)

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Synergy      (Edit)

  • Synergy is not retroactive. Synergy must be either upkept or cast before anything will trigger the cumulative bonus. (Infernal Ruling)
  • You gain +1 bonus per model that hits. Not +1 per attack that hits.
  • The Synergy bonus affects other battlegroup models. The currently active model doesn't benefit from any bonuses that it earns.
  • It is possible to earn Synergy bonuses during the opponent's turn, if they're letting you get lots of free strikes.
  • If you have lots of out-of-activation attacks (such as the aforementioned free strikes), you're going to have a bookkeeping nightmare thanks to the "only get bonuses from other model's attacks" rule. Good luck!