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Mercenary Rhulic Battle Engine

A testament to the engineering brilliance of the Rhulfolk, the Hammerfall Siege Crawler paves the way for assaults on hard targets. Firing its thunderous siegebreaker cannons to crack open fortress walls and pulverize enemy armor, the Siege Crawler is a mobile artillery battery worthy of the reputation of Hammerfall’s renowned mercenaries.

Basic Info[edit]

Siege Crawler
Siege Crawler.jpg
ARM 20
CMD 10
HP 40
CMD 10
Cost 18
See also How to Read the statblock


  • Bash - 0.5" reach, P+S 15 melee attack.
  • Quad Cannon - 10" range, ROF d3+1, POW 12 gun.
  • Siegebreaker (x2) - 12" range, 4" AOE, POW 15 guns.
    • Critical Stagger - On a critical hit, the model hit loses its inital attacks and cannot make power attacks or special attacks for one round.
    • Siege Weapon - This weapon gains an additional die to its damage rolls against huge-based models.


  • Mercenary - Will work for Cygnar and Khador
  • Battle Engine - All Battle Engines share the same special rules. Most notably being huge, having two fields of fire, and being immune to knock down, stationary, etc.
  • Construct - This model is a construct and is not a living model.
  • Pathfinder - This model treats rough terrain as open terrain while advancing. While charging, slam power attacking, or trample power attacking, this model does not stop its movement when it contacts an obstacle.
  • Bulldoze - When this model is B2B with an enemy model during its Normal Movement, it can push that model up to 2" directly away from it. A model can be pushed by Bulldoze only once per activation. Bulldoze has no effect when this model makes a trample power attack.
  • Dual Attack - This model can make both melee and ranged attacks in the same activation. When this model makes its initial melee attacks or a power attack, it can also make its initial ranged attacks. This model can make ranged attacks even while in melee.
  • Girded - This model and friendly models B2B with it are immune to blast damage.
  • Periscope - Once per activation at any time, you can choose an enemy model in the Crawler's LOS. That model loses Stealth for one round.
  • Reinforcements [Rhulic] - During your Maintenance Phase, return d3 small-based friendly destroyed Rhulic Grunts to play. Models return with 1 unmarked damage box, completely within this model's CMD range, and completely within 3" of another model in their unit. They must forfeit their Combat Action this turn.

Recent Changes[edit]

2017.04 Battle Engine CID

  • Cost decreased by one point, gained 16 hitpoints.
  • Swapped Roadblock for Girded.
  • Gained Periscope and Reinforcements

Thoughts on Hammerfall Siege Crawler[edit]

Hammerfall Siege Crawler in a nutshell[edit]

The Siege Crawler has it all - tough frame, great combat capabilities, and excellent utility. It has the highest box count of any non-colossal in the game and more special rules than you can shake a stick at. It provides recursion, stealth removal, blast protection, bulldoze and the occasional stagger, which is a game-winning ability. It's a fine piece against both infantry and huge bases.

The Crawler creates a frustrating proposition for your opponent. By itself, it is not very threatening such that it should be a top-priority target, yet it takes a lot of effort to bring down and if your opponent chooses to ignore it, it can create a large number of new Forge Guard over the course of a game, and every turn it has the chance to stagger something if left alone.

As with all things Rhulic, the Crawler shines brightest with General Ossrum, whose feat and Fire for Effect spell make it more dangerous and more durable. It is a mainstay piece in every Hammer Strike list.

Combos & Synergies[edit]

  • General Ossrum can give it Fire For Effect. Stagger is one of the nastiest effects ranged attack can have in the game, and on the Siege Breakers it can be death sentence for other Battle Engines and wounded Gargossals.
  • Durgen Madhammer makes it make things go boom on feat turn.
  • Ashlynn D'Elyse can go crit-fishing with her feat for the Staggers
  • Rhulic infantry units with Murdoc or Valachev are both faction models AND Rhulic models, eligible for friendly faction support spells and Reinforcements. Note, that the ranking officers cannot be brought back with Reinforcement, since they're not Rhulic models.

Drawbacks and Downsides[edit]

  • In a Khador/Cygnar army it will not benefit from the friendly faction support spells.
  • It has no in-built boosting mechanic.
  • It has standard Battle Engine vulnerabilities to Blind and Shadow Bind.
  • Ossrum is the only caster who makes it great. It's merely good with anyone else.
  • It doesn't count towards the free points quota in Irregulars and will cost you a free solo to bring it.

Tricks and Tips[edit]

  • Take one with a model capable of sprays (like a Grundback Blaster) or bursts (like Herne & Jonne or the HAC). Use it's bulldoze ability to maximize the amount of models you can put under a template.
  • When taken with General Ossrum, Siege Crawlers become amazing delivery devices for Forge Guard, letting them take cover behind it (protecting them from blasts or completely blocking LOS), then charging right through the Crawler when they get close enough.
  • Beside High Shields and Forge Guards, the grunts of the Artillery Corps, as well as the TAC members are eligible for revival.
  • Managed to land a Stagger effect on a warjack? Have something to cause Disruption? Use it on the unfortunate target, so it can't buy extra attacks either.
  • Staggered models may not make ranged attacks unless their weapon has Reload.



Released 2016.11

How can I include this model?[edit]

Mercenaries are a bit more complicated than regular faction models, they can be taken in one of three different ways.

  1. This model can be included in a pure Mercenary army.
  2. This model can be included in the following Faction armies:
  3. This model can be included in the following theme forces:

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Rules Clarifications[edit]

Rules Clarification : Siege Weapon - None yet. (Edit)

Rules Clarification : Stagger      (Edit)

  • Stagger prevents "free" Power Attacks, such as Smash & Grab.
  • If you manage to free strike a model that is in the middle Slam move, and cause a Stagger, it will not prevent the slam that is already in progress.
  • Stagger does work vs Colossals/Gargantuans.

Rules Clarification : Battle Engine      (Edit)

  • Do not confuse the Colossals & Gargantuans rules with the Battle Engine rules just because they're both huge based.
  • Of all the things that can't happen to a Colossal/Gargantuan (such as gaining Stealth, being placed, etc), about 90% of them can happen to a Battle Engine.

Rules Clarification : Construct - None yet. (Edit)

Rules Clarification : Pathfinder      (Edit)

Rules Clarification : Bulldoze      (Edit)

  • Refer to the Bulldoze page for the clarifications - it was too long a list to repeat here.

Rules Clarification : Dual Attack      (Edit)

  • There is no penalty for shooting an enemy you are in melee with, however if you miss it must still be re-rolled vs a new random target.
    • If the new random target is a friendly it will get the DEF bonus, since you can't be in melee with friendlies.
  • You can target a model they are not in melee with with a ranged attack. (Infernal Ruling)
  • Dual Attack & Drag ( Edit )
    • This is pretty-much limited to just the Prime Axiom under Syntherion
    • If you charge model A then utilise Dual Attack to make a ranged attack vs the same model, then you would get the free melee attack from Drag. The Drag attack is a charge attack. (Infernal Ruling)
    • If you charge model A then utilise Dual Attack to make a ranged attack vs a different model, then you would lose the free melee attack from Drag. Your first melee attack must be versus the charge target, and you cannot save the Drag attack for later. (Infernal Ruling)
    • If you didn't charge then ... just go nuts. There's no restrictions that I know of.

Rules Clarification : Girded - None yet. (Edit)
Rules Clarification : Periscope - None yet. (Edit)
Rules Clarification : Reinforcements - None yet. (Edit)