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The Grymkin are the newest Hordes faction: The story of the Defiers is one of those five persons who defied the word of Menoth as he returned to humanity, and were gravely punished for it. So they were thrown out of this world and fled into legend. Now they are summoned again by the Old Witch of Khador, and their minions are drawn from Iron Kingdom folklore. Stories that chill the bones and scare children. Glimmer Imps who want your eyes scooped with a spoon. People who were cowards or gluttonous or greedy, folk who are punished by malignant spirits. They are turned into something else for their wicked ways - or for crossing the fae - or for sport. All is rooted in the folk lore stories of Caen.

The faction is described in the Announcement video { Release, july 2017

Grymkin for Beginners[edit]

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Limited Release Faction
Grymkinis a "Limited Release Faction", meaning that it won't be added to Privateer Press' regular update rotation. For this reason, Grymkin has a smaller model selection, and much fewer new releases than the full factions.

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Grymkin warlocks use Arcana instead of feats. A Defier warlock is assigned 3 Arcana Cards before the game begins, one is their inherent Arcana, the other two can be any the Grymkin player wants for that game. Each Arcana can only be used once per game.

Grymkin Models and Units[edit]

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Grymkin Theme Forces[edit]

Grymkin Deep Lore[edit]

When Menoth came back from his battle with the Devourer Wurm to give his so-called "gifts" to humanity, five individuals with tremendous will of their own rejected him so strongly and fundamentally they ended up tapping into some part of the divine power all humans have in their souls. In retribution for this, Menoth threw them in to Ur-Caen where they were trapped, tortured by their own nightmares, for thousands of years.

The Old Witch Zevanna Agha knew of them and looked for a way to set them free to further her own plans. She managed to find a lady in an insane asylum and use her as a conduit to negotiate terms and arrange to open the gates to Urcaen for them. The rest of the faction are manifestations of their willpower, or in the case of the beasts; their nightmares made manifest. The only thing the Grymkin warlocks are truly scared of is their warbeasts which are in truth their own nightmares. It's said the only time you would hear the true names of the Defiers is on the breath of the beasts when they lose control and it comes for them.

Other and older grymkin found in previous editions of Iron Kingdom literature featured the folkloric story of Gristle and Flay and the third brother. Anecdotes of gremlins in the machines, and why gremlins hate cats. Stories of the Old Man of the Swamp, or the rusalka bog nymph.