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Ghordson Earthbreaker
Mercenary Rhulic Colossal

When the wealthiest Rhulic clans need to leverage immense power—whether at a construction site or on the battlefield—they mobilize the Ghordson Earthbreaker. This hulking construct, outfitted with drilling torpedoes and massive steam claws, can level opposing soldiers and warjacks as easily as it moves mountains of earth. While these great machines were once employed only within Rhul, the emergence of Colossals in the wars of the Iron Kingdoms has motivated Rhulic mercenary warcasters to invest in Ghordson Earthbreakers to maintain their competitive edge.

Basic Info[edit]

Ghordson Earthbreaker
STR 17
ARM 20
HP 60
Cost 38
See also How to Read the statblock


  • Steam Claw (x2) - 2" reach, P+S 21 melee weapons
  • Repeating Cannon (x2) - 12" range, d3 ROF, POW 13 ranged weapons
  • Torpedo (x2) - 10" range, 4" AOE, POW 13 ranged weapons
    • From Beneath - Attacks with this weapon ignore cover, concealment, and elevation.
    • Attack Type - Each time this weapon is used to make an attack, choose one of the following special rules:
      • Crater - This weapon's AOE remains in play as rough terrain.
      • Quake - If this weapon directly hits an enemy model, all models in the AOE are knocked down.


  • Colossal - Colossals are giant warjacks, even bigger and stompier. They all share a stack of standard special rules.
  • Rhulic Warjack - This warjack must be controlled by either a Rhulic warcaster or Rhulic Jack Marshal.
  • Construct - This model is a construct and is not a living model.
  • Pathfinder - This model treats rough terrain as open terrain while advancing. While charging, slam power attacking, or trample power attacking, this model does not stop its movement when it contacts an obstacle.

Thoughts on Ghordson Earthbreaker[edit]

Ghordson Earthbreaker in a nutshell[edit]

The Earthbreaker is a range-focused colossal with no way to significantly augment its ranged damage output. It is taken for the knock down torpedoes that ignore cover and elevation. This is an excellent assassination threat and hit fixer against high DEF lights and heavies. However, with POW 13 on all its guns, it's going to struggle when presented with a lot of ARM 19 or higher, which is not at all unusual. Against slower, high ARM targets, and armies without pathfinder, it's better off using the difficult terrain torpedoes as a board control piece.

Combos & Synergies[edit]

  • General Ossrum Snipe on the Earthbreaker makes it an assassination tool to be respected but ties up a ton of Ossrum's points and he runs so many other things well.
  • Durgen Madhammer is arguably the best Earthbreaker caster because Field Mashal: Continuous Fire allows its blast weapons to take out blast-immune infantry, and Redline gives it melee and ranged threat extension along with a damage boost to melee.
  • Gorten Grundback Strength of Granite. For when you really, really, really want to crush everything in one sweep. Many armies can't get to an Earthbreaker with a well- placed Rock Wall in front of it.
  • Thor Steinhammer He is more or less mandatory with the Earthbreaker because Tune up is effectively 2 or more free focus for that first knock down torpedo attack..
  • Master Gunner Dougal MacNaile has Artillerist for extra RAT. Same thing with Herne of Herne & Jonne.

Drawbacks & Downsides[edit]

  • With all the terrain on the board in SR2017, its assassination threat is greatly diminished even with Snipe.
  • POW 13 on all the guns.
  • Although it has a very impressive STR, and two initial attacks, it's quite slow, so will be difficult to get into melee.
  • It costs as much as two Ghordson Drillers and three Grundback Gunners or Grundback Blasters combined. It's hard to justify putting that many eggs in one basket or expecting it to do more work than that combination.
  • Colossals are best with casters who have spells that greatly augment single warjacks. There is, at present, no Rhulic caster than turns the Earthbreaker into a murder machine that justifies its high price point. Durgen's Redline spell comes the closest. It awaits a caster than unlocks whatever hidden potential it has.
  • It forces you to take Thor Steinhammer for the extra boosts so it's a 42 point package.

Tricks & Tips[edit]

  • Knock things down with the Quake then strafe the survivors with the guns.
  • Don't neglect the difficult terrain effect.



Who can take this warjack[edit]

To include this mercenary warjack in your army, it must be controlled by one of the following Rhulic warcasters or marshals. Thus, to include this jack you first need to find a controller that works for your army.

Rhulic 'Jack Controllers (Edit)
Warcasters Durgen Madhammer - General Ossrum - Gorten Grundback
Cannot take Colossals
Thor Steinhammer

Theme Forces[edit]

Within mercenaries, this colossal can be used in:

Outside of mercenaries, this colossal can only be taken by a Merc warcaster or Battlegroup Controller (never Jack Marshals) that works in that theme. At the time of writing (2017.10), there is no model that fills that criteria.

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Rules Clarifications[edit]

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Open Fist (aka, Power Attack Throw)     (Edit)

  • See the Throw article for a recap of the core Throw rules.
  • When you make a Throw Power Attack, no other abilities of the Fist weapon (such as Chain Strike) are applied unless they specifically mention Throws.
  • If you do a Power Attack Throw and you choose to throw the target directly away, no deviation is rolled to determine the final position of the model. (Locked thread)
  • A model that cannot be targeted by melee attacks (such as Una2's feat) cannot have models thrown at them, either. (Infernal Ruling)
  • Unresolved: Since throwing Model [A] at Model [B] involves making a melee attack vs Model [B] which is out of your melee range, it technically breaks a whole bunch of core rules. The Infernals are currently checking it.

Rules Clarification : From Beneath - None yet. (Edit)

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Attack Type and/or Arcane Savant     (Edit)

  • If you forget to declare your Attack Type before rolling the attack, and you and your opponent can't agree on a fair fix, then the Judge's Policy is that the first listed Attack Type is the one that will be used.

Rules Clarification : Crater - None yet. (Edit)

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Quake      (Edit)

  • If the weapon misses, then it will deviate and do blast damage as per a normal AOE (assuming it has a POW to begin with).
  • Other effects of the attack will still occur (such as the Mitigator's auto-point of damage to all models hit).
  • Knockdown (Edit) - Remember, knockdown only prevents what it says it does. Refer to the Knockdown page for a recap of what a model can/can't do.

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Colossal      (Edit)

Rules Clarification : Rhulic Warjack - None yet. (Edit)
Rules Clarification : Construct - None yet. (Edit)

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Pathfinder      (Edit)