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Minion Gatorman Solo

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This model's rules are currently under development
This model is part of the current CID cycle (What is CID?) and the information shown below does not necessarily represent its final ruleset.

This is a new model, and the information here is what was given at the start of the CID cycle

Basic Info[edit]

Gatorman Husk
Gatorman Husk.jpg
Base Size Medium
DEF 12
ARM 16
HP 8
Cost 3
See also How to Read the statblock


Claws - 0.5" reach, P+S 13 melee weapon


  • Minion - Works as a Circle Orboros minion, Legion of Everblight Minion, and Skorne minion
  • Advance Deployment - Models with advance deployment are placed after normal deployment and may be placed up to 6" further forward.
  • Amphibious - This model treats shallow water as open terrain while advancing. While completely in shallow water, this model gains concealment and does not block line of sight.
  • Undead - This model is an undead model and not a living model.
  • Ambush - This unit may choose not to deploy normally, and instead be deployed completely within 3" of an edge of the board (excluding the back of your opponent's deployment zone) on any turn after the first.
  • Carnivorous Swarm - When this model is disabled, center a 5˝ AOE on it, then remove this model from play. Models in the AOE suffer a POW 12 corrosion damage roll. The AOE is a cloud effect and hazard that remains in play for one round. An enemy model entering or ending its activation in the AOE suffer 1 point of corrosion damage.
  • Eruption of Flies - When this model suffers damage as a result of an enemy melee or ranged attack, after the attack is resolved this model can target the attacking model with a SP 8, POW 14 ranged attack that causes corrosion damage. Models hit suffer the corrosion continuous effect. This model can make this ranged attack even while in melee.
  • Hyper-Aggressive - When this model suffers damage from an enemy attack, except when advancing, after the attack it can make a full advance directly towards the attacker.

Thoughts on Gatorman Husk[edit]

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Recent Release
This model/theme has only recently been released, and the content in the "Thoughts On" section is based more on theory-machine than actual gameplay experience.

Feel free to remove this warning if you, personally, have a good level of gameplay experience with the model, have reviewed this article, and either you A) agree with the content 100% or B) for the parts you disagree with, you don't strongly disagree; and it's more a case of differing opinions between you and previous editors rather than incorrect content / bad advice.

Gatorman Husk in a nutshell[edit]

The husk is a ticking time bomb that blows up infantry.

Combos & Synergies[edit]

  • in Disciple of Agonies you can sacrificial pawn shots on him to spray an unsuspecting attacker.
  • Work a lot better in packs. You can either pack them so that killing one do a chain reaction, or space them for maximum annoyance. Notably, ennemy models need to take a free strike to pass between two husk spaced enough to not make a chain reaction.

Drawbacks & Downsides[edit]

  • Short melee range, so he don't tie down all that many shooters.
  • A lot of model can take a free strike from him.
  • Your own attacks don't trigger the spray.
  • Slow and somewhat expensive for what it does.

Tricks & Tips[edit]

  • Since his spray can trigger when he take a free strike, you can often
  • Shoot him in the back for on-command 5" cloud.



Released in the Blindwater CID (2017.09)

Theme Forces[edit]

Circle Orboros (Edit) Legion of Everblight (Edit)
Skorne (Edit)

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Rules Clarifications[edit]

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