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Cygnar Heavy Warjack

The Cygnaran Armory takes pride in its innovation and technological superiority, traits seen in all the battle-tested warjacks built on the classic Ironclad chassis. The Defender employs its long, heavy barrel cannon for unprecedented long-range and accurate firepower without sacrificing its effectiveness in melee.

Basic Info[edit]

STR 11
DEF 12
ARM 18
HP 30
Cost 16
See also How to Read the statblock

Weapons and Attacks[edit]

  • Heavy Barrel - 16" range, POW 15 gun.
  • Shock Hammer - 1" reach, P+S 17 melee weapon
    • Cortex Damage - When a warjack is hit by this weapon, it suffers 1 damage point to its first available Cortex system box.

Special Abilities[edit]

  • Warjack - All warjacks share the same set of special rules. Most notably being big and stompy.
  • Construct - This model is a construct and is not a living model.

Thoughts on Defender[edit]

Defender in a nutshell[edit]

The Defender is heavy jack, boasting a high-powered gun with near-unparalleled range, and a melee weapon, which is quite dangerous with its cortex damage. This jack almost always ends up compared to the Hunter, Cygnar's other long-range jack:

Defender Hunter
16 points - (1.875 HP/points) 10 points - (2.4 HP/points),
16" (21" with advance) 14" (20" with advance)
RAT 6 - but can aim more often due to longer range RAT 7
Better against targets under natural ARM 18 and who have additional ARM protection (Shield, Buckler, spells, etc.) Better against targets with natural ARM 18 and above
P+S 17, MAT 7, 9" melee threat, good against heavy targets P+S 12, MAT 6, 10" melee threat, only useful against light/medium single wound infantries and light solos.
30 HP, high ARM, average DEF 24 HP, low ARM, high DEF
Extra rules
Cortex Damage on the melee weapon
  • Armour Piercing gun,
  • Pathfinder to help navigation,
  • Extended Control Range
(Edit this comparison)

Overall, the Defender is much more resilient, and better at dealing damage against targets with ablative protection (Buckler, Shield, spells, etc), while the Hunter is good against naturally high ARM targets. The Hunter beats the Defender in mobility, and flexibility in positioning, but cannot compete with it in melee. Superior range in SR2017 scenarios is a debatable advantage due to the increased number of terrain pieces.

Combos & Synergies[edit]

  • Heavy Metal - This theme offers extended deployment zone, enabling you to to lob shells up to half of the board from turn 1.
    • Long Gunners - The Defender's shot is the best quality firepower in Cygnar's arsenal barring the colossi. It is a frustrating scenario, if it gets intercepted by a shield guarding Servitor in a Destruction Initiative, or saved by an eligible Sac Pawn / Sucker! infantry. Clear off them with Long Gunners, then let the Heavy Barrel sing.
    • Kraye - The Defender is prone to be jammed by cheap infantry to negate its gun. Between Admonition and Iron Horse it becomes anything but easy. With the boosted mobility the Defender often gets to use its powerful hammer too, beating light beasts and jacks into submission, and frying the cortices of the heavies.
    • Siege1 really likes strong, long range shooting, but a 2 pts upgrade for Triumph is usually a no-brainer choice with him.
    • Sloan - Her battlegroup usually includes one, or even 2 of these. Fire Group makes their threat range extremely long and Guided Fire keeps them very accurate regardless (and you don't even have to risk putting a 2nd focus on them outside of feat turn).
    • Caine3 - Caine likes jacks with more shots to his feat, but sometimes all you need is a POW 18-20 shot to finish off your enemy.
    • Journeyman Warcaster - You don't have to worry about your lousy CTRL range, if you can stay way back from the frontline.
  • Gravediggers - Most of the Trencher lists lack serious armor cracking capabilities. The Defender is an ideal solution for that.
    • Rangers - Whenever you play Gravediggers, bring them - an effective RAT8 ensures that very few target will escape.
  • Sons of the Tempest - If your caster lacks Snipe, or just want to spent it elsewhere, put the Defender under the care of an ATGM Officer. You have the option for a RNG 20" POW 17 shot between Snipe and Take Aim! To really make that count. Add in Falk and Strangewayes' Empower to the mix, and now we're talking about a boostable POW 19 shot.

Drawbacks & Downsides[edit]

  • On the expensive side - you pay for both its excellent gun, and its close combat prowess, even if you don't use both of them..
    • If you just want shooting the Hunter hits about as hard for two thirds of the points.
    • If you want a brawler, go for the Ironclad or Hammersmith

Tricks & Tips[edit]

  • Remember that every swing of the Defender's hammer is more accurate and harder hitting than the main gun - and that three hits means that an enemy warjack is almost unable to fight back. The Defender is a melee heavy that uses its gun to soften the enemy up not the purely ranged heavy people think it is.



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Rules Clarifications[edit]

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Warjack      (Edit)

  • The Cortex/Induction core rule means a warjack cannot have more than 3 focus at any time (maybe 4 if they're really special).
    • Many abilities give out focus and don't state an upper limit (such as Convection and Empower). Despite not stating an upper limit, they are always "hard-limited" by the core rule.
    • A warjack can have more than 3 focus during a turn, though. For instance, a knocked down warjack can Power Up and be Allocated 2 focus, then spend 1 to shake knockdown, then another model could Empower it back up to 3.
  • Warjacks cannot spend focus outside of their activation. For instance, they can't boost free strikes or trigger Powerful Attack on Broadsides. (Infernal Ruling)

Rules Clarification : Construct - None yet. (Edit)

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Cortex Damage      (Edit)

  • The damage to the cortex is applied before making your normal damage roll.