Dawnguard Destors

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Retribution Dawnguard Cavalry Unit

The elite cavalry of the Dawnguard, destors thunder across the battlefield to smash apart enemy lines or bring down heavily armored foes. Armed with lance cannons designed specifically for their order, the destors can soften an enemy from afar with unerring blasts from their weapons and then finish the job with a crushing cavalry charge. Many times it is the thundering hooves of a destor charge that deliver victory for the Retribution.

Basic Info[edit]

Dawnguard Destors
Dawnguard Destors SPD 8
DEF 13
ARM 17
HP 5
Cost 12/20
Base 50mm
Size 3/5

Weapons & Attacks[edit]

  • Lance Cannon - Ranged Attack, RNG 10, ROF 1, POW 12
  • Lance - Melee Attack, RNG *, POW 8, P+S 14
    • Lance - Weapon has long reach, but can only be used for charges.
  • Mount - Melee Attack, RNG 0.5, POW 12

Special Abilities[edit]

  • Assault - This model may make a ranged attack as part of its charge.
  • Cavalry - All Cavalry come with a stack of standard special rules, most notably Impact Attacks and auto-boosted charge attacks.
  • Gunfighter - This model can use its ranged weapons even while in melee, but can only target models it's in melee with. It can even make ranged attacks after charging.
  • Quick Work - If this model destroys something in melee it can make a free ranged attack.
  • Reposition [_"] - At the end of an activation in which it did not run or fail a charge, this model can advance up to _", then its activation ends.

Analysis of Dawnguard Destors[edit]

Dawnguard Destors in a nutshell[edit]

Common army selection[edit]

Drawbacks and Downsides[edit]

Tricks and Tactics[edit]

Changes from Mk II[edit]

  • Lance Cannon is now RoF 1
  • Lost Unyielding and Dual Shot
  • Gained Quickwork and Reposition
  • Mount POW increased
  • Lance POW Increased

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