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Cryx is an island nation off the coast of Cygnar entirely under the control of Toruk, the Dragonfather and his Lich Lords. They are a nation of undead necromancers and piratical raiders constantly threatening the mainland in their quest to destroy Toruk's spawn and establish his dominion over all Immoren.

Cryx armies are typically fast, numerous and lightly-armored. The poor quality of their troops is offset by the power of their warcasters, which rank among the strongest in the game.

Cryx is heavily based around melee, soul powered magic, returning models to play, debilitative effects and corrosive attacks.

Cryx Insider Preview 04-28-2016

Cryx for Beginners[edit]


Welcome to the service of Dragonfather Toruk. Here as a member of the Nightmare Empire, your faction will typically benefit from these strengths...

  • Good melee abilities
  • Fast units
  • Plentiful access to Ghostly and similar abilities to let your forces easily navigate terrain
  • Strong warcasters, with the highest average focus in Warmachine
  • Best access to arcnodes, they are cheap and fast
  • Access to crippling debuffs
  • Cheap units, letting you field large armies
  • Access to corrosive attacks
  • Recursion to bring back the dead
  • Soul manipulation

Naturally these come with a cost. The faction will suffer these weakness...

  • Poor shooting capabilities, Cryx are almost certain to lose in a firefight.
  • Poor stat lines, enemy units will in comparison be stronger for the same points cost
  • Lower armor and fewer hitpoints
  • Few mercenaries available. Most notably few warcasters and no Jack Marshalls.

Worthwhile first purchases[edit]

Usually new players will meet the faction in the following forms:

  • The Mk3 Battlegroup starter - This set gives you Bane Witch Agathia, a Reaper, a Slayer and a Deathripper. It is a good way to meet the defining traits of Cryx; high mobility, excessive use of Arc Nodes, de-buff stacking and movement shenanigans.
  • The Two Player Battlebox - Same contents as the battlegroup boxes, plus a unit of warriors - in the Cryx case, Bane Warriors. This enters you to the realm of units, with all their extra rules. As the enemy will likely field units of their own, the Soul manipulation mechanism of Agathia will likely see play too. Soul gathering is a trait which is often present in Cryx, but will not be apparent in the first few battlegroup-heavy fights.
  • The Mk2 Battlegroup Starter - Contains Warwitch Deneghra, a Slayer, 2 Deathrippers and a Defiler. Considered the best starter box of its day, it still fares pretty well in the new edition (though due to point adjustments it will not be a 0 pts battlegroup anymore). Warwitch_Deneghra is quite a potent caster, and despite the nerfs she received in the 2017 errata, she is still the queen of de-buffing. This box relies heavily on bonejacks, and introduces you into Cryx' thematic element, Corrosion, through Denny's spell and the Defiler's ranged attack.
  • The All In One Army Box - Time to time, Privateer Press releases complete army boxes, which gives you a decent-sized force, all by itself. This one contains Asphyxious the Hellbringer, an Inflictor, a Seether, a Ripjaw, his pet-jack Cankerworm, a full unit of Bane Warriors with their attachment, and Darragh Wrathe. It is advised more for veterans who pick up a new faction, or for really committed newbies, as this box unleashes the whole rulebook upon you - from units to power attacks and solos. Its 50 points limit is slightly behind the most popular 75 pts tournament formats, but prepares you well for such a challenge.

No matter what your point of entry was, there are a couple of solos who perform admirably no matter what. Thus, they should be high on your purchase list:

  • Pistol Wraith - Great flanking solo, with excellent ranged capabilities and the Incorporeal advantage, which makes particularly annoying against armies who lack magic weapons.
  • Necrotech - The cheapest mechanick in the game (with Cryx having such frail warjacks, they'll rarely be idle), it can also spawn Scrap Thralls for sacrificial or annoyance purposes.
  • Warwitch Siren - Jack tuner and offensive utility solo, she eases the Focus burden on your caster, and helps you against occasional Disruption, if you face Cygnar.
  • Machine Wraith - Excellent filler solo, who can either linger in zones to score/contest, or mess with your enemy's jacks.

Theme Forces[edit]

Black Industries

Black Industries is Cryx's warjack-centric theme. It represents a necrofactorium wholly devoted to the construction of not only warjacks, but improved warjacks.

Dark Host

This theme is all about Banes, the elite undead of Cryx.

The Ghost Fleet

This theme is all about zombie pirates and ghost pirates. It is very recursive (lots of zombies regenerate every turn) and has proven very strong at a competitive level when led by Deneghra1.

Infernal Machines

Infernal Machines is all about Thralls, the cheap and disposable undead cannon fodder of Cryx. It represents the a entire output of the necrofactoriums scattered across all of western Immoren.

Scourge of the Broken Coast

This theme is about the Satyxis, the vicious lady pirates of Cryx.

Slaughter Fleet Raiders

This theme is about the non-Satyxis living pirates of Cryx, the blighted Trollkin, Ogrun, and evil pirates of the Scharde Isles.

Cryx Models and Units[edit]


Agathia1 Bane Witch Agathia
Aiakos1 Refer to Cryx solos, below
Aiakos2 Captain Aiakos
Asphyxious1 Iron Lich Asphyxious
Asphyxious2 Lich Lord Asphyxious
Asphyxious3 Asphyxious the Hellbringer & Vociferon
Coven1 Witch Coven of Garlghast & the Egregore
Deneghra0 Refer to Cryx solos, below
Deneghra1 Warwitch Deneghra
Deneghra2 Wraith Witch Deneghra
Deneghra3 Deneghra, the Soul Weaver
Goreshade1 Goreshade the Bastard & Deathwalker
Goreshade2 Goreshade the Cursed
Goreshade3 Goreshade, Lord of Ruin
Goreshade4 Refer to Retribution warcasters
Mortenebra1 Master Necrotech Mortenebra & Deryliss
Mortenebra2 Mortenebra, Numen of Necrogenesis
Scaverous1 Lord Exhumator Scaverous
Skarre1 Pirate Queen Skarre
Skarre2 Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast
Skarre3 Skarre, Admiral of the Black Fleet
Sturgis1 Refer to Cygnar warcasters
Sturgis2 Sturgis the Corrupted
Terminus1 Lich Lord Terminus
Venethrax1 Lich Lord Venethrax



Character Light


Character Heavy


Battle Engines[edit]


Special CA

Character Units


Character Solos

(This is Aiakos1; Aiakos2 is a fully-fledged warcaster)
Cryx pic2.jpg

Cryx Deep Lore[edit]

The forces of Cryx exist solely to devour any and all things at the behest of the Dragonfather. Their martial strengths are speed, surprise, and force in numbers. Enemies of the undying know they must never be lax in their vigilance, for seemingly out of nowhere raiders can arrive without warning, carried across the sea aboard their infamous blackships. A sickening mix of necromancy, soulless science, and the unnatural corruption of draconic blight, Cryx is a fast, numerous, and shockingly powerful army. Specializing in undead hordes, the forces of Lord Toruk the Dragonfather nearly always outnumber their opponents. More, they possess some of the most magically potent and versatile spellcasters in Immoren who can manipulate the souls of the dead. Service in the Nightmare Empire never ends, and as Cryx extends its corrupting tendrils throughout the Iron Kingdoms, even the dead shall be called again to slaughter.

See the Lexicanum entry on Toruk for more history on Our Great Leader.