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Bigger is Better. Colossals are mighty warjacks and Gargantuans are monstrous warbeasts. They tower over their lesser kin and have all their lesser kin's abilities as well as a bunch of their own unique rules and attacks.

Standard Rules - Recap[edit]

The rules that all Colossal and Gargantuan models share are covered in detail in the main rulebook, but to recap they are:

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  • Huge Based - Coming on a huge base triggers a bunch of rules scattered throughout the rulebook: (Edit)
    • Fields of Fire (pg 39) - The front arc is divided into Left and Right. Weapons in the left can only target models on the left and vice versa.
      • Note that you can draw LOS from either arc; See also this diagram
    • Slam distance (pg 46) - If you Power Attack Slam something non-huge based, it's slammed an extra 2".
      • Doesn't apply to non-Power Attack Slams, such as the Hurricane's Thunder Charge ability.
    • Concealment & Cover (pg 50) - This model never gains the DEF bonus from concealment or cover. It can get other effects (such as Prowl) though.
    • In Melee
      • (p 51) - This model never gains the target-in-melee DEF bonus.
      • (p 52) - If a ranged/magic attack misses, it is not rerolled against another model in the same melee, it just misses completely.
      • (p 65) - CRA can target this model even when it's in melee.
    • Clouds (p 60) - Clouds never block LOS to this model.
    • Elevation (p 78) - This model never gains the elevation DEF bonus.
    • Forests (p 79) - Forests never block LOS to this model.
  • Massive - This model cannot be pushed, knocked down, or made stationary. It cannot be moved by a slam or a throw. It cannot be affected by Grievous Wounds.
  • In addition to the base-size rules above, Colossals and Gargantuans can only move during their movement, cannot be placed, cannot be taken control of by an opponent, and cannot benefit from Advanced Deployment, Incorporeal or Stealth (page 68).
  • Although it can make ranged attacks in melee, it cannot make both melee and ranged attacks during the same activation unless it has another special rule giving it permission.

Colossals only[edit]

Gargantuans only[edit]

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