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The Circle are a group of Druids whose power is linked to the Devourer Wurm--a primordial god of annihilation and primal aggression that threatens to return to the world and destroy everything. It is the role of the Circle to prevent this from happening, mostly by keeping civilization in check. The Circle is not a benevolent faction and will kill indiscriminately to further its ends, since ultimately they seek to prevent the end of the world. Circle's theme is nature magic. The Circle warlocks run the gamut from stone shapers, to weather wizards, bestial brutes, healers and beast handlers. They have access to fire, ice and lightning attacks and are most commonly thought of as a speedy hit and run faction.

Circle Orboros for Beginners[edit]

Aesthetic & Playstyle[edit]

Circle Orboros is a faction of speed and aggression. This is typified by our signature heavy warbeast, the Feral Warpwolf. We have some of the highest threat ranges in the game, and most other factions require specific caster/support interactions to catch up. We can also put out a lot of damage with our warbeasts, and kill infantry more easily than almost any faction. That having been said, like all factions, we have some weaknesses as well. Our warbeasts (even our heavy constructs) tend to have either fewer hitpoints or lower armor than other factions' heavies, and often both. And while most factions have infantry options that excel at taking out warjacks, we're very lacking in that department, and tend to rely more heavily on our warbeasts to get work done than other factions. In addition, we rely fairly heavily on stacked buffs to achieve our high damage output. Most of our anti-warjack/beast packages involve a heavy warbeast, the Primal animus, and a warcaster buff in order to get the damage up enough to be a threat.

In addition to the above, we're also a control-heavy faction, sporting three outstanding control casters in Krueger2, Mohsar, and Wurmwood. In addition to those, most of our casters have at least one debuff spell, which reduces the stats of an enemy, or inhibits them in some way. Spells like Stranglehold and Rebuke can limit the opponent's activation by preventing them from performing certain actions, while other spells like Rift and Spirit Fang can keep them from getting where they want to go by putting down patches of rough terrain or directly reducing their speed. We have a lot of models with a knockdown ability of one type or another, and several other ways to block the opponent's game plan while we set up a better feat turn or board position.

Finally, we're a faction of unpredictability. We can use teleportation (mainly from Shifting Stones) to attack from an unexpected direction, use spells like Curse of Shadows to let us charge through a target, and use Geomancy on our Woldwardens and Megalith to throw out more spells than our warlock's fury value might otherwise indicate. Circle, perhaps more than any other faction, is known for convoluted assassination runs that involve moving models around, charging through other models, teleporting in, etc. for some 10-step long grand design that's incredibly difficult for even experienced players to see coming or protect against. While many of the changes in Mk. III have reduced our ability to back up that reputation, we still have plenty of spells and abilities that can provide very unexpected attack vectors.

Worthwhile first purchases[edit]

Just like every other faction, the best place to start is the Battlebox. It includes Tanith the Feral Song, a Pureblood Warpwolf, a Gorax Rager, and a Wild Argus. Tanith is a solid debuff caster, with a deep toolbox. The Pureblood has a great assault spray, and brings the animus Wraithbane to the faction, which is useful against anything buffed with spells. The Gorax is a common sight in nearly every Circle list, since Primal is a key tool required to piece trade with other faction's heavies. The wild argus is a somewhat niche piece, but his animus is useful to many casters for assassination runs, and his combo strike can help him hit above his weight class.

After that, that are a few things that can find their way into just about any list:

  • Shifting Stones - they are available in every theme, provide fury management, non-linear movement, and can be very tough to remove from zones. They are also super cheap to purchase, so it's not a bad idea to grab 2 units. Don't bother with the command attachment until you are sure you want him.
  • Blackclad Wayfarer - threat ranges are extremely important in warmachine, and the Wayfarer brings one of the best buffs in Hunter's Mark. This spell can be invaluable to getting the Alpha strike. His spray is good too, and he has possibly the best combat stats of the blackclads (though he still isn't great). He can be taken in 3 of Circle's 5 themes, and is common in those themes. Definitely grab one of these guys, possibly two.
  • Druid Wilder - While not every warlock wants to take her, she is useful to the ones that really want her. Fury management and a free upkeep is always useful, especially with low fury warlocks. Note, she doesn't do anything for constructs, so if you are diving into the Wold side of the faction, skip her for now.
  • A Warpwolf Kit - this kit includes the parts to make any of the three warpwolves, a Feral Warpwolf, a Pureblood Warpwolf, and a Warpwolf Stalker. These models are often the face of the faction, and many players are drawn to Circle purely out of love for the giant wolves swinging swords about. If you have the necessary skill, magnetize this kit, so you can swap between them. Each wolf plays very differently, and learning which one you like most can take some time.

After this point, it comes down to which portion of the faction you enjoy. You like the big stone guys? Check out the Bones of Orboros theme and grab a few Woldwardens and Woldwyrds. You enjoy the big living beasts? Grab another Warpwolf, some Griffons, and Satyrs and go Call of the Wild theme. Both of the infantry themes, the Wild Hunt and the Devourer's Host are fun, and have several interesting builds. Beginners are suggested to avoid Secret Masters at first, it has a higher learning curve, and requires an investment in minions.

Circle Theme Forces[edit]

The Bones of Orboros

Druid solos and construct warbeasts.

Call of the Wild

Druid solos and living warbeasts.

The Secret Masters

Druids of any kind, and both types of warbeast.

The Devourer's Host

Tharn, the half-bestial humans of the forest.

The Wild Hunt

Wolf Sworn, the more elite warriors of Circle.

Circle Models[edit]


Baldur1 Baldur the Stonecleaver
Baldur2 Baldur the Stonesoul
Grayle1 Grayle the Farstrider
Kaya1 Kaya the Wildborne
Kaya2 Kaya the Moonhunter & Laris
Kaya3 Kaya the Wildheart
Kromac1 Kromac the Ravenous
Kromac2 Kromac, Champion of the Wurm
Kreuger1 Krueger the Stormwrath
Kreuger2 Krueger the Stormlord
Mohsar1 Mohsar the Desertwalker
Morvahna1 Morvahna the Autumnblade
Morvahna2 Morvahna the Dawnshadow
Tanith1 Tanith the Feral Song
Thorle1 Bradigus Thorle the Runecarver
Una1 Refer to Circle solos, below
Una2 Una the Skyhunter
Wurmwood1 Wurmwood, Tree of Fate & Cassius the Oathkeeper




Character Heavies


Battle Engines[edit]


Character Units


Character Solos

Minions that work for the Circle[edit]

Battle Engines[edit]


Character Units


Character Solos

Warlocks (2+ warlock games only)[edit]

Warbeasts - when taken with a minion lesser warlock or minion warlock[edit]




Deep Lore[edit]

The Circle Orboros are an ancient order of druids dedicated to the Devourer Wurm, Caen's primordial god of chaos and the wild, destructive aspects of nature. They name this serpent Orboros. The blackclads have existed since before the rise of the earliest human civilizations, composed of people sensitive to the magic of the wild, and they channel this power in service of Orboros and themselves. Menoth—the great hunter, creator of humanity, and the god of civilization—is the ancient enemy of Orboros and hunts the Wurm across the spiritual world of Urcaen. The Circle believes that the inexorable spread of settled nations and industry has strengthened Menoth and weakened the Devourer. If this continues, Orboros may stir and return to wreak utter devastation on the world. Thus, they make war upon civilization itself and strive to preserve the wild spaces of Immoren.

Druids of the Circle display their natural magical talent while young. This wilding is an aptitude for wild magic and an affinity for nature. Largely the province of folklore in most of Immoren, such people are actively hunted in the Protectorate. The Circle always senses a wildling's awakening and attempts to abduct them, but this is not always possible. Druids with the proper affinity learn to control various natural beasts, the warpwolves (twisted creatures the Circle creates), and the stone-and-wood Wold constructs unique to their order. They also call upon the willing warriors of the Wolves of Orboros, humans living in wild areas with a long history of fighting for the Circle in return for protection, and the savage Tharn tribes. Once human worshipers of Orboros, the Tharn are now a race of shapeshifting, heart-eating barbarians capable of transforming into monsters.

The Circle opposes all human nations, seeing them as the agents of Menoth and destroyers of the wild. The blight of dragons is an unnatural power corrupting anything it touches, and thus they also hunt and kill the minions of dragons (Cryx and the Legion). The Circle sees the Skorne's mortitheurgy as little better than blight, arising as it does from the energies of death, and their civilization as no better than any other, making these two implacable enemies as well. Though the Circle manipulated their Trollblood "allies" for many years, the blackclads' ill-conceived assassination attempt on the upstart Chief Madrak Ironhide (to replace him with a more malleable chief) ended this association and also resulted in the death of some very senior druids. Ironhide subsequently declared war on the Circle. Now the druids find themselves beset on all sides, but they remain confident. Their order has survived untold millennia of upheaval. Now they will show all of Immoren why they should fear to go walking in the wilds.