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Death Strike - If this attack destroys a living or undead model, after resolving the attack choose a model within 4" of this model. The chosen model suffers a damage roll with a POW equal to the STR of the model destroyed by the attack. Edit description

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Rules Clarification : Death Strike      (Edit)

  • Death Strike is not a melee attack and thus will not be affected by melee bonuses.
  • The Death Strike attack does not get any STR buffs that were on the model just killed, not even 'passive' buffs like Battle-Driven.
  • The 4" range of Death Strike is measured from the attacker (not from the model just killed).
  • If you have an effect that allows you to re-roll damage rolls, then you may re-roll Death Strike (even though it's not a normal sort of attack, it's still a normal sort of damage roll). Similarly for effects that buff damage rolls.
  • The damage from Death Strike can be boosted (if the attacker has FURY/FOCUS etc) because it doesn't say it's unboostable.

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