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Covering Fire (★ Action) - Instead of doing a normal attack, this weapon can place a template that causes damage to any model that enters or ends its activation within the template. Edit description

Rules Clarification : Covering Fire      (Edit)

  • Covering Fire templates do not inherit the Damage Type(s) of the weapon that put it into play.
    • Note, some models specify what Damage Type the template does (such as the Manticore). In other words, the rules text for Covering Fires are not all exactly the same on all cards.
  • Hazard Templates (Edit)
    • A model which is "placed" also counts as "entering" an area, so the hazard will damage any one who teleports/spawns into it, too.
    • If two hazard templates are overlapping, a model that enters them will take two points of damage.
    • Damage from a hazard is not from an attack (so won't trigger stuff like Vengeance).
    • Damage from a hazard is not considered to be from the weapon/spell that originally put it into play (so it doesn't gain the Damage Type or any other special rules of the weapon/spell).

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