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Beat Back - Immediately after a basic attack with this weapon is resolved during this model's Combat Action, the enemy model hit can be pushed 1" directly away from the attacking model. After the enemy model is pushed, the attacking model can advance up to 1" directly towards it. Edit description

Rules Clarification : Beat Back      (Edit)

  • You cannot use Beat Back if you destroy the target; because you can't advance towards a model that is no longer on the table. (Infernal Ruling)
  • However if the enemy lives and you choose not to push it back, then you don't get to advance either. [Verification needed that this is still true in Mk3]
  • Beat Back can be used to push larger models.
  • You can trigger Beat Back vs models which "cannot be pushed" (such as Colossals). In this case, you move but the Colossal doesn't. [Verification needed that this is still true in Mk3]
  • See also the clarifications on Pushes.


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