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Arcane Interference - Dispel upkeep spells and animi on whatever you hit, and remove any focus on it. Warjacks suffer disruption. Edit description

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Rules Clarification : Arcane Interference      (Edit)

  • If there is an upkeep on only a single model within a unit (such as Fire for Effect), then you need to hit that exact model to make it expire. It's not enough to just hit anyone in the unit (unlike most upkeep spells).
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Rules Clarification : Disruption      (Edit)

  • If a model is disrupted, it cannot get focus for any reason. Whether the rule says 'allocate', 'gain', 'receive' or 'give' ... Disruption stops it all. (Infernal Ruling)
  • Despite being unable to channel spells, a warjack can still be the target of spells just fine.

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