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Adapt - When Salvage is used you can swap this weapon with one of the destroyed jack's, until Salvage & Adapt is used again. Edit description

Rules Clarification : Adapt      (Edit)

  • If you Adapt a weapon with a longer melee range, your Salvage area increases too.
  • You can use weapon rules that you'd think would require two arms, but it depends on the wording of the weapon in question. For instance, the Cankerworm ...
    • can make a Combo Smite (★ Attack) after adapting a Slayer's Death Claw.
    • can't make a Grab & Smash attack after adapting Nightmare's Wicked Claw.
  • Cankerworm can adapt and use Retribution Field Dependent weapons for two reasons:
    1. Field Dependent is a rule on the Retribution model, not the weapon, so it doesn't "carry over" to Cankerworm.
    2. Field Dependent only triggers if the Field Generator is crippled. Cankerworm doesn't have a Generator, so he certainly doesn't have a crippled one.

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