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Breath of Corruption - Cost 3 Range 8" 3" AOE cloud effect which does POW 12 corrosion damage to all models hit (it isn't halved). Also, the AOE stays in play for one round and damages models entering or ending their activations in it. Edit description

Rules Clarification : Breath of Corruption      (Edit)

  • Not blast damage (Edit)
    • Due to the way it is worded, this spell/weapon does full POW to all models in the AOE. It is not blast damage and it is not halved.
    • For the same reason, it doesn't do "two damage rolls to the model directly hit". (Infernal Ruling)
  • Hazard Templates (and similar) (Edit)
    • Some templates are defined as 'Hazards' but some, like Creeping Barrage, are not.
    • A model which is "placed" also counts as "entering" an area, so the hazard will damage any one who teleports/spawns into it, too.
    • If two hazard templates are overlapping, a model that enters them will take two points of damage.
    • Damage from a hazard is not from an attack (so won't trigger stuff like Vengeance).
    • Damage from a hazard is not considered to be from the weapon/spell that originally put it into play (so it doesn't gain the Damage Type or any other special rules of the weapon/spell).
  • Hazardous Clouds (Edit)
    • A hazard, by definition, is a terrain effect. As such, if a template is both a cloud and a hazard it will block sprays as per the normal terrain rules for terrain blocking LOS. (Infernal Ruling)

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