Blighted Nyss Sorceress & Hellion

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Legion Blighted Nyss Solo

Sweeping out of the frozen skies, Hellions fall upon their land-bound enemies and deliver their masters to the heart of battle. The half-mad sorceresses who ride them must be agile enough to stand precariously atop their steeds without saddles or harnesses. With a shouted word and a pointing finger, a sorceress summons a knot of howling wind to rip a distant victim limb from limb. Nyss Sorceress & Hellion comes in a blister. A player may field two Nyss Sorceress & Hellions for each warlock in his Legion of Everblight horde.

Basic Info[edit]

Blighted Nyss Sorceress & Hellion
DEF 14
ARM 16
HP 8
Cost 6

Weapons and Attacks[edit]

Special Abilities[edit]

  • Cavalry - All Cavalry come with a stack of standard special rules, most notably Impact Attacks and auto-boosted charge attacks.
  • Flight - This model ignores (almost) all terrain when moving. This model can move over other models, and ignores intervening models when declaring charges.
  • Aerial Coordination - Friendly faction models with Flight starting a charge in this model's CMD charge for free/
  • Magic Ability [ 7 ] - This model can use its Combat Action to cast spells. Offensive spells are a (★ Attack) and friendly spells are a (★ Action).
    • Blight Storm (★ Action) - Place a large AOE template in this model's CMD. If an attack does not exceed the ARM of an enemy inside the AOE, it instead takes one point of damage. Lasts one round.
    • Frostbite (★ Attack) - 8" Spray, POW 12 Cold Damage (as well as Magical Damage).
    • Wind Ravager (★ Action) - While in this model's CMD range enemy models cannot make ranged attacks. Wind Ravager lasts for one round.
  • Reposition [3"] - At the end of an activation in which it did not run or fail a charge, this model can advance up to 3", then its activation ends.

Thoughts on Blighted Nyss Sorceress & Hellion[edit]

Blighted Nyss Sorceress & Hellion in a nutshell[edit]

The Blighted Nyss Sorceress & Hellion ("Sorceress") is a very unique support solo, aimed towards Legion's penchant for wings in their battlegroups. At a reasonably low price, she offers free charges for flying warbeasts in her CMD range, which at a fairly decent 8" covers a bubble around her of approximately 18" accounting for her base size. This is just her passive ability as well - she can contribute in a couple useful ways to the battle beyond just increasing fury efficiency.

Her Frostbite Spray is backed by a very solid Magic Ability score of 7, more accurate than most solos in her point class with access to similar attacks. At 8", it's not difficult to tag a fair few models. At POW12 it can threaten a lot of middling ARM infantry or scratch warbeasts/warjacks.

Blight Storm offers some interesting utility against single wound trooper walls relying on tactics such as Shield Wall, Iron Zeal, and/or ARM buffs from spells. With a well placed Blight Storm, it doesn't matter if their ARM is 5 or 500, that trooper will die (or make a tough check if they're stacking tough with their other buffs). Its effectiveness against heavies should also not to be underestimated - if you have units with high volume fire, you can easily inflict more damage, than the unit's basic weaponry would warrant.

Wind Ravager is her hardest spell to use as most guns will not have any issue simply shooting the Sorceress off the board from outside her range. It's uses are generally limited to enemies with 8"/6" sprays, or models with Assault, Gunfighter, or Point Blank.

Combos & Synergies[edit]

The Sorceress is a specialized model. Fortunately, she can find place in many of your theme forces:

  • Children of the Dragon - Since both Zuriel and Azrael can be included in this list - and honestly, they're usually the first entries in a CoD list, you alread yhave 2 units, who can greatly benefit from Aerial Coordination. Her presence can also ease the The Forsaken's absence from your fury management solos.
  • Oracles of Annihilation - it is your mage-user theme, and you can get the Sorceress for free
  • Ravens of War - probably you won't field this list without the Sorceress, even though you can't take her for free, as it allows only Beasts with Flight.
    • The best list to consider this with would be Fyanna2 as she gets the most work out of the Angelius and will bring several in theme; coupled with her lower FURY stat and the nature of an Angelius charge, that spare fury saved on the charge will very valuable.

Outside of themes, you can also consider taking her, if you run a battlegroup with an abundance of wings, and have no easy access to free charges; i.e. any time you aren't running Absylonia2 or Vayl2 .

  • The Nephilim Bloodseer partners well with the Sorceress. She offers him free charges, and he offers her accurate sprays.

Blight Storm deserves special mention:

  • Archers with their command attachment (which you probably should no matter what) work wonderfully together with Blight Storm. Beside enemy infantry swarms dying in droves, you can occasionally put 22 damage from 22 single shots into a particularly heavy target (or one, which is unassailable in melee, for example the AFG, or anything under Polarity Shield).
  • Blight Wasps with their animus can chew through similar numbers of targets under this spell as well.
  • Strider Blightblades usually have to rely on their CMA to hurt heavier targets, but with a fix damage their 12 attacks can chew through quite a few infantry at once. Add in Ambush for mobility tricks, and Critical Grievous wounds, which might occasionally help you with pesky Tough rolls.
  • Any kind of 4 or 5" AoE onto a Blight Storm template can ensure that single wound targets will die. Most notable examples are Blight Bringer from Saeryn1 or Obliteration from Thagrosh1, but the Ravagore's shot, the Blightbringer's Blight Fire, or the Archangel's small templates should not to be underestimated either.

Drawbacks & Downsides[edit]

  • Laughable melee potential, even with the advantages of Cavalry Charge.
  • She's expensive, yet pretty flimsy for her cost, and her large base makes her very shootable as well.
  • In lists where she's brought for Aerial Coordination, she becomes a higher priority target.
  • Most guns exceed the range of Wind Ravager, limiting its utility.

Tips & Tricks[edit]

  • Take advantage of Reposition to extend the threat of Frostbite and Blight Storm placement while keeping her safer against retaliation by retreating backwards - only Wind Ravager follows the Sorceress around after she has used it.
  • Her spear is weak, but one of Legion's few Magic Damage weapons not located on a warlock. If you didn't bring a Naga Nightlurker, she might be handy in hunting weaker incorporeal models. Don't forget Cavalry get boosted hit rolls when the charge and her charge range is a respectable 11" + 2" for her spear's range.




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