Blackhide Wrastler

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Minion Gatorman Heavy Warbeast

Massive gators of voracious appetite, blackhide wrastlers easily drag the mightiest foes down to be shredded in a flurry of teeth and claws. Moreover, a bokor can subjugate and ritually alter a blackhide to create an even darker threat: a blind walker. The beast becomes a necromantic conduit—a mindless horror that lives only to obey its master’s commands.

Basic Info[edit]

Blackhide Wrastler
DEF 12
ARM 19
Cost 16
HP 29

Weapons and Attacks[edit]

  • Bite - Primary attack. Range 1, 17 P+S melee weapon.
  • Claw x2 - Backup weapons. Range 1, 14 P+S melee weapons.

Special Abilities[edit]

  • Heavy Warbeast
  • Amphibious - This model treats shallow water as open terrain while advancing. While completely in shallow water, this model gains concealment and does not block line of sight.
  • Man Eater - This model can charge living warrior models without being forced.
  • Rise - If this model is knocked down, at the beginning of your next Maintenance Phase it stands up for free.
  • Snacking - If this model boxes a living model with an attack it may optionally remove it from play and heal d3 damage points.


  • Rage - Range 6", Cost 2 Friendly Faction warbeast gains +3 STR. Rage lasts for 1 turn.

Analysis of Blackhide Wrastler[edit]

Blackhide Wrastler in a nutshell[edit]

A solid beat stick with a strong STR buff, the Wrastler does what it says on the tin. There's a reason it's almost always the first choice Gatorman warbeast.

Combos & Synergies[edit]

  • Any other minion warbeast - Rage is a great animus.
  • Rage with Calaban's Parasite is absurd.

Drawbacks & Downsides[edit]

  • None really other than that it's a melee heavy and so only does certain things.

Tricks & Tips[edit]

  • To get the most distance, charge a warrior model near your real beast/jack target for free - and punch it with one of the claws. Then spend everything on bite attacks on your real target.

Comparison to Mk2[edit]

The Wrastler in Mk2 had rise as its animus and could cast it while knocked down. This meant that its big trick was being thrown then standing up and charging the enemy caster. The Mk3 one is much more competent overall - but a lot less fun.



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