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Legion Blighted Nyss Solo

These rare Nyss sorceresses are blessed with a direct channel to the font of the dragon Everblight’s power and are able to commune with dragonspawn on a level almost on par with that of the dragon’s warlocks. In battle they command the spawn with an innate understanding of each beast’s capabilities and methods of slaughter; their blighted bond allows them to anticipate attacks and take advantage of injured or distracted enemies.

Basic Info[edit]

Beast Mistress
73074 BeastMistress WEB.jpg
DEF 14
ARM 13
HP 5
Cost 4

Weapons and Attacks[edit]

  • Nyss Claymore - 1" Range, P+S9 melee weapon


  • Draconic Consort - Special rule that allows the Beast Mistress to have be a warlock without actually being a warlock. She has all the rules of owning a battlegroup and having a spell list with FURY, but does not actually count as one. She can only control lesser warbeasts.
  • Field Marshal [Aggressive] - Warbeasts/warjacks in this model's battlegroup gain Aggressive.
  • Flank [Legion Lesser Warbeast] - This model gains +2 to hit and +d6 damage for melee attacks vs enemy models in the melee range of a friendly Legion lesser warbeast.


Each model in the caster's battlegroup that is currently in its CTRL range can immediately advance up to 2". Energizer can be cast only once per activation.
The spell deals corrosion damage. Models hit suffer continuous corrosion.

Thoughts on Beast Mistress[edit]

Beast Mistress in a nutshell[edit]

The Beast Mistress shares her plight with the Spawning Vessel: she is a decent solo with some neat rules, but is held back by the current balance of Legion Lesser Warbeasts. Offering free charges to her battlegroup is great, and being able to flank with them is great. Energizer enables her and her beasts to be very mobile and work well as a self sufficient flanking force. Unfortunately she has other things working against her as well.

While other factions get more developed, character Lesser Warlocks, Legion's warlock lore doesn't permit that as easily, so instead must settle for the Beast Mistress, who can only field Lessers. This doesn't seem too bad, and makes her a bit unique, but unfortunately there's really only one "good" Lesser Warbeast right now, and in order to get anything out of the Beast Mistress package, you need to pay as much as a Neraph at minimum; to really get any work done, you're looking at almost Angelius point costs. This is because while two Shredders technically fill a Mistress's FURY up, she'll probably want three to keep going as they die off/are shot out like homing missiles.

Another big problem is how easy she is to snipe out, and then suddenly you have 8-12 points of Shredders with no controlling warlock, which is a pretty poor investment of points. If you want to run the Mistress, she must be kept safe at all times while she sics her beasts on small targets, or the whole package needs to be commited at once. The sad truth though is that even when all the Shredders and the Mistress are flankin with each other, they're still going to struggle with targets that rival the package point cost.

Combos & Synergies[edit]

The Beast Mistress is meant to work on her own with little support from her warlock, instead serving as a fast flanking threat that either sends Shredders out as homing missiles on stray, small targets, or goes all in on medium threats.

  • A Spawning Vessel can let the Mistress replenish her battlegroup. This is a pretty neat combo, but also requires investing a lot of points into Lessers. It does allow the Mistress to wait longer before commiting her full force though, instead allowing her to spend more time shooting Shredder bullets into the enemy flanks.
  • Shredders are preferred for her as discussed above, but a single Harrier saves a point as her third beast and gives her access to Dodge, and keeping him nearby keeps her safer against living melee models.
  • Warlocks with army wide force multipliers (such as Vayl1 (Incite), Bethayne (feat), and others can help the Beast Mistress a lot, as she's not strong enough to warrant special attention.

Drawbacks & Downsides[edit]

  • She's a fragile model with key role to manage her beasts - that makes her a high priority target, and she's not hard to put in the ground.
  • Without flanking her melee game is nothing to write home about.
  • Small control area thanks to FURY4.
  • Blood Rain is a fairly useless spell with her restrictive FURY stat.

Tricks & Tips[edit]

  • Go for flanking. On the charge she pumps out a maximum of 3 hits, which are basically MAT7, and roll 9+4D6 for damage.




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