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Mercenary Character Unit

Amidst a swarm of the walking dead, the infamous Alexia Ciannor reaps the souls of her enemies with the hell-forged blade Witchfire. The dark sorceress can raise an army of terrifying thrall warriors from the grave and moves alongside them as she lays about her with her sword, leaving nothing but ashes where she strikes.

Basic Info[edit]


DEF 14
ARM 14
HP 5
Unit Size Alexia & 9 Risen
Cost 10
1 each
See also How to Read the statblock



  • Mercenary - will work for Cygnar and Khador.
  • Officer - This model is the unit commander even if the unit has a Leader model.
  • Magic Ability [ 8 ] - This model can use its Combat Action to cast spells. Offensive spells are a (★ Attack) and friendly spells are a (★ Action).
    • Craft Thrall Rune (★ Action) - Choose a Risen Grunt in this unit that is in formation and replace it with Thrall Warrior solo. Remove the Risen Grunt model from play.
    • Dominate Undead (★ Attack) - Dominate Undead is a RNG CMD magic attack. Take control of target enemy non-warcaster, non-warlock undead warrior model hit. You can immediately make a full advance with that model followed by a basic melee attack, then Dominate Undead expires. The undead model cannot be targeted by free strikes during this movement. A model can be affected by Dominate Undead only once per turn.
  • Granted: Spell Ward - While this model is still alive and in formation all of the unit gains Spell Ward. (Spell Ward - This model cannot be targeted by spells. )
  • Death Magic - During its activation this model can remove friendly Grunt models in its unit that are in formation from play to make additional melee attacks or to boost attack or damage rolls. It can make one additional melee attack or boost one roll for each model removed. When this model would suffer damage, you can choose one or more models in this unit that are in this model’s command range to suffer any number of those damage points instead, divided as you choose. If you do, this model does not suffer that damage. A model cannot suffer more damage as a result of Death Magic than it has unmarked damage boxes.
  • Stir the Dead - When a living model is destroyed in this model’s command range, this model gains the destroyed model’s corpse token. At the end of your next Control Phase, remove all corpse tokens from this model and add one Grunt to this unit for each corpse token removed. Place the Grunts completely within this model’s command range. This unit cannot have more than twenty Grunts in play at any time.


The Risen are grunts which are part of Alexia's unit. You start with 9, but can end up with a lot more via Stir the Dead.

Risen Grunts
DEF 10
ARM 11
HP 1


  • Claws - 0.5" reach, P+S 7 melee weapon.


  • Undead - This model is an undead model and not a living model.
  • Combined Melee Attack - This unit can combine their melee attacks to get a bonus on accuracy and damage.

Thrall Warrior[edit]

Thrall Warriors are solos which are not part of Alexia's unit. You start with zero, but can create a theoretically unlimited amount via Craft Thrall Rune.

Thrall Warrior
DEF 11
ARM 14
HP 1


  • Great Sword - 1" reach, P+S 10 melee weapon.
    • Weapon Master - When attacking with this weapon, add an additional die to its damage rolls.

Special Abilities[edit]

  • Undead - This model is an undead model and not a living model.
  • Created - This model does not begin the game in play. Instead, it is created by other model's abilities.

Thoughts on Alexia Ciannor & The Risen[edit]

Alexia Ciannor & The Risen in a nutshell[edit]

The theory behind Alexia & the Risen is to have her collect the bodies of your casualties to power up her unit so you can deliver her to a target worth much more than she is with enough juice to remove it. In the meantime, she creates Thrall missiles or puts out boosted hand cannon shots. Spell Ward makes her tough to use. If somebody tells you the Risen grunts are good for jamming, they don't understand the concept. Low stat models do not jam, they inconvenience mildly.

Combos and Synergies[edit]

In order to feed the Risen (and make them worthwhile) you need large units of cheap living troops.

Drawbacks & Downsides[edit]

  • 10" charge
  • Spell Ward
  • It is generally better to spend points on things that don't die easily than to build a list around them dying.
  • Can't run and create Thralls.

Tricks & Tips[edit]

  • Alexia can be good in melee with her ability to boost/buy attacks, but be careful who you go after. Burning through all of her Risen on the wrong target will leave her horribly exposed.
  • Take Alexia with Shae. Spawn a grunt at the forward edge of her CMD range. Create a Thrall. Have Shae feat on it and run it to the opposing caster, then slam it over them with the Commodore Cannon.
  • Thralls score flags in SR2017 and are great for contesting. For the cost of one Risen, you can contest that far away zone or flag and give up nothing. Or you can score that far away flag. This is probably her best feature.



Originally released in Warmachine: Superiority (2006) Alexia was the main plot related NPC in The Witchfire Trilogy (a D&D adventure) - the first published material in the Iron Kingdoms.

How can I include this model in my army?[edit]

Mercenaries are a bit more complicated than regular faction models, they can be taken in one of three different ways.

  1. This model can be included in a pure Mercenary army.
  2. This model can be included in the following Faction armies (requires a 2+ caster game):
  3. This model can be included in the following theme forces:

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Rules Clarifications[edit]

Rules Clarification : Magical Damage      (Edit)

  • The "Damage Type: Magical" is not inherited by "secondary" damage from a weapon. That is, stuff like arcs (Electro Leap) or hazards (Scather). (Infernal Ruling)
  • All spells have "Damage Type: Magical" (refer errata).
    • This is inherited by "immediate" secondary damage (such as Eruption of Spines). (Infernal Ruling)
    • ... but not by "lingering" secondary damage (such as the cloud left by Breath of Corruption). In this case the hazard is damaging the model, not the spell that put the hazard into play.
  • If a weapon/spell includes Magic Damage and another kind of elemental damage it can still damage Incorporeal models. Incorporeal models are not affected by the rule "if an attack does multiple types of damage and a model is immune to at least one it is immune to the entire attack."
    The phrase "immune to non-magical damage" should be interpreted as "immune to damage that doesn't include Damage Type: Magical" (not interpreted as "has immunity to Corrosion and Electricity and Cold and etc.")

Rules Clarification : Officer      (Edit)

  • Even if they're not on the Officer's card, an Officer can give (and benefit from) any non-standard orders that are on the unit's card (such as Shield Wall). Refer main rulebook.
  • When the Officer dies, the Leader model becomes the new Unit Commander (you don't get to choose).
  • But if your unit doesn't include a Leader model, then you do get to choose any of the remaining models to be the new Unit Commander. You don't swap the model, but it may be worth putting a token down so you can tell that grunt apart.

Rules Clarification : Magic Ability      (Edit)

  • Almost every magic ability cannot be used on the same turn you charge. Because a charge must (almost always) be followed by a melee attack.
  • Using a Magic Ability counts as a spell, for effects such as Spell Ward, Witch Hunter, etc.
  • Unlike with warcasters/warlocks, using a Magic Ability is not an "any time" ability. This means:
    • You must complete your movement before you use a MA.
    • You cannot make ranged or melee attacks on the same turn you use a MA.
    • You cannot use a MA on the same turn you charge.
    • (Unless, of course, the rules for the specific MA you're using say you can.)

Rules Clarification : Craft Thrall Rune      (Edit)

  • Placeholder

Rules Clarification : Dominate Undead      (Edit)

  • Placeholder

Rules Clarification : Tactics vs Granted     (Edit)

  • Granted = The unit loses the ability as soon as the model that grants it is taken off the table.
  • Tactics = The unit keeps the ability for the entire game, regardless of who dies.

Rules Clarification : Sacred Ward and/or Spell Ward     (Edit)

  • Sacred/Spell Warded models can still be affected by spells. For instance, CTRL area spells, AOE that deviate, and/or sprays that target a nearby non-warded model.

Rules Clarification : Death Magic      (Edit)

  • Placeholder

Rules Clarification : Stir the Dead      (Edit)

  • Placeholder

Rules Clarification : Undead - None yet. (Edit)

Rules Clarification : Combined Melee Attack      (Edit)

  • Each CMA only counts as a single attack, no matter how many participants are involved. This means, for example, that if Satyxis Raiders damage a warjack and trigger their Feedback ability, the enemy warcaster will only take 1 damage total, not 1 for every Raider.
  • Any bonuses (such as back strike) or penalties (such as the target being behind cover) are determined according to the model leading the CMA (the attack leader).
    • If the participants have buffs/debuffs but the attack leader doesn't ... then the CMA doesn't because only the attack leader matters. Simple as that.
  • A single unit can perform multiple CMAs, utilising different groupings of models. eg a unit with 10 models could make one 10-man CMA, two 5-man CMAs, or five 2-man CMAs, or etc.
  • CMA for units that have more than one melee weapon (the short version)
    • Once you have more than one melee weapon, charging becomes a bit complicated. There are two important rules:
      1. A model which charges must use its first attack to make a charge attack. It can't "skip ahead" to contributing its second non-charge attack before it's resolved its first attack.
      2. For a CMA to gain the charging bonus, then all contributors must be contributing a charge attack.
    • These two rules have a few, slightly confusing implications. Click the expand box below for a full breakdown.
CMA for units with more than one weapon (the long version) (Edit)
The following example is about Satyxis Raiders, but is equally applicable to other units with two CMA:
  • Each Raider gets two attacks. Both, one, or neither can be a CMA as you choose.
  • If you are doing two CMA in a row, then you should note that the second CMA doesn’t have to use the same “primary attacker” or the same “participants” as the first CMA.
    • For instance, you could have the first CMA with raider A being the "primary attacker" and raider B being the "participant",
    • then for the second CMA have raider B the "primary attacker" and raider A the "participant".
    • Or leave A alone for a moment and use B plus C. Whatever takes your fancy.
  • Primary attackers and participants don't have to use the same weapon. So, continuing with the above example, you could have primary A use lash and participant B use horns, then primary B use lash and participant A use horns. Effectively granting you two lash attacks with CMA bonuses!
  • Combined Melee Attack and charging
    • Remember the 2 rules above?
    • Rule 1 means you cannot contribute your second, non-charge attack before you have resolved/contributed your first attack.
    • Rule 1 means you cannot "skip ahead" to resolving your second, non-charge attack before you have resolved/contributed your first attack.
    • but wait, there's more!
    • However, thanks to the "Units with Combined Melee Attack ignore the rule that one trooper's combat action cannot begin until the previous model's combat action ends" rule, you can "pause" your second attack if you want to do a CMA with it later. For example:
      • Model A performs its charge attack.
      • Model B performs its charge attack. (Interrupting A)
      • Model C performs its charge attack. (Interrupting B)
      • CMA using A, B & C's remaining attack.

Rules Clarification : Created - None yet. (Edit)
Rules Clarification : Weapon Master - None yet. (Edit)