Tactical Arcanist Corps – Rhulic Unit

Warmachine: Vengeance
The Tactical Arcanist Corps always work in threes. They undergo training and drilling together until they can meet and even exceed the exacting standards imposed by the Brand of Odom for Rhul’s elite battle mages. They defend those they are contracted to protect with scorching salvos of arcane fire, incinerating those that challenge them.

Basic Info


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Base size

Weapons & Attacks

  • Thermo Mace – This weapon has decent P+S.
    • Flame Burst - When an enemy model is boxed by this weapon/attack, enemy models within 1" of the boxed model suffer continuous fire. Wonderfully fluffy and useful if they are ever mobbed.

Special Abilities

  • Battle Wizard - Once per turn, when this model destroys an enemy model with a melee attack it may immediately use one of its magic abilities.
  • Immunity: Fire - This model does not suffer damage nor the continuous effects from Fire.
  • Magic Ability - This model can cast spells as a ★Action (friendly spells) or ★Attack (offensive spells).
    • Flame Blast (★Attack) — A short ranged spell with a small AOE and Critical Fire.
    • Smoke Bombs (★Action) — Same as the good old smoke grenade, but as a spell. That means you can do things like drop smoke with Battle Wizard. A little detail - you can only cast it an inch away, which means that although they'll get cover, you won't break LoS to the TAC themselves.
    • Vortex of Flames (★Action) — This puts Righteous Flame on the model, so enemies that end their activation nearby become afflicted with Continuous Fire. Not the easiest of abilities to get use out of, since the TAC first has to survive being engaged in melee, and then the engaging model needs to survive a turn, and then there is still a chance that the fire will go out without doing anything or not do enough damage. Nice to have the option, but don't expect it to be the optimal choice frequently.

Thoughts on the Tactical Arcanist Corps

Role on the battlefield

Support. Their smoke bombs are great for adding cover for the squads behind them. Flame Blast can help with tricky models in cover or with Incorporeal (or even just ones you want to kill and/or add a flame continuous effect to...). However their stats aren't enough to send them off on their own.

Combos & Synergies

Models that make Arcanist Corps better:
  • Something that needs protection from shooting. Horgenhold Forge Guard are a perfect example... low DEF, no way to deal with incoming shooting, but a few rounds of broken LOS will help their survivability immensely. But any squad that could use a bit of cover after they shoot or advance.

Drawbacks & Downsides

  • Speed. Unsurprisingly for dwarves, they are slow.
  • Fragile. Even with their health boxes, they won't survive very long against dedicated shooting or melee.

Tricks & Tactics

  • Escort services. Advance squad forward. Shoot, take care of whatever business they might do. Then advance the TAC, and drop smoke.

How can I include Tactical Arcanist Corps in my army?

Mercenary models are a bit more complicated than normal models. They can be taken in 3 ways: As a mercenary model in a normal faction, as normal model in a mercenary faction, or as a normal model in a theme force.

  1. Within a normal faction, this unit will work for:
  2. As part of the following mercenary contracts / minion pacts:
  3. As part of one of the theme forces below

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