Sylys Wyshnalyrr, the Seeker - Mercenary Seeker Character Solo

An Iosan scholar well versed in the arcane arts, Sylys Wyshnalyrr barters his talents to the armies of the Iron Kingdoms in exchange for access to their libraries and safe passage across their lands. Given Sylys’s attention, even the most puissant warcaster would find his own sorcerous ability strengthened, gaining an invaluable edge in battle.

Basic Info


Squishy Solo
Average Solo


  • Staff of Seeking - Despite its special properties, you probably shouldn't be using this. With the same SPD as most Retribution infantry, he should have no problem keeping up with warcasters.

Special Abilities

  • Mercenary - He works for Cygnar, Khador and the Retribution.
  • Warcaster Attachment - He sticks to your caster and no one else.
  • Arcane Assistance - This model allows the warcaster/warlock they're attached to upkeep one spell for free each turn.
  • Arcane Secrets (★Action) - RNG 3. The affected 'caster gets an extra die on attack and damage rolls for the first spell cast this turn, discarding the lowest..
  • Spiritual Conduit - A few extra inches of range on non-channeled spells for his warcaster. Very useful for everyone, but especially armies that don't have easy access to arc nodes.
  • Retribution Partisan

Thoughts on Sylys Wyshnalyrr

Sylys Wyshnalyrr in a nutshell

Sylys is a warcaster attachment that boosts the spellcasting of whichever caster he is attached to. Arcane Assistance is basically an extra focus - and Arcane Secrets gives an average of +1.5 to hit and damage on the first spell the caster casts that turn while lowering the likelihood of dice spiking against you.

Combos & Synergies

Some faction-specific thoughts:
  1. The Retribution:The free upkeep is a big buff with most Retribution 'casters coming in at FOC 6, as every extra focus is significant. Add in a couple of Arcanists to take some allocation stress away and this frees up a lot more of the 'casters' arcane power for boosts and spells.
    • Adeptis Rahn: A good damage roll for Chain Blast can obliterate a light infantry squad. In fact, Arcane Secrets is generally awesome with Rahn. Use it on his feat turn to really optimize your hitting potential. Sylys will also allow for a 14" Force Hammer if it's not channeled.
    • Lord Arcanist Ossyan: His four upkeep spells beg to include this model in his army, and Arcane Secrets can help you damage that 'jack you need to make stationary.
    • Dawnlord Vyros: Big V generally likes to spend his focus on ripping things apart or letting his 'jacks rip things apart. Inviolable Resolve can be upkept for free after turn one, and Arcane Secrets can boost all of the damage rolls on Eliminator or let him Stranglehold a key model more easily.
  2. Mercenaries:
    • Gorten Grundback: Along with his SPD, his low FOC stat is what can make Gorten tricky to play. With a free upkeep (Solid Ground, perhaps?) and psuedo-boosts on Molten Metal and Eruption, Gorten and Sylys get along really well.
    • Ashlynn d'Elyse: Sylys is pretty much built for a 'caster like Ashlynn. When she casts an offensive spell (while rare), it is going to be essential that you connect with as little focus spent as possible. He does make casting Distraction a lot more attractive, increasing its range and likelihood of hitting. She's also quite greedy with her focus and always has one or two upkeep spells going, which Sylys loves to help with.
  3. Cygnar: Cygnar has another excellent attachment, meaning this model will likely not become an auto-include status. There are some synergies to consider, however.
    • Caine1: Spiritual Conduit lets the good Lieutenant cast a 19" Arcane Bolt, and also makes Thunder Strike reach out further than his (unbuffed) pistols. Arcane Secrets makes both spells much more likely to hit. Great for doing what Caine1 likes best: setting up assassinations.
  4. Khador: Khador 'jacks are pretty focus hungry, and effectively getting an extra focus per turn is great. And since Khador 'casters can't arc their spells anyway, Spiritual Conduit is going to see plenty of use. Combine Sylys with the Old Witch for two free upkeeps, or with Zerkova1 for the ability to fire off a 17" Razor Wind. Arcane Secrets and Spiritual Conduit make Sorscha1's Tempest even deadlier. Casters like Butcher3 who want to tangle up in melee are more likely to use the War Dog.

Drawbacks and Downsides

  • Arcane Secrets triggers on the first spell - plan ahead
  • If Sylys falls outside 9" from his caster he's usless for the turn.
  • Sylys is pure support.

Tricks and tactics

  • This is caster-specific.

Arcane Secrets boosts mean values and standard deviation of a rolls as follows

With Arcane Secrets


The Seekers are an organization within Ios that believes they can find the key to restoring Scyrah through research. Some Seekers travel all over Immoren in their quest for knowledge. The Seekers are sort of "the other guys" in elven society; that is, the elves who want to help their god without slaughtering all the human mages they can find. In recent times, however, some Seekers have been willing to help the Retribution, if only for a time.

He works for Cyngar, Khador, Retribution, and also for the Syndicate and Highborn contracts.

How can I include this model/unit in my army?

Mercenary/Minion models are a bit more complicated than normal models. They can be taken in 3 ways: As a mercenary/minion model hired by a normal faction, as a normal model in a mercenary contract/minion pact, or as a normal model in a theme force.

  1. This model/unit can be hired by one of the following factions:
  2. This model/unit can be taken in one of the following mercenary contracts / minion pacts:
  3. As part of one of the theme forces below

Theme Forces this is a member of

Note: Although Sylys is a mercenary model, he can be attached to non-mercenary warcasters. Unlike Targ.

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