Mage Hunter Strike Force - Retribution Unit

Mage Hunters are expected to function in extreme circumstances, such as surviving hand-to-mouth deep in enemy territory while isolated from friendly support. At home in any environment, they learn to scavenge and improvise, and to kill without hesitation. Their first priority is always the elimination of enemy arcanists and mechanikal constructs, which they believe harm Scyrah.

Strike Force Commander - Retribution Unit Attachment

Veteran teams led by senior commanders are well versed in advanced Retribution techniques. Slipping past the outer defenses of an enemy base, they fire bolts through intervening walls to kill without a trace. Working alongside other soldiers in the Retribution military, these teams apply similar methods to erase vital targets before they can even join battle.

Basic Info


Strike Force
Commander (UA)
Eiryss3 (UA)



Unit Size
Veteran Infantry
Average Solo
Expensive Solo
There are two possible unit attachments for the Mage Hunter Strike Force - the non-character Strike Force Commander, and Eiryss3 - who is shared with the Mage Hunter Infiltrators and gets her own page as her abilities are very different. Both being unit attachments you can take one or the other but not both.

Weapons and Attacks - Mage Hunters and Commander

  • Crossbow - A nice solid RNG, and decent POW.
  • Saber - A low POW melee weapon.

Special Abilities - Mage Hunters and Commander

  • Combined Melee Attack - Models with CMA may combine their attacks into a single super-powered attack. You gain +1 to hit and damage for each model participating in the CMA.
  • Pathfinder - This model isn't hindered by rough terrain or obstacles.
  • Stealth - Attacks made against this model from more than 5" away miss automatically. This model does not count as an intervening model if it is more than 5" away.
  • Arcane Assassin - This model ignores any spell effects that grant a bonus to ARM or DEF. The model also ignores ARM bonuses arising from focus overboosting a powerfield.
  • 'Jack Hunter - Gain an extra die on damage rolls against enemy 'jacks

Additional abilities - Mage Hunter Strike Force Commander

  • Officer - This model is the Unit Commander of any unit it is a part of (instead of the Leader model). When this model is destroyed, the Leader model then becomes the new Unit Commander.
  • Tactics: Advance Deployment - This model deploys after both sides have finished their normal deployment. This model may deploy up to 6" further than the normal deployment zone.
  • Tactics: Phantom Seeker - When making an attack with this weapon this model ignores LOS, concealment, and cover. The unit retains this Tactic even after this model dies.

Available Attachments

Thoughts on the Mage Hunter Strike Force

Mage Hunter Strike Force in a nutshell

Mage Hunter Strike Force (MHSF) are a defining unit for the Retribution. Everyone should own at least one unit with their Commander UA. They are a ranged damage unit great at picking off infantry and laying down light damage onto Warjacks. It seems natural to shoot stuff, but the Jack Hunter and Arcane Assassin also apply to melee attacks. At times four dice on a charge attack damage roll is worth it. Just don't get bogged down.

Arcane Assassin is a highly coveted ability that helps define the unit. If they can get a clear shot on the enemy warcaster (made easier by their UA), they're likely to do a few points of damage each.

Their melee weapon, while low in P+S, is still more useful than first glance. Combined Melee Attacks allow them to deal respectable damage when charging or jamming. Your opponent rarely expects models holding crossbows to clear a jam, but they are pretty competent in melee (especially against 'jacks). Though the crossbow is generally the better choice, sometimes CMA and 'Jack Hunter make a charge better than shooting.

With colossals walking Caen, the need for Mage Hunters is greater than ever. The Strike Force practically always hits and free damage is just what's needed. Under Ossyan's feat, one can expect around 50 damage dealt by a full unit.

The Strike Force Commander in a nutshell
The only reason to not field the Strike Force Commander with the Mage Hunter Strike Force is that you want to field Eiryss3 instead. Advanced Deployment on a skirmishing and shooting unit like this is just good. And Phantom Seeker means that the Strike Force ignores just about everything except Stealth, making it one of the Retribution's best shooting units. There's no good way to hide from them - even blocking LoS doesn't do it, and they become very scary for low ARM casters like Nemo1 and the Harbinger of Menoth.

Eiryss3 in a nutshell
Eiryss3 is an anti-Hordes specialist, messing up the opponent's Fury management and even shooting fury off the Krielstone Bearer and other such models. Reform allows them to do a shoot-and-fade back into the undegrowth or behind cover, and Eiryss' combat stats are superb. But although good this is a much more specialist choice than the Strike Force Commander.

Combos & Synergies

  • Ravyn - The infamous 'Snipe-Feat-Go'. See her page for the gory details.
  • Ossyan - His feat significantly boosts their damage output at range, Quicken lets them advance faster and be even more difficult to hit directly, Shatter Storm helps them clear infantry at range
  • Kaelyssa - Backlash on 'jacks or colossals can add pressure on the enemy 'caster, her feat can prevent the counter-charge
  • Issyria - Feat gives them the ability to ignore Stealth and fixes their dice a bit
  • Discordia, House Shyeel Artificer - Immunity to blast damage is very useful for a unit with low ARM

Drawbacks & Downsides

  • No easy way to ignore Stealth, save Issyria, so they struggle against certain solos
  • After you lose to them once, everyone knows what they're capable of due to their ubiquity
  • Low ARM means they die to a lot of blasts, try to bring your Artificer or Discordia
  • They really want their UA, so they cost as much as a Heavy

Tips & Tricks

  • Use MHSF to take out support models like Krielstones and Choir
  • Get used to measuring their max range and stick to it
  • Target priority is important--learn what models make your opponent's army tick and scalpel them out
  • Unless you're playing Ravyn, it's often better to use MHSF to get ahead on attrition, rather than go for a weak assassination run

Theme Forces this is a member of

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Retribution Mercenary Index
None at present
Different types of Mercenary warjacks can only be taken by specific Mercenary models ... which means there's too many permutations to list here (in any sort of meaningful way).

However, note that the following Retribution mercenary models can control warjacks/warbeasts (in addition to the Mercenary Warcasters listed above):
Dahlia Hallyr & Skarath
Nyss HuntersLady Aiyana & Master Holt
Lanyssa RyssyllMadelyn CorbeauDahlia Hallyr & Skarath
  • Note: To field a mercenary warcaster with Retribution (ha ha ha ha), you need to be playing a game which allows 2 (or more) warcasters.

Or see the Retribution Theme Forces