Hypnos – Retribution Character Heavy Myrmidon

Hypnos, a myrmidon of the most exacting construction, is of the creation of Lord Arcanist Ossyan's own labors. The lord arcanist has forged an insoluble connection with Hypnos, allowing it to draw energy from Ossyan and become an extension of his abilities. In his presence the myrmidon’s phase gun is imbued with synchronized energy; those struck by it become nonconductive to mystical channeling, thwarting the use of arc nodes as well as the delicate synergy between warbeast and warlock. Once it closes upon an enemy warjack, Hypnos pounds it with fists armed with specially-designed force projectors. Even a glancing blow from these weapons can stagger a warjack as its cortex signals overload, causing it to seize up and become helpless.

"The energies of the arcane are paradoxical: both fragile and puissant. Hypnos is prepared to sunder them with force delicate in the making and violent in its application" —Lord Arcanist Ossyan


Low Heavy
Very High
Damage Boxes
High Heavy
Expensive Heavy

Weapons and Attacks

  • Phase Gun – Standard RNG, good POW and a small AOE. Identical to the Phoenix's Halo Cannon without the Fire.
  • Heavy Arcano-Pulse Fist – Keeping up the Vyre habit of building their 'jacks like fiddler crabs, the left arm hits harder than the right.
  • Light Arcano-Pulse Fist – Slightly less powerful than the Heavy Fist.
    • Mechanical Seizure – As above.

Special Abilities

  • Arc Node - This model can be used as a point of origin for a spell cast by its controlling warcaster, as long as the arc node is not engaged and is within the caster's control area.
  • Sacred Ward - This model cannot be targeted by enemy spells. Friendly spells are fine.
  • Affinity [Lord Arcanist Ossyan] – While in Ossyan's control area, Hypnos's ranged weapons gain Void Lock: a model hit cannot channel spells, warjacks hit cannot be allocated focus and warbeasts hit cannot be forced.

Thoughts on Hypnos

Hypnos in a nutshell

To put it bluntly, other than with Lord Arcanist Ossyan, Hypnos is a cut-price Phoenix. A similar gun, about the same level of toughness, weapons that don't hit quite as hard, slightly slower movement, a lack of combustion, and a lack of reach - but slightly higher MAT and RAT, and very slightly cheaper. With Ossyan, of course, preventing warbeasts from being forced is really nice and preventing a warjack from being allocated focus is pretty nice.

Combos & Synergies

Drawbacks and Downsides

  • It might be a point cheaper than the Phoenix, but without Ossyan it's hard to argue that that point isn't a point well spent.

Tricks and Tactics

  • With making warjacks stationary you only need to boost once (if at all) to hit.
  • Try to short Hordes foes on thier Fury with Ossyan - and you can Void Lock Colossals to utterly deny them Focus.

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Different types of Mercenary warjacks can only be taken by specific Mercenary models ... which means there's too many permutations to list here (in any sort of meaningful way).

However, note that the following Retribution mercenary models can control warjacks/warbeasts (in addition to the Mercenary Warcasters listed above):
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  • Note: To field a mercenary warcaster with Retribution (ha ha ha ha), you need to be playing a game which allows 2 (or more) warcasters.

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