Crippling Warbeast Aspects

A warbeast's health is represented by a spiral with 6 branches. Whenever it takes damage, roll a d6, and mark the damage down that branch. If you take damage to a branch which has been filled, move clockwise to the next branch. The branches are arranged in pairs, and each pair has its own colour. When every point on one colour is filled, the warbeast has one of its aspects crippled. Unlike warjacks, warbeasts always suffer from the same three possible effects from a crippled aspect:

  • Crippled Body (red): The warbeast rolls one less die on all damage rolls.
  • Crippled Mind (blue): The warbeast rolls one fewer die on all attack rolls and the model cannot make chain attacks or special attacks, including power attacks.
  • Crippled Spirit (green): The warbeast cannot be forced.

If one or more damage points are removed from a crippled aspect from healing or another effect, the aspect is no longer crippled and may be used normally.