Archangel - Legion Gargantuan

Everblight still dreams of the time when he took to wing and spread death like a god; now his longing has been made manifest in the archangel. His most perfect spawn, the archangel courses through the sky and unleashes gouts of flame to spread across the earth. It scorches the enemies of its master, coming to ground only to feast upon those who would defy him. Where the archangel goes, so goes Everblight’s legion—and with it, the future Everblight envisions.
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Basic Info


Very Low
Low Gargantua
Expensive Gargantuan

Weapons and Attacks

  • Dragon's Breath – Medium RNG with a small AOE and very good POW for a ranged attack. Even the blast will kill most infantry on average rolls.
    • Damage Type: Fire - Models who are immune to Fire are not damaged by this weapon.
    • Strafe [d3+1] (★Attack) - Make d3+1 attacks (that only count as ROF 1). After choosing a primary target for the initial attack, the additional attacks can be assigned to models within 2" of the original, ignoring intervening models.
  • Bite – high P + S
  • 2x Claw – With a POW two points lower than the Bite, these are clearly secondary attacks but still good enough to threaten anything. Plus, more initial attacks is more initial attacks.
    • Open Fist – This grants access to more Power Attacks.

Special Abilities

  • Gargantuan - Gargantuans are giant warbeasts, even bigger and stompier. They all share a stack of standard special rules.
  • Ride-by - The Archangel can perform ride-by attacks (normally only available to Cavalry). This allows it to use part of its move distance, take its combat action, then finish moving.
  • Flight - This model suffers no movement penalty for moving over other models, obstacles or rough terrain. They also get interesting lines of sight so can ignore intervening models when deciding who to charge. Yes she can use those giant wings.
  • Eyeless sight - This model ignores forests, cloud effects, and stealth when determining LOS. This model ignores concealment and stealth when making attacks.
  • Blood Creation - This warbeast cannot attack friendly Legion warlocks. Useful if you accidentally frenzy. The last thing you want your expensive gargantuan doing is frenzying, but if you must they at least won't chew on your warlock.

Animus – Draconic Aura

Draconic Aura - Medium COST and range SELF. Enemy models currently within 2'' suffer Continuous Fire.

Thoughts on the Archangel

Eyeless-Sight.png Notice: Changed rules

This model recently had its rules substantially changed via errata, but this article is (mostly) written about the pre-errata version.
As such this article needs a bit of a second look, and until then you should treat the content as provisional, in the same way a new release would be.

The August 2015 Errata brought a significant buff for the Archangel, changing its animus to one that inflicted immediate fire. This has substantially improved its anti-infantry game and as such the model needs re-evaluating. The writeup below refers to the pre-buff Archangel.

Archangel in a nutshell

The Archangel was probably the worst Gargantuan in the game, however a recent errata has significantly improved its table time. We'll go into more detail in the "Drawbacks & Downsides" section, for now we'll focus on what the Archangel can do.

In melee the Archangal hits a bit harder than Legion beatsticks (Scythean or Carnevian), and the Scythean's remove-from-play ability requires it to use its animus so ends up with less attacks than the Archangel. Yup, that's right, the Archangel has a Consume that doesn't need a critical hit! It's not quite as good as it first sounds, as any small base hit by a Gargantuan should be splattered to kingdom-come anyway ... but that's exactly it: it should. With Consume you guarantee it. No unlucky rolls, no Tough, no self healing or self-sacrifice, no Vision, no other abilities like the Covenant's Shroud

Ride-by is one of her key abilities and you should use it every turn you are not charging her (which you should not do often anyway without proper support). Note that with ride-by enemy end of movement effects (like Admonition) trigger after the Archangel was able to attacks even if you moved the complete 6'' in your first movement - a potential nasty combination against Warcasters who thought to be safe.

The animus now allows the Archangel to set anything in a 360 reach range on fire. Between this and either Sweep, Trample, or a clumped Strafe it is now entirely possible for her to destroy a unit in one activation.

Combos & Synergies

Unfortunately, she is very caster dependent. The only warlocks who have competitive potential with the Archangel are Thagrosh1 because he can bring one back with his feat while buffing both her damage and survivability and Lylyth3 who loves the animus, creates an actually fast gargantuan with Escort, and can abuse the AOE strafe on feat turn.

Absylonia2 may also have some game.

In a friendly game other warlocks have some potential to allow the Archangel to shine.
  • Vayl1: The Archangel loves Chiller and with Incite it becomes your enemy's worst nightmare. Archangel can't use her Dark Sentinel ability to move but can still attack. Archangel is a nice big model to be the Arc Node if not engaged.
  • Absylonia1 is one of the few warlocks who have the potential to make the Archangel worth it. Use Forced Evolution on Archangel combined with Tenacity animus to bump it to DEF 14 ARM 19. Then consider its many hit boxes and a 4 inch template where your enemy cannot spend fury, and your enemy will have a much harder time killing the Archangel in one turn. Afterward, you can heal it to full with the feat (beware of upkeep and animus removing effects though). Absylonia can stay quite safe behind the huge base.
  • Thagrosh2 can offer Manifest Destiny and +2 ARM to the Archangel - very nice but you could also take 10 Shredders or two heavy melee beasts which have more health and damage combined with Manifest Destiny.
  • Lylyth2 will boost Archangel's main ranged attack to D3+2 Attacks with 20'' threat range in the Feat, but two Ravagores instead are always better (same average number of attacks, same POW, same AOE and +4 RNG).
  • Lylyth1 can feat and enable the Archangel to hit almost anything on average rolls. Combined with Eyeless Sight, this could be very deadly. The maximum range is not so good though.
  • Thagrosh1's feat was ruled to be possible on the Archangel. The Archangel is excellent to help screen him from ranged danger while Thagrosh will help against melee models with his STR upkeep to Colossal threatening levels and Dark Shroud debuff which sets the Archangel on effective ARM 20 (+Spiny Growth if possible) against melee. All with the perspective to bring back the Archangel should it be destroyed. Be sure to take into account how much room the huge base needs to be placed before using the feat. Be careful that RFP will prevent the Archangel from being brought back.
  • Bethayne can Gallows an enemy model towards the Archangel for her to kill it, make her hit living things better with Carnivore (fantastic for a sweep attack) , push her defense in melee against living models to 14 with Tenacity and Ashen Veil. She also can clear her of stray engaging infantry models with Eruption of Spines (Cast on the Archangel who never gets the target in melee penalty and watch as 1d6 models around the archangel perish - you can actually cast it twice because you dont need to boost to hit) Oh, and she can give the Archangel continuous corrosion on her ranged attacks which is not too bad. All in all many solid synergies - but you cant use them all at once.
  • Kallus actually has intriguing potential with the Archangel. Kallus generally prefers only a few beasts in comparison to the rest of Legion's warlocks, and she makes an alright replacement for double Ravagores. Kallus will have a lot of infantry. This is great because the amount of infantry that is otherwise unseen in Legion helps screen the AA and help it's survivability. Dark Guidance is a great attack buff to the modest MAT of the AA.

Warlocks that shouldn't even think of using the Archangel are:
  • Saeryn1 will not be able to use her feat on the Archangel (this has been announced in the Forums and will be in an errata before the Archangel comes out); Saeryn's respawn will be less effective as well as the Archangel cannot be placed, but can still be healed.
  • Rhyas1's feat is useless on the Archangel as well (though Rapport is worth a look).
  • Vayl2's three main upkeeps are useless on the Archangel as it cannot receive stealth and cannot move outside its normal movement.

Some other synergies:

  • The Spiny Growth animus of the Carnivean is a superb deterent against enemy melee warjacks and warbeasts especially combined with another armor buff if available. There are situations when enemys will do more damage to themselves than to your Archangel while the Dragon has more hitpoints than they have.
  • If you could not afford a Carnivean at least bring a Shredder for a nice defensive buff.
  • The Ravagore offers a particulary nasty synergy with the Dragon Fire animus. This brings 2-4 medium sizes templates that set enemies on fire and can be used while engaged in Melee.
  • Proteus might be good if teamed up with the Archangel, he can lend his animus to offer some self healing to the archangel and drag enemys around to help the Archangel get to his targets.
  • The Nephilim Bloodseer loves to use the Archangel's (upgraded) animus to set swathes of infantry on fire.

  • Always bring a Shepherd for beast support. You can hide her behind the huge base. A Forsaken or two is also a great alternative, as Blight Bomb can shake off some infantry while a few boosted attacks on a charge can finish off a wounded heavy.

  • Croak Raiders - oil the target up before setting it on fire for boosted damage.
  • Blackfrost Shard - this unit can stay hidden behind her huge base and apply their debuffs. This allows her to amp her accuracy and her damage at the same time, and can allow her to boost the damage rather than the attack.

Drawbacks & Downsides

It's not fast.
  • On paper it's a fast Gargantuan and has wings. But Gargantuans ignore most terrain anyway so the Wings don't help much.
  • As for speed, it can't be placed and most of Legion's mobility stunts are "out of activation" movements (unlike say the Skorne who can throw the Rush animus on their Gargantuan and then give it Road to War). However, both Escort and Conferred Rage can affect her, again emphasizing her caster dependence.
  • You need somewhere to land! As with any huge base, any tiny model or piece of terrain can completely invalidate your desired movement.

It's not durable.
  • Defensively it goes for the high-DEF low-ARM strategy typical to Legion's winged warbeasts; this means it's the hardest to hit Gargantuan in the game. Or about as hard to hit and to hurt as a Ravagore.

It's got low damage output
  • Yes, it's the hardest hitting warbeast in the Legion stable. But it has the joint lowest Fury on a Gargantuan.
  • Its ranged firepower is ... weaker than it looks. Not really powerful enough to wreck heavies, the Strafe mechanic means that the AOEs can't be widely spread - and they don't have the Ravagore's benefits of scather and Continuous Fire . However, with boosted damage rolls it is likely that you can pop her Critical fire.
  • RAT is low enough that you normally boost to hit, wasting your low FURY.

Tricks & Tactics

  • You can trigger your animus in the middle of a ride-by attack, making both her and Lylyth very happy.
  • Remember the wings! Much of the time your opponent will tie her up with some weak tarpit and advance a juicy piece of support or caster. She has enough boxes (and should be given arm buffs) that she can accept a few free strikes and capitalize on your opponent's mistake.
  • Remember the open fists! That massive strength allows her to two-handed throw an annoyance like Mulg completely out of the caster's control area.



  • Originally released in Hordes: Gargantuans (2013)
  • It's a she, at least according to whoever wrote this article.

Rules clarifications

  • Its animus was improved in the August 2015 Errata.

Theme Forces this is a member of

Legion of Everblight - Minions
Barnabas - - Calaban - - Dr. Arkadius - - Helga - - Jaga-Jaga - - Lord Carver - - Maelok - - Midas - - Rask - - Sturm & Drang
Different types of Minion warbeasts can only be taken by specific Minion models ... which means there's too many permutations to list here (in any sort of meaningful way).

However, note that the following Circle minion models can control warjacks/warbeasts (in addition to the Minion Warlocks listed above):
Rorsh & Brine - - Wrong Eye & Snapjaw

Bog Trog Ambushers - - Croak Raiders - - Farrow Bone Grinders - - Farrow Brigands - - Farrow Razorback Crew - - Farrow Slaughterhousers - - Gatorman Posse - - Gatorman Bokor & Bog Trog Swamp Shamblers - - Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew
Bog Trog Trawler - - Gatorman Witch Doctor - - Gobber Tinker - - Feralgeist - - Swamp Gobber Chef - - Thrullg
Gudrun the Wanderer - - Maximus - - Totem Hunter - - Rorsh & Brine - - Wrong Eye & Snapjaw
Battle Engines
Sacral Vault
  • Note: To field a minion warlock with Legion, you need to be playing a game which allows 2 (or more) warlocks.

See also: Legion Theme Forces

Rules Clarifications


Eyeless Sight
  • This model cannot draw LOS through stealthed models. Refer the latest errata.
  • This model can shoot sprays through clouds and forests.
  • This model ignores bonuses a model gets from having concealment (such as Camouflage). (Although if they're gaining Camouflage from cover, then you don't ignore it.)
  • This model does not ignore bonuses a model gets from being within concealment (such as Prowl) (but hell, you ignore Stealth anyway so that's moot.)

  • Flying models can still be hit by free strikes.
  • You take damage from areas you move through (such as acid clouds).
  • You can't use flight to charge directly over your charge target, then turn around to face them.
    • Because once the target is in your melee range, it has to stay in your melee range for the rest of the charge (Refer the latest errata). If you go directly over them then they're now behind you.
    • Models with both flight & 360 degree vision don't have this problem at all.
    • You should be able to 'clip' over the edge of their base without too much of a problem.
  • Flight & Trample
    • If you trample over medium- or larger-based sized models, then you don't get to make trample attacks vs them and they can make free strikes against you. Infernal Ruling
  • Flight & Cavalry
    • If you want to stop and make Impact Attacks, you have to be in a legal position to stop. ie you can't stop on top of obstacles, models, etc.

Ride-by Attacks
  • When you do a Ride-By Attack, "end of movement" effects are not triggered until after you complete the second part of your movement.
  • Ride-by Attacks are optional (unlike the charge order, where models receiving it must run or must charge). Infernal Ruling
  • Thus some models can perform a ride-by attack, others can perform their activation normally
  • Note that only the models that actually perform a ride-by would have a switched-around movement triggers.
  • Some examples of how this works for units can be found on the Cavalry page.